Reincarnated as a Dragon!?
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Reincarnated as a Dragon!?


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What is Reincarnated as a Dragon!?

Reincarnated as a Dragon!? is a popular web novel written by the author jules_west, covering OP MC, DRAGON, ISEKAI, FANTASY, REBORN, ADVENTURE, ACTION, REINCANATION, GOD MC, TENSEI, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 972.2K readers with an average rating of 4.51/5 and 18 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 63 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Disclaimer: This is a passion project, this means I'm writing it for fun and to get better at writing. I'm open to criticism but when you criticize a part of the novel please tell me what I should or need to change. This is my first novel so it might be a bit of a rough story for long time readers after he died he was transferred to another world with 15 wishes from god. now he is living a lax life in a magical world with his friends! I'm gone be dumb and post the link in the synopsis: https://discord.gg/MH24yrJ Cover by Jacob Williams I commissioned this artwork and it's owned by me.

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I like the story but u see some mistakes in grammar and the sentences are weird sometimes and I joined your discord and became a proof reader! I think it’s a great story so far and hope you won’t drop it. Keep going!


I suck at writing but i like the story so here is a review and a bunch of emojis 🛌⏰🔈🌇🏃🚗💥👼🔲👩😇⁉🤷🏃⏩🐉🌍🔥🗡🛡🐉⏫⏫⏫🏋🎄🙋 ok im to lazy to choose more emojis so bye but do read the book.


This is a really good book you have talent so I hope you keep writing and don’t lose hope everyone will love it soon just like I do truly your biggest fan


Your Grammer when forming sentences could be a bit better. Also it would be easier if you signify speaking and thought by using *Name:speaking or thought*. Also please use better capitalization. That's all I can think of that can be improved so far. Everything else is good, I gave you a 3.2 because you just started the story so I can't give a full rating yet.


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Tbh I didn't read all of this before reviewing unlike what I usually do so author if some of this gets better, and you aren't just being the typical author that defends their book to the grave even if it's dog sh*t then I apologise. I couldn't get through this it only has 50 something chapters as of now, and I couldn't even get past the first arc which was barely anything I didn't check how many reviews there were because there was a score of 4.6 don't know if it'll go down because of this review if so I would say I apologise again, but I don't because these are my own thought (yes I put the stability of update as 4 I do this 99% of the time because no one is perfect we all are late at least once) back to the topic at hand it was a mistake not to check how many reviews there were there is only 13 as of now not including this, and when I read this when it was at 4.8 it would have had somewhere around 9 with the average score per review on here. Now onto the parts I hate first of all he is beyond broken, but does nothing with it for quite the while, you may be asking why to put it simple the author wanted him to run around finding things out about the world when mc was already broken since first level for the sake of useless info dumps you legit only need for few situations, and will likely forget. While I call it info dumps it's not really you can skip it, and not miss much, but I say it's info dumps because it's used to hit a word quota like most authors, and nothing more under the pretense of "building the world" which they don't manage to capture at all I have no idea about anything on the world 90% of the time of reading. Honestly I'm too tired to go on for longer but you get the gist, if this changed later on, or I mistook some of this for a different novel since it's been a bit, and I came back to retry, but still couldn't then tell me and I'll delete this review 🤣 I do hope I didn't offend anyone


I think the book is very good and i love it but the only problem is that I wish you could post more chapters school can go die!!!! ——————————————————————————-




I'm gone be shameless and review my own novel yes I'm shameless I know it. and I thought this is a good way to say some stuff about my own story. I'm trying to go over the chapters and correct weird sentences and grammar mistakes I know I make them a lot but I have 3 proofreaders: Leugim, lollipop, and kingstef_games. so we're trying to edit old chapters and make them more readable. I know more story isn't the best but this is my second novel soo I'm still practicing. and I'm writing this for fun so don't expect that this is the best novel ou there. that was it and at this moment I haven't dropped it if you're curious i see some comments asking if i dropped it and i haven't so yeah.


it's very nice, I find it appealing and l like it very much so it's nice, and you should join discord because just join its free nothing to lose here


The story and characters are great but the writing could use some changing. [this is a recommendation]Could use some fluff(extra words) to add more detail to a setting. It makes it more fleshed out and makes us feel like we’re there. I like this story and want to see it go far. Keep up the good work!


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Good book with a good plot keep up the good work


I like this story so keep up and don't drop and waiting for new chapters to read. Thanks for your hard working so don't drop and waiting for new adventures of Kuro. Waiting for him to become more powerful so keep up.


yes, erm yes i like totally not for mission rip eng i need some words so ye i need some fast passes private message me to give me some fast passes what ok bye


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