1 The Dive - Prologue

Seeing is believing, yet does believing truly rely on seeing? What a person deems as impossible for them may easily be achieved by another. Thus what is real and what is fake? Can the world truly be deemed as relative? After a Harmonic Convergence with effects that scientists were unable to discuss or analyze, the solar system that used to exist merged and formed a new planet. The convergence devastated Earth as it was before, the initial crash destroyed all coastal areas, tsunamis flooded what used to be Japan and Korea. Jupiter's spot merged near Peru and took half of South America with it. In the aftermath, only 5% of earth's original infrastructure was left, with the rest either swallowed into the core of the new planet or destroyed beyond recognition. However, besides the initial merging, the worst was yet to come. contrary to years of scientific research, the other planets were not devoid of life as it was originally suggested. Instead, the creature were so magical that it was impossible to detect them. mankind's worst fears, the objects from myths, legend, and fables all converged along with the planets. Dragons living in the heat of Mars and the krakens of the seas of Neptune were now inhabiting the same planet. What used to be the activity of an overly vivid imagination revealed the storytellers' true form, the people who were able to see the truth. This group of people eventually gathered and became the group known as the keepers. Eventually, the human race was able to gather together in order to survive. However, the creatures were too strong, thousands of humans were killed or eaten every day. The future was bleak, that is until the first crown was discovered. The crowns were the physical manifestations of power, both of the past and the supernatural. Crowns, physical representations of power, dynasties, and cultures revolved around the rulers and their manifestations. The pharaohs relied on their crooks and flails, the dragons bestowed their powers on the Chinese emperor's, these manifestations of powers were known as Regalia. The one that gained the first crown gained incomprehensible powers along with it as well, this is the story of that boy. Welcome to the world of Regalia where your wildest imaginations simply aren't wild enough.