1 The End and the Beginning

As I saw the little girl's panicked face I smiled... then the truck hit me and I lost consciousness.


Going back a couple of minutes, here I was in a park of all places.

"Why did I think it was a good idea to go to this place full of trees and nature and *slap*, freaking bugs" I sigh, thinking of how my PC broke down and from all things to do I decided to go outside.

As I reach the end of the path lazily and was about to go home I notice a net cafe across the street and my eyes light up, damn how did I not think of this.

Waiting for the light to switch I feel something weird and turn to look to my left only to notice a little girl about 9 years old in the middle of the street looking dazed.

My eyes turn into saucers as I notice a truck going straight towards the spot she's currently standing at "HEY! Watch out!" I yell as I see the truck going top speed towards her.

'Damn, what the f*** is that driver thinking not even slowing down!' Before I realize my legs already took me only 2 meters from the little girl.

Everything slows down as I jump towards her pushing her out of the way '*sigh* I knew nothing good would come from going outside...' as I think that my life flashed before my eyes and lo and behold most of it was spent in a chair in front of my PC playing games or reading novels 'what a waste' even I think that at this moment, 'not that it was all that bad though, at least I had fun... oh and there's this little girl I saved too. She looks cute when panicking' I smile and after that everything goes blank


"Hmm, so you saved a little girl huh?" A beauty says as she flips some pages

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"MMmm, let me sleep 5 more minutes mom"

"..." *glares*

"..." *sleeping sounds*


"Ouch! mom what are you ..." I stop as I realize I'm looking at a beauty straight out of my dreams, definitely not my mother 'sorry mom'

"..." intensifies glaring

"Oh, this is what they call a lucid dream huh, sure am lucky it's one with a beauty" starts salivating

"You're not dreaming"


"You just died moments ago"

I blink my eyes while my mind goes blank, after a couple of seconds I look around the room and all I see is white, wait, can this even be called a room?

I start recalling everything to the point of the truck hitting me "I hope the girl is safe" I mutter subconsciously

"You seem quite calm" She seemed surprised

"You think?"

"Well, thinking of others in this situation, when you just died and all that..."

"Hmm, if I had to say I'm more sad about my PC breaking down though"

"...that so?"

"Yeah, I mean if I'm here then I will probably get some cheat powers and reincarnate to save some world from a demon lord or something cliche like that, right?"


"Eh?" It's my time to be surprised, I mean, no cheat!?

"This is just a routine before your soul disappears, something like a last meal I guess"

"What am I, a convict on death row!?"


"Wait, this might not be as bad as I think, by last meal you wouldn't mean..."

"?" she look confused before noticing the way I look all over her body... and when I start salivating

*slap* "How dare you think of something so vulgar!" said the blushing red tomato, I mean goddess

"Huh? how did you know, did you read my mind?"

"Read your mind my ass! You're even salivating!"

"Oh, my bad, soo... we won't..."


"Damn" I look down as I mutter

"What was that just now?"

"Nothing" I don't want to get slapped again

"Hmph!... Anyway you still look pretty calm even though you know you will disappear soon"

"Hmm, well that is only if INSTÍNCT decides so" I joke

The goddess's eyes go round as she exclaims "How do you know about INSTÍNCT!?"

"... wait what"

"What do you mean 'wait what' YOU literally just named the gods system and now you ask what?!"

"No way" my eyes go round

"What do you mean 'no way'! Answer me! how do you know about INSTÍNCT"

"Uhm, well I kinda made it, I think" I say, a bit unsure

"!?!" the goddess's eyes go into saucers


After calming down, the goddess said "What do you mean you created INSTÍNCT, someone like you... IMPOSSIBLE!" Okay, maybe she didn't calm down that much...

"Hmm, let's see... I guess let's do a test for now" I mutter ignoring the blabbering goddess


'Noisy' I think as I mutter "Amy"

The next moment a light shines so bright that I have to close my eyes and when I open them what I see is...

"PAPA!" a 11-12 years old little girl with unreal beauty, white hair and white eyes and a white one piece dress jumps on me hugging with all her might while shouting "PAPA! PAPA!"

"..." It takes me a moment to take all of this in... first let's hug her back i guess

"Yay, Papa is hugging me!" -Amy

"Wha... just WHAT!" -Goddess

"Amy, for now let go, ok?" I pat her head as I say

"Okay Papa!"

'She let go alright... still sitting on my lap though, she's also holding the hem of my shirt huh?'

"WHAT! How did you get here!? This is a sealed placed, only the dead about to be sent away and the supervising god is supposed to be here, you... WHO are you?"

"I'm Amy!" she says with a huge smile on her face while still sitting on my lap



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