Reflections of the Moon: The Talented Third Young MissReflections of the Moon: The Talented Third Young Miss

Reflections of the Moon: The Talented Third Young Miss

by Gentle_Breeze

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Jiang Yingyue is the 21st century's genius surgeon who is renowned for her talents. Born to a wealthy family, her parents were strict with her and pushed her to succeed at everything. At the young age of 23, she is already a head surgeon at the biggest hospital in China. With beauty, money and talent, she is living the perfect life, until one night, a car crash takes it all away. The next moment, she wakes up in a strange world as a 10 year old girl also by the name of Jiang Yingyue. Strange people, who wear ancient costumes are calling her Third Miss? Was she in a historical drama?! Was she dreaming?! Had she gone crazy, perhaps?! The biggest shock of all was finding out that she was now the famously useless Third Young Miss of the Left Prime Minister's household... From a renowned talent, she had been demoted to this useless girl?!! Her siblings and family make fun of her? The people in the streets mock her? Alright, well one day she would show the world her talents and pay them back ten-fold. How will she adapt to this new and unknown world? Follow the beautiful Yingyue in her journey as she grows up and finds her true love. Disclaimer: This is an original novel, but the cover photo is not owned by me. ❤️

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