1 Drive By Fishing

Leroy: Yo are you"ns as bored as I am?

Lil Bill Bob: Yeah it's a nice day and we ain't doing nothing but sittin here in the frontch room lookin out the winder dawg!

Ole Cleatus: We should go fishin for real home boys.

Lil Bill Bob: I'll load the pickem up truck.

Leroy: I'm gonna take my 9 case I have to Busta cap in a snakes head if I see one. You hear me?

Big G-Ma: You Boyz run down to the store and get some bean and taters for supper tonight.

Lil Bill Bob: For realz! we was about to go fishin yo.

Big G-Ma: Don't you back talk me boy! Do what I tell you'ns!

Ole Cleatus: We got you G-Ma.

Leroy: Shot gun dawg. he, he, he,

Lil Bill Bob: I'm ridin in the back yo... Cleatus drive down ther by the pond real quick.

Leroy: Yo dawg did you just cast that fishin pole.... oh dang it's bumpy

Ole Cleatus: hang on Bill Bob ya heard me?...

Lil Bill Bob: AWwwe ouch ooh dang!

Leroy: Yo dawg. Stop the truck Bill Bob fell out!!!

OLe Cleatus: You alright my homie? What did you call yourself doin back ther.

Lil Bill Bob: Shoot I was Drive By Fishing yo.

Leroy: He,He,He thats funny right ther! Ya feel me.

Ole Cleatus: Yo next time them fish better know. We ain't afraid to do some.

All 3 together: Drive by Fishing!!!!