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Redeeming The Golden Ticket To Life


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WPC #13 Silver Tier Winner Elizabeth was an elite agent in the prestigious futuristic civilisation called ‘Star Time System’. Until a mission took her life. Everything turned upside down as … She got reincarnated in her past life as Bai Chang. Bai Chang woke up after being three long years in a coma. What greets her is a new life in human’s past civilisation in the 21st century. Bai Chang’s path entangles with a certain CEO because of some accident in the past. While our CEO, Hu Qiang, wants to be a part of Bai Chang’s life as, she is his wife and mother of his child, Xiao Wei. Come along all of you readers and join us in together for a roller-coaster ride called ‘Life’. **** Excerpt-1 Hu Qiang to Bai Chang "Ms Shui Bai Chang I would love to admire you and spoil you and with your due permission would like to date you and fall in love with you. Are you interested?" I was scared inside my head as I waited on my knees for her answer. It seemed like an eternity passed. **** Excerpt-2 Qiang: Why are you throwing me under the bus, in front of your grandparents? Xiao Wei: Because I want to. Qiang: What made you mad? Xiao Wei: You. Qiang: What did I do? Xiao Wei: You stole Mamma from me, for a whole night. Qiang: When? Xiao Wei: After the 'Runway' event. I couldn't find my mother. Qiang: I took your mother on a date. Xiao Wei: You did not inform me. Qiang: (He looks surprised. ) Xiao Wei: (While he looks absolutely unconcerned.) ***** Chapter updates- 7chs/week Update time- 3:00 a.m. GMT+8 Cover credit- all pictures are from the individual artist and their respective sources. Edit courtesy- the poor author herself. Contribute more to the book so that this author can commission an artist.


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