3 Haku to the rescue! [ Part 2 ]

Episode 3:

My evil governess dragged me to the closet room, the kitchen, I was so confused why wasn't the chef in here? Oh it didn't matter now I'm in huge trouble! She locked me in the kitchen and told me to clean up the mess. What! She expected me to clean! Oh wait till father hears this!!

I walked around the kitchen to find an exit, "All the doors are locked!" I screamed. It was starting to get dark and no one was coming...

"It's so cold.." I quietly said.

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By the time the sun was going down I was shivering, before the light of the sun disappeared I quickly looked around for the furnace so I could burn some wood to keep me warm.

I obviously don't know how to get the furnace running but I read how to in a boom once so I had a small idea.

As I was loosing hope of getting out of that cold and dirty kitchen someone busts down the locked door...yes of course, it's Haku!

"I uh-" I stuttered. "Hello little maid, I mean princess." He joked. Oh how infuriating! But brave..ANYWAYS! He held his hand out for me to help me up on my feet and I gladly obliged. "Are you okay your majesty?" He questioned, "I'm alright, thank you." I politely respond.

We both left the damp kitchen and headed to my parlour. He walked me to the door and went on his way.."Wait!" I shouted. This is so unlike me..why am I even doing this..oh it doesn't matter he saved me and that final. "Thank you...I really mean it, thank you." I said. He smiled gleefully. "Anything for her Royal highness." He replied.