2 Haku to the rescue! [ Part 1 ]

Episode 2:

I storm off to my room as I feel the audience of court people watch my back as if I'm their prey about to fall in their trap.

"How obnoxious! Father really expects me to marry so soon!" I furiously say. How can he bare his only heir marry so soon!

"Are you okay your Majesty?"

I almost jumped out of my dress! "Haku! How could you carelessly scare me like that! And now of all times?", I yelled. "I heard your to be engaged soon?" He teasingly said, ugh I hate it when he does that! He knows i plan to find my true love instead of marrying some foreign prince!

Haku has been my best friend since he started training at the castle to be a guard 8 years ago. Your probably wondering how we met right? Well let me tell you..

One afternoon my governess was seriously bugging me about "How a Princess must present herself." I was bored beyond belief! Why can't I be a normal kid I always thought to myself. Wait a second.....a normal kid....

The next thing you know it I was in the royal garden in a maids uniform. That's when I bumped into Haku. "Watch where your going!" I shouted. "Hm?" He muttered. " Oh I apologise my lady." He sarcastically remarked. "Ugh! Who knew boys in training were so rude! I'll get Papa to sort things out right away!"

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Suddenly he bursts into laughter! "What are you laughing about?" I asked. "You really think you have some sort of power because your a maid?" He giggled. I looked down and I had completely forgotten what I was wearing! I quickly apologised and ran along. But that wasn't the end..

That same day Father had ordered me to reward young trainees for their hard work. Of course me being obedient agreed. I walked along to the training Center with rewards for the trainees, and who do I see Haku! We both looked each other straight in the eyes and burst out laughing. Silly right!? "Who knew the scullery maid I bumped into today was actually the Princess!" Haku chuckled.

"Is that so Princess?" Said my Governess, uh oh...

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