Red Genetics Book

novel - Fantasy

Red Genetics


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A Samurai Lord, Tau Naufami of Kyoto is hungry for power and wants a first born son. After various attempts with women he calls his wives, his wishes aren't granted. The first wife's child is called an abomination by the Samurai Lord. He chooses a path of destruction and evil, turning to 12 demons and makes a deal with them. "Take anything you want." He offers. His first born son is born 9 months later and the 7 wives and children are executed, but one goes missing along with the maid who helped with the births, even a Samurai who served and loved the Samurai Lord's first wife. Lord Naufami now searches for the maid, the AWOL Samurai, and the missing child and plans to kill them at all costs to keep his secrets from his nation and his own son. - Hisaya-maru is the adopted son of a farmer named Takana. As Hisaya-maru grows out of his teenage years, he befriends a farmer boy named Rinku. Hisaya, born without any senses, learns to do things the best he can with help from Takana and his friend Rinku. A message is sent out across Kyoto and Osaka about an order from the Samurai Lord Tau Naufami has ordered his Samurai to inspect all villages for 17 and 18 year olds and purge them. Frightened, Takana tells Hisaya to leave the village and hide from the Samurai and writes it down for the boy to know. Rinku over hears Takana explaining to Hisaya who he think he might be because of a crane pendant and the symbol of Naufami that he found with him as an infant. Having no choice, Rinku is to accompany Hisaya as a travel companion. Along the way, he meets a child named Fuyuki and a merchant named Naoru Okita. Hisaya and Rinku find that there are demons and ghouls that have been roaming the earth for 1,000 years. In order for Hisaya to regain his senses and to find out who he really is and who took what from him, he has to search for the 12 demons and slay them. Who is Hisaya and is he the real first born son of Tau Naufumi? Or is he the future of Kyoto?