1 Chapter 1: A New City Means A New Beginning

What is a gang? A bunch of misfits and delinquents....Punks that cause everyone around them trouble, right? When I was asked this question, I answered without hesitation. A gang...is an eyesore.

(A city with no shortage of people. Every where you look, there is something going on. A taxi has just parked.)

Taxi Driver: Alright kid, this is as far as I can take you.

(The boy gets out of the taxi.)

Kid: Cool, thanks for the ride!

(The taxi drives off. The boy turns to see the city and what it has to offer.)

Kid: Starting my first year of high school...and living in the city too? This is all too exciting!

(The boy begins to walk around, taking in his surroundings.)

Kid: A shopping mall! An arcade! And a Hotdog stand too?! The city has it all! This is amazing!

(Not paying attention where he's walking, he bumps into someone.)

Boy: Oh, sorry about that!

(The boy he bumps into turns around with what looks like a menacing glare, immediately turns into a smile.)

Boy #2: Don't worry about it!


Boy #2: Is something wrong?

(The boy tilts his head and begins to wonder.)

Boy: Um, I....uh...I'm not sure...

(The boy notices a pin on boy #2's shirt.)

Boy: Hey, wait a minute! That pin! You're a student at Hillfar Academy, right?

Boy #2: Yeah, what of it?

(The boy grabs boy #2's hand and begins shaking his hand furiously.)

Boy: Nice to meet you! I'm Jay, and I'll be a 1st year at the school!

Boy #2: Oh? I'm Sonny, a 3rd year. Nice to meet you.You're shaking a little hard there, don't you think?

(Jay digs in his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper)

Jay: Hey sonny, can you help me out? I need directions this apartment!

(He hands Sonny the paper and sonny glances at it.)

Sonny: Sure, I can take you.

(Jay begins to nod his head furiously.)

Jay: Really? Thank you very much!

Sonny: Woah, that's intense...

(The two boys walking down the city street)

Sonny: So, what made you want to come to the city?

Jay: Well, I heard this place had a lot of gangs and delinquents! I thought it would be a good place to start!

Sonny: (Thinking:Start what?) You're interested in gangs?

Jay: Yeah, being in a gang seems like so much fun! I'm getting excited just thinking about it!

Sonny: Oh? Then how about a little detour? I might be able to help you out.

Jay: Hm?

(Sonny begins to lead jay around the city and the two walk for quite a while. Jay has begun to slouch and looks tired of walking.)

Jay: We've been walking forever...are we almost there?

Sonny: It's the building up ahead. We're almost there!

(A building that looks like it's been abandoned for a while now, when the two boys enter, they see a group of four individuals. Three with attire similar to the homeless standing, while one with a massive double chin sitting on a stool that is a little to small for him.)

Massive chin guy: Sonny...who's the kid? And why'd you bring him to my hangout?

Sonny: You said you were looking for new members and that I should bring anyone I could find, right? Well, here you go!

(Jay with visible confusion on his face.)

Jay: Wait! What's going on here!?

Sonny: You said you wanted to be in a gang, right? These guys are the black fish gang and they have a little weight to their name. You'll probably start off as an errand boy, but i think you'd fit in just fine.

(Jay pauses to take in the information that he just heard.)


(Sonny, taken aback by the screaming)

Sonny: W-what's wrong?!

Jay: I don't want to join a gang! I want to start MY OWN gang!

Sonny: huh?

(Jay points at the leader of the black fish gang)

Jay: Plus, who the hell would willingly follow a guy with a buttchin like that! I sure as hell wouldn't!

(You can see a vain pop out of the delinquents head when he heard what Jay said. He stands up and calls out to the boy.)

Black fish gang leader: Hey kid....what did you say about my chin? I didn't catch that.

(Sonny grabs jay by the shoulders and proceeds to shake him aggressively.)

Sonny: Apologize! These guys are the real deal! If you disrespect them, you're as good as dead!

(Jay looks at the black fish leader. )

Jay: You think I'm scared of you?! I said you have a buttchin! Here me loud and clear now?!?

(Everyone is in shock at jays comments, but jay isn't finished quite yet.)

Jay: And that's not all! You and your gang look like a bunch of homeless people! Go back to your office job! Being a gangster obviously isn't working out! What made you think this was okay?! You guys are living in an abandoned building! You know that, right?!

(Jay turns to Sonny and sighs)

Jay: It's a good thing you brought me here sonny. The gangster world is a lot harsher than I thought! This was a good heads up!

Sonny: (Thinking: This kid's out of his mind...)

Grunt #1: Who do you think you are punk?

Grunt #2: You think you can disrespect our gang and get away with it!?

Grunt #3: I'll put your sorry ass in the hospital!

(Right as the few are about to charge at Jay, the leader calls out to them.)

Boss: Hold it you guys!

Grunts: Boss?

(You can see that the leader is doing is best not to lose it. Multiple vains are visible and his skin is bright red.)

Boss: This kid needs to learn some manners. I'll teach him some respect personally!

Sonny: (Thinking: This is bad! Better get out of the way!)

Jay: Bring it on! I'll kick your ass to kingdom come!

(The black fish leader proceeds to put on his brass knuckles and charges at Jay. The grunts cheer for their boss as he winds back for a heavy punch. All in a single motion, jay punches the man and sends him flying through the air.)

Jay: Move it you asswipe!

(The leader's body twists a few times in the air and he smacks the ground chin first. He's out cold. Everyone is silent and confused, then jay breaks the silence.)

Jay: Come on! That was just a little love tap! I thought you were gonna teach me a lesson?

(Jay looks at the grunt.)

Jay: You guys were talking pretty big to ya'know....wanna go a couple rounds?

(The grunts all shake their heads in fear.)

Jay: Guess not...

(Jay walks towards Sonny.)

Jay: Hey, can we go straight to the apartment now? It's getting kinda late.

Sonny: Oh, yeah....sure. (Thinking: he actually beat him...)

Grunt #3: Y-you punk! Don't think we'll take this laying down! Who do you think you-

(Before the grunt could finish his sentence, the other two pinned him down and covered his mouth.)



(As the two boys were walking away, Jay stops and turns back to them. The three shudder when they see Jay's attention is on them.)

Jay: Who do I think I am? Well, the name's jay and you better remember it! Because I plan on taking over this city and making the strongest gang in the process!

(Grunts and Sonny are shocked by his words.)

Sonny: (Thinking:This kid...might actually have a few screws lose.)

Jay: hehehehe! It's only the first day and I already beat a rival gang! Talk about an amazing start! Yahoo!

(Jay proceeds to start running while Sonny follows after.)

Sonny: Hey, slow down! I'm the one who's suppose to lead the way, remember?!


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