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Recovering Lost Memories



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[A/N: This is a BL story between Judal/Judar and Aladdin from the Magi series. If you don’t know who Judal/Judar and Aladdin are, then I suggest either searching up who they are or simply watch the anime Magi. It may be obvious but I do not own anything with the exception of the plot. If anything in the story happens to coincide or is similar to anything else, then those are merely coincidental and I apologize in advance if it does happen. This story may or may not contain smut, which depends whether or not I’m confident enough to even write smut when it comes to it. Updates will vary, thus, I cannot guarantee when the next update will happen. I’m writing this story solely because of my own enjoyment and that I support Judala/Alaju. Excuse me if I happen to mess up with the tags.] —


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