Recollection System: Andromeda SagaRecollection System: Andromeda Saga

Recollection System: Andromeda Saga

by Khazmylar

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So in the end she betrayed him. No, she had planned it from the very beginning. Everything was a lie, an illusion, even her Class wasn't real. [Spirit Mage] my ass, she was an [Eldritch Warlock], similar powers, vastly different means of acquiring. I guess it really doesn't matter now since they are both dead. Now then, where am I? -------------------------------------- RS: AS Follows the story of a girl reincarnated with fragmented memories. Her past will haunt her as she discovers a new world, makes new friends, and encounters many challenges. This novel features a System, Reincarnation, A cast of unique characters as well as possible romantic interests, Slightly strong to very strong MC, and No Adult Content. (Only hinted at) Thank you for checking out my novel. This is the first time I have attempted to write something outside of a D&D Campaign story and I have spent a good amount of time studying and I hope to further improve my writing technique through experience and feedback. I hope you enjoy my novel and I hope we can have fun going on this adventure together! -Khaz

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