1 Blonk.

"Hehe, take that Nina! Take that Thomas!" 5 year old Luden was punching a tree. He was playing around with his mana, and he managed to cast a small spell at the tree. The only person known to be able to cast a spell at 5, was Tempesta the founder of the kingdom Aries. He was a genius among geniuses and excelled at academics.

His older sister Nina, always bragged that she would be the strongest out of all of them since she was the oldest. His older brother Thomas always bragged about how he would inherit the title of the Dukedom. They always bragged and were very vain people.

As the youngest of them, they of course picked on young Luden. Right now, Luden was fantasizing about how much attention he would have, he was thinking on how to tell his parents.

His mother, Marchioness Sopestilia married his father, Duke Darius. His father was a strict man who always made he and his siblings work themselves in their studies. His mother was the one who pampered them, but would get angry at a bad result.

As Luden was walking to tell his parents, he suddenly tripped and fell. His head hit hard onto the pavement and he blacked out.


He opened his eyes, and found himself in a dark space. Immediately, he started panicking since he didn't know where he was. He looked around and saw nothing, just darkness.

He wasn't even sure on what he was standing on.

Suddenly, a sharp pain stabbed through his head.

"Argh!" He clutched his head as a ringing in his ears got louder and louder. The pain in his head got more intense and he started crying. This went on for a unknown period of time, before it eventually stopped.

Luden opened his eyes and cautiously peeked around. His tears were still on his face, and snot was running down from his nose. Then, he felt a weird fuzzy, dizzy feeling surround his head.

Confused, Luden looked around before seeing a large white screen. There, something began to play out.

"Mama! Papa! Guess what?! I casted a spell! A magic spell!!!" Luden ran and hugged his parents. His parents faces were in shock as they were just relaxing on the porch.

"Really? Can you show us Luden?" His mother asked gently.

"Of course!" Luden smiled.

It cut to another scene.

"Congratulations, young master! You have been accepted into the prestigious Academy of Nobles!" The servants applauded.

"Good job my boy! You'll be the honor of this family!" His usually strict father was smiling.

It cut again.

"H-Hello! M-My name is Luden! N-Nice to meet you!" Luden stuttered as he introduced himself to the class.

"Heya Luden, my name is Tilsy! Nice to meet you!" A cute blond haired girl in the back, smiled at him.

"H-H-Hi T-Tilsy!" Luden blushed when he saw Tilsy's face. Tilsy smiled and led Luden around the school.


"F-Father..?" Luden shyly opened his father's door to the study.

"Yes? Do you need anything Luden?" His father smiled.

"C-Can I take a break from school? T-They assign us alot of homework...and I-" Luden began.

"What? No. You have to study so you can reach great heights Luden!" The smile on his father's face disappeared, and was replaced by a stern expression.

"A-Ah...okay..." Luden slowly got out of his father's study.


"You wouldn't mind if a borrow some money from you right Luden?" A brown haired boy nudged him with his elbow.


"What?! I thought we were friends! Plus, you're going to make alot of money in the future, and you can't even give us a few bucks?!" The boy and his lackeys frowned.

"...Yeah you're right, h-here take some." Luden handed the group his remaining allowance from his family.


"Tch, well if it isn't the little genius!" Thomas knocked down Luden and sneered. "Look at you, after you did that tiny spell Mother and Father are fawning over you!" He kicked Luden.

"Ow!" He cradled his hurt elbow.

"Ugh, let's just go Thomas." Nina sighed. "Mother and Father wouldn't like it if we hurt their little prince." She had a disgusted look on her face.

"You're right, after all Luden is just a little brat who could only snitch to his parents." Thomas smirked and they both left.


"Tilsy...I love you! I-I love you so much! Please marry me!" Luden blushed as he handed her some flowers.

Tilsy gasped. "Of course i'll marry you silly! Why did you even ask that?!" She smiled and kissed Luden


"Argh! M-My magic! What have you done?!" Luden glared at the black haired woman.

"Heh, i'm just borrowing it Sugerplum. I can't help it when I see such a delicious energy for the taking." The woman smirked and left.

Scenes like this kept appearing, gradually getting darker and darker. Tilsy leaving him, getting his magic stolen due to his nativity, nobles trying to take away his money, and...his family leaving him after finding out his magic was stolen.

By the time the screen ended, it showed adult Luden sitting in a alleyway. Rain fell on him, as he clutched his stomach. Blood was coming out slowly. Luden sighed and drew something on the ground.

"Heh, past Luden...don't make the mistakes I did. Don't be so naive in the future...or else....you'll end like this...alone, poor, afraid, and dying. So live young Luden! Live and don't be held down by the restraints of society! The man's breathing got slower and slower, until he inhaled one last time, and stopped breathing.