Rebuilding the Sun Kingdom!
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Rebuilding the Sun Kingdom!


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What is Rebuilding the Sun Kingdom!

Rebuilding the Sun Kingdom! is a popular web novel written by the author Pastare, covering KINGDOM BUILDING, FANTASY, COMEDY, ORIGINAL, SHAMELESS, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.2M readers with an average rating of 4.47/5 and 90 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 55 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Chris, our hero, wakes up in a world where different races are fighting for supremacy. Humanity is in a tough spot as the humans are now scattered in the ruins of their kingdom. Cities are no more, armies are long defeated and survivors are hunted. The first map revealed to the MC: goo.gl/v4ACBU More maps are revealed as the story progresses.


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A lot of Kingdom building. A shameless MC, a possible romance, one or more releases every day, this is awesome! I really like the pace, not too fast or slow. This my first LN where the author give us a real clear map! Please don't drop it!


Hi, first of all love this story, you have my votes mate. Just wanted to give you some advise add this novel to NovelUpdates it will really help to find more readers and for the love of god add more tags you novel is new and hard to find for people who looking for new novels :). Really hoping for this novel to get its popular pretty soon.


Slapstick comedy with a serious plotline just doesn't work. Let me clarify: Slapstick is pure comedy. Everything is about the jokes. The characters can be as goofy as needed and the plot is lighthearted and can be as hollow and faulty as needed. No one cares about plot holes in pure comedy, since the plot is there only to carry the jokes. The best example is Konosuba: every plot device in the story is meant to carry you to new jokes. Now the second form is the most common. Jokes in a serious plot. It's what has been done in every Marvel and Romance Comedy movies in decades, but it's also hard to do. The joke can't make holes in the plot, nor can it break immersion, mainly because the story is a serious one. The joke is used to diffuse ******* and add variety. In this novel though, we have a serious story filled with jokes that will totally break the immersion and fill it with plot holes and dumb reasonings. That's why it doesn't work and the jokes will come as forced while you lose interest and stop being invested in the story. Example: The goddess chooses a pervert dumbass for her hero by mistake (the MC). He falls down in the world and more than 2k people immediately accept him as their new king, including an old general. He also uses a donkey as a mount because the other people are using the horses, even in battle and diplomatic missions. The goddess gives the humans an incredible stupid and useless magic that serves only as a joke. Does this seem like serious plot devices to you? Yet the story deeply delves in wars against races, the human's plight, resource management, tactics to defeat enemies, all in a serious tone. It just doesn't match. My second complain is the excess of mundane. When I'm reading fantasy I expect fantastic unnatural things(duh), but in this world everything is magical, except for humans. They still walk around just poking things with pointy sticks. They have no magic nor use any magical things. It's boring middle ages settings. The last thing was pacing. 20 chapters for the MC to get used to the camp and intercept a patrol of their giant-bull-like enemies. Quite alot of chaps wasted on prep time and things that didn't set the plot forward. I don't know if it's possible to integrate slapstick comedy and a serious plotline, but this is definitely not it.


I couldn't bring myself to go on. Right at the start you are slapped with a bunch of cliches and everything seems forced in order to make the story work out. MC appears out of nowhere, claims to be king and everyone just accepts it and moves on with life. WTFFF?!! No, things don't just magically work out that way, especially when these people are being hunted down after their kingdom fell. They would be suspicious of everyone and everything that wasn't originally part of their group. Perhaps this does get better but seeing this beginning, I don't have high hopes of its future.


At beginning you had my curiosity but now you have all my attention and spirit stones. . . . . . ........... . ..........................................


The main character is so fucking ridiculous that i couldnt get pass the 1st chapter. Fuck this trash! This is like how a 12 year old with no friends and is bitter about some nonsense wishes he would suddenly get superpowers and become and edgelird *** god. What a awful premise as well. If these two idiots are the greatest of the bunch i cant even image how ridiculous everything else will be


Great read for those who love kingdom building I’m complete caught up with but there is a massive issue as of right now for a few weeks there have been now new chapters not 1 so as it is this book is on hiatus


I binge read 65 chapters and I've got work tomorrow (in 3 hours). I have no regrets though! The characters are well thought out and interesting, the plot is consistent and the author has put in alot of work to maintain the quality and consistency of the setting. The technology etc introduced is realistic and feasible and really makes the novel stand out for me. I have never read anything like this and absolutely love it,


I'm too hype for this story... I hope the Author keeps writing and updating this Amazing Story, I see a lot of potential in this story and Hoping the Author does not plan to drop this in the future ....(Please) haha


I wish it was possible to give this novel more than 5 stars. It is a really good story and I recommend that everyone should read it. It is 100% a comedy, but the good type of comedy that allows a lot of room for story development and leaves plenty of chances for very serious moments. It is a mainly light hearted story so far but you can see how the heaviness is also starting to build up. Overall, it is a very balanced and wonderful story. My recommendation is to drop whatever you are doing and read what has come out so far right away. The chapter releases also seem pretty consistent so far. It has become one of my daily reads.


The story and characters are very engaging. The tone if fun but also dire and stern. Good release rate. I personally love how sneaky the MC is, Give it a Whirl!


this novel is good but I'm dropping this novel, I can't bear to watch the MC making fun of himself as a king and riding a pervert donkey which he hates while his subject or the so-called people making fun of him and making him ride a donkey which is very disrespectful as a male who has dignity, the author forcefull comedy plot while poking fun of the MC with ridiculous immature personality who don't have a single dignity is very sad to read, I know the author trying to make a funny character but this is clearly is not working, the sense of humour is cringy and as a male the author strip away all the dignity of a male in this novel, the people around him feel like they are using the MC rather than respect because they don't have a choice, so many forceful plots make it cringy, the only thing I don't like in this novel is the character design which most of the novel fail to deliver, I really don't like the personality of the MC and the people around him, the MC is like a clown.


Don't bother picking this one up in your library looks like the author stopped updating it. It's a decent story though. It's pretty par for the course for the reincarnation genre.


So far it is very promising and an interesting story, and the characters are really funny, except the goddess, and I can't wait for more so please WRITE MORE CHAPTERS!!


Very good beginning of novel. I just love it. Impatient for the rest of the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the map. Good continuation


because the cover is so cool. if the story is anything like what it shows on the cover my rating will star the same !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


one of my fav tag,s and from the end of chap 1 i know this novel have a lot potential. author the good work you must continue - yoda please drop this novel..... you must not - yoda again


So I had high hopes for this story because I love kingdom building stories and yes this is ons but is it good? In my opinion no and after reading I don't really understand how this story got such a high score. My biggest problem is that the main MC is a pervert not like a normal MC pervert but a extreem pervert. The first time they meet a female they make corny lines like I AM boyfriend material or staring at the boobs and all. The whole story is build on this. A lot of things are just glosed over and all is ****** and the MC had no trouble to do anything and the enemy is brain dead. Also no updates for a while it seems. But for me it is a no.


Reveal spoiler


..................................................................................Should rewrite earlier chapters.........................................


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