75 To Sammy's place

Jason woke up and started getting ready for school. The entire time he couldn't help but think about what Marcus had said last night 'I can't believe I agreed to that.

But then again I wasn't really in the place to say no. He did save my ass like two times in a row. I just hope that things start to calm down.'

- - -

Jason and Kyle were sitting at their usual spot in the cafeteria. Kyle watched on in amazement as Jason inhaled the school lunch before pulling out a brown paper bag from his backpack.

"You know what Jaya? No matter how many times I watch you eat I can never get used to it. How do you pack away so much food? It's like you have the stomach of a shounen protag."

Jason pulled out a sandwhich from the paper bag and unwrapped it "I don't know what that last part meant but I'll take it as a compliment.

I gotta eat like this if I want to bulk up and give my body the nutrients to grow. Not everyone is as lucky as you when it comes to genetics.

I want to at least be six feet (1.82m) before I get to high school. You should really consider beefing up to you know?

You're okay now because you have a pretty decent height advantage but once we get to high school you might find yourself having a hard time banging down low in the post.

You need to have some more meat on your bones if you're gonna be working in the paint against tougher competition."

Kyle gave out a nervous chuckle before pulling out a similar brown paper bag from his backpack.

"You don't have to tell me. Ever since my mom heard that you pack two lunches she's been doing the same for me.

She keeps telling me the same thing. That I'm too thin and that I need to fill out more. But I don't know how you do it man. It takes me the whole day to snack through the extra lunch. I don't think I could ever down it the way you do."

As they were talking someone walked up to their table and put their tray down. They both turned to the side to see Samantha.

She had a big smile across her face "What's up fellas?" Jason smiled back "Nothing much. We were just talking about 2nd lunches."

Samantha laughed as she pointed to Kyle's second lunch "Looks like your piggy syndrome is contagious. I might have to start being more careful. I wouldn't want you to infect me."

Jason rolled his eyes "Well sorry. I just told Kyle this but not everyone is as lucky as you guys when it comes to genetics.

We were the same height when we first met. It's only been like two months and you're already an inch taller than me. Shit's not fair.

I've been eating, sleeping, and exercising like crazy and I'm still 5'4! I even drink milk everyday! I don't Know what else I can do."

Kyle and Samantha both started laughing from Jason's outburst. Samantha wiped a tear away from her eye.

"Don't worry Jaya. I'm sure you'll get taller. But even if you don't I wouldn't worry. You can always switch careers from a basketball player to a horse jockey hahaha."

Kyle started laughing even harder after hearing Samantha's joke. He struggled to breath and he had to close his eyes.

"Dang Sammy. You didn't have to be so savage. I was gonna say that he could be a stunt replacement for actresses hahaha. He's athletic enough and if you put a wig on him he could look like a chick"

Jason cracked a small smile before rolling his eyes "Haha you guys are hilarious, Real dynamic comedy duo."

Samantha calmed down a little bit "Oh don't be upset Jaya. I know what'll cheer you up. Why don't the both of you come over to my place after you're done with the whole basketball thing?

We can get some practice in for the talent show and afterwards we could watch a movie or play some video games."

Jason nodded his head "I have to ask my parents but they should be okay with it." Kyle nodded his head as well "Same. I'll have to ask her but my mom should be cool with it. Should I bring my keyboard?"

Samantha shook her head "Nah that's okay. And don't worry about getting there. I'll just have Victor pick you guys up from here."

Kyle gulped before turning to Jason and whispering "Is Victor the scary buff bald guy that you were talking about?"

Jason nodded his head which made Kyle gulp again "Great. I can't wait. This is going to be so fun hehe." He let out a nervous chuckle as he finished talking.

- - -

During practice Jason worked on rebounding again this time with Kyle and Vince after they finished running some defensive drills.

Matt, Nick, and Trell worked on their shooting with Coach Swendel while Udonis focused on polishing up his post up moves.

After boxing out Vince and somehow beating him to the the rebound despite the size disadvantage Jason turned to him and Kyle.

"You guys keep at it. I'm going to take a short water break. My bottle is just about empty." Jason then walked away.

On the way to the water fountains Jason stopped to talk to Javier and Greg who were filming at the side.

"Hey Javier, sup Greg, you guys got a minute?" Javier smiled "Sure thing Jason. What did you want to talk about?"

Jason couldn't think of any better ways to say it so he decided to be straight forward "Remember the game against Tustin?

Do you think you could play down the bad calls and not focus on it so much for next week's episode?"

Javier and Greg were both confused by Jason's request. Javier cleared his throat "But don't you want to get back at the ref? If we don't focus on the bad officiating then the committee won't be pressured to investigate him."

Jason answered "Well the thing is after thinking about it and giving it a day to process I don't think it's worth the trouble.

The guy is probably living a miserable life. He's not worth the hassle. Besides, it's not like he really did anything. We still won the game."

Javier thought about it for a second "I mean if that's what you want Jason. We haven't submitted our footage to the network yet so I guess we could do some last minute editing to play down how bad the referee was.

And for the interview we can probably just skim over the Tustin game and not talk about it much."

Jason let out a sigh of relief after hearing that Javier was okay with it "Thanks Javier, thanks Greg. I know that I'm making more work for you guys but I really appreciate it."

Greg gave a thumbs up while Javier chuckled "No problem Jason. We are here to help you after all. And don't worry about being a bother.

You're actually awesome to work with. Greg and I have heard from some of the other hosts and cameramen that they hate working with their athletes.

They've told us horror stories that were hard to believe. Some athletes treat them like their assisstants making them get their towels and water bottles.

Some athletes want to redo shots over and over again just because their hair didn't look good or if the shot didn't turn out the way they wanted it to.

You have been a saint and our coworkers don't believe us when we tell them how great you've been." Greg nodded his head in agreement with Javier.

Jason thanked them once more before walking to the water fountains and refilling his sports bottle. He then made his way back over to Kyle and Vince to finish practice.

After practice was over Kyle and Jason hit the showers and cleaned up. After getting changed they said their goodbyes to the rest of the guys before making their way to the front of the school.

Jason was about to call up Samantha and ask her when Victor was going to be there but as soon as the two of them reached the front he tossed that idea out.

Parked right in front of the school was a long black limousine. And right next to the limousine stood Victor's hulking body dressed in his usual all black suit.

Kyle saw Victor's huge frame that towered even over him and gulped. He leaned toward Jason and whispered.

"Can't we just take the bus? Or how about calling our own ride? There are literally hundreds of different apps made for that sole purpose!"

Jason pushed Kyle away "You need to learn about personal boundaries bro. You were way too far in my bubble.

And why would we call a ride when we have one right here? Don't worry about Victor. He just looks scary but I'm pretty sure he won't hurt us."

Kyle looked back at Victor "I don't know man. It looks like he's been standing under the hot sun in a all black suit for a while and he's not even sweating.

He's probably some sort of robotic bodyguard wearing human skin for camouflage. He could be trying to blend in to our society so that he can get a better understanding of humans so that he can kill them more effectively."

Jason just laughed "Bro you really have been watching too much anime. If all the stuff that you said is true then I'm a magical girl that's undercover. Just get in the limo man. You got me dying out here under the hot ass sun."

Jason and a reluctant Kyle made their way to the limo and got on after Victor opened the door for them 'So we're going to Sammy's place. I wonder what it's like?'

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