65 Another Friday night: part-2

Jason smiled as he looked at Javier "Well technically I already played those games before my first episode aired. How come you guys like being a week behind?"

Javier chuckled "Well it's not that we like being behind but it's just the speed of production. But anyways I believe this interview is supposed to be for you.

So how did you feel that first game? Any butterflies in your stomach? Any first game jitters that you had to get out of your system?"

Jason paused for a second to think about the question "Well not really first game jitters but I was nervous."

Javier was slightly surprised "Oh? I was kind of asking that question as a joke because from where me and Greg were watching you looked so comfortable on the court.

So even Jaya gets nervous. Can you tell us what exactly you were nervous about?"

Jason scratched his head "Well it wasn't a nervousness about performing or playing. It was more like.... I don't know how to explain it."

Jason paused again to think out his answer "This was our first game after some of the older players left the team.

I was worried about winning the game more than anything else. Even if I had a terrible game I would have been happy as long as we won.

The older players left because I suggested some changes in the practice schedule with the intentions of improving the team.

So if we lost our first game after those players left it would have been a heavy hit to me and the team. I would have questioned if I really did the right thing.

That was the only thing that was weighing down on my mind during the first game. I was worried to see if I had made the right choice or if I had just hurt the team."

Javier raised his eyebrow "That is a very different answer than what I was expecting. I imagine most kids your age would be worried about playing well or putting together some good highlights.

Especially considering the fact that all your games would be shown on TV like this. You seem more concerned with your team as a whole and not just your performance with them."

Jason's smile disappeared for a second before he put it back on "To be honest Javier I never really had any friends.

I'm sure that the rest of the guys can confirm this but I'm not exactly the best when it comes to social interactions.

It's not like I'm a weirdo that doesn't know how to act in public. But when it comes to the deeper more intimate stuff like getting to know people, or knowing how to communicate with them in a way that fits that person best, I get kinda lost.

To me basketball is the only thing that I can do so naturally. Whenever I'm on the court I feel like I don't need to worry about controlling my every action to fit in.

The reason I care about my team so much is because I'm thankful that they gave me somewhere I can feel like I belong. And the last thing I would want to do is something that would destroy that."

- - -

Everyone became quiet after Jason started talking about his first game on the TV. Udonis was the first one to break the awkward silence.

He laughed "Come on man. You should have told us if you was really thinkin like that. Even if we lost that game no one would have blamed you bro.

We all know that you was doing what you thought was best for the team. No one would question how much you care about the team."

The rest of the guys nodded and voiced their agreements with Udonis. Trell smirked "You really be worryin about the most useless things." Jason couldn't help but laugh after seeing everyone's reaction.

- - -

Javier was stunned by Jason's honest and open answer. It took him a moment to recover "Wow that was a very insightful answer. Thank you for that Jason.

So looking back at those highlights. I see that you are a very vocal player on the court. Can you describe why that is?"

Jason chuckled "I'm not sure if that was a compliment or if you were taking a shot at me Javier. But back to your question yes I am very vocal whenever I'm on the court.

I feel like in basketball communication is a skillset in and on its own. I try to make sure that everyone is on the same page when we're on the court together.

So that's why you see me talking so much whenever I'm on the floor. It's mostly on the defensive side of the ball though."

Javier asked "Can you expand on that? What are you saying when you're on the court? How do you keep track of the game while communicating with your teammates?"

Jason thought about the question for a second "Well when it's on defense I'm mostly calling out the opposing team's offense.

I tell the guys when to fight through the screen, when to go under, and when to switch. I also call out things like backdoor cuts or screens. Just things like that.

I've never had any trouble communicating and paying attention to the game. I wish I could tell you how I do it but I just do."

- - -

Kyle chuckled "That's the most Jaya answer ever 'I don't know how I'm so awesome. I'm just like that.' You couldn't think of anything else to say man?"

Jason rolled his eyes at Kyle's impression of himself "Geez I was just being honest. What was I supposed to do?"

Jason really couldn't come up with an expaination for his ability to direct his teammates so well while keeping track of the court.

It's not like he could tell them that it was a result of the years of experience that he had from playing ball in his past life.

After that Javier spent the next few minutes asking about Jason's training schedule and his diet. He made a few jokes about how much Jason ate and he simply rolled his eyes in response.

Jason's segment of the show ended with Javier teasing about his next few games that would be included in next weeks episode.

Tory's dad stood up and started stretching "Well that was fun. You looked super cool on TV Jason." He gave Jason a huge thumbs up and a bright smile.

Tory complained "Geez dad. Who says super cool? You sound so old. Ooh I know. You should try saying swag or on fleek."

The corner of her dad's mouth twitched "Honey I'm pretty sure those are even older. You really need to stop going through my old dvds."

Jason laughed "Thanks Uncle Jin. I appreciate it. You and Tory are super cool too." Everyone laughed after hearing Jason say that.

Jayson's mom was about to start cleaning the living room when she got an idea "Hey let's go check the comments for this episode."

Jason looked at her questioningly "I don't think that's such a good idea mom. Remember last time? Doing that just ruined the mood."

Jason's mom stomped her feet "There's no way anyone could find anything negative to say this week. This episode had nothing but good moment for you Jaya."

Jason didn't know how to explain to his mom that people on the internet would always find a way to say something negative no matter what.

So he just let her do whatever she wanted. Everyone else seemed to be interested as well as they all pulled out their phones and got on to their social media.

- - -

OGfromCali: I was surprised to see how mature this young man seems to be. The fact that he understands the importance of being a team at such a early age speaks volumes on his character.

He reminds me of Damian Lillard or Kyle Lowry. The kind of guys that pull the best out of their teammates. Boy do I miss those good ol days lol.

OwOBigG: After last week's episode I thought that he was decent but I didn't think he was anything special.

But I changed my mind after this latest one. His handles are so smooth and his iq on the court is so high.

Whether it's on offense or on defense he just knows what the best play to make is. I'm definitely a Jaya fan now lol.

Fredo_Nice26: Little dude might not have a high top speed but the way he utilizes his change of pace is crazy.

He slows down just enough to catch you off guard and he does the same when he speeds up. He's had some of the nices highlights so far because he does it on both ends.

ChristianWu_000: Because of Jason I decided to join my school's basketball team. I've never played before but Jason inspired me to just try my best. Wish me luck everyone!

BrandonDuhGOAT:^ You should start a vlog. That way we can see you get your ankles snatched on the daily XD JK bro. Good luck man.

JayasBiggestfan: I'm here for my prince! I love you Jaya!!!!

- - -

Jayson's mom was full of smiles "See! I told you that they wouldn't have anything bad to say." Jayson didn't want to pop everyone's bubbles so he he just stayed silent.

But after a few moments, just as he had expected, the smiles on everyone's faces started to disappear.

- - -

CertifiedCaliBaller: This kid will never make it to the next level. He doesn't have the body to withstand the physicality against top high school competition. That Trell kid looks like he has a better chance.

RodricGetsBuckets: What were those other kids doing? Do they not know how to play defense? If you're letting a slow *** kid like this beat you off the dribble then you should just retire from basketball early and stop wasting everyone's time.

BigHatJoe: What kind of weak bull**** was that? He was worried about what the other guys on the team would think?

Maybe you should stop acting like such a ***** and man up. If you're really the best player on the team then you should stop being such a pussy and make everyone fall in line.

If that was me no one would even think about not falling in line. That's why he's not the team captain. No one could respect a whiny little ****. He looks and acts like a little girl XD

- - -

Jason put his phone down and looked around. Everyone was visibly upset. Jason sighed and shrugged his shoulders "What did I tell you? You just gotta ignore the haters." Jason picked up the popcorn bowl and started snacking.

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