67 A sticky situation

Jason was so scared that he stopped in the middle of relieving himself. He tried to look calm as he casually searched through his pockets 'Shit! My phone is in my bag.'

Jason's actions seemed to have caught the guy's attention "Yo what the fuck you doin!?" Jason quickly took his hands out of his pockets.

"I was just scratching myself because I'm itchy man. I just got out of a basketball game bro. I'm all sweaty and shit okay?"

The guy looked at Jason questioningly for a second " Ain't nobody yo bro little man. Whatever, Keep yo hands where I can see em aight? Unless you want to get fucked up."

Jason gulped as he kept his hands up. The guys in front of him looked like they were between 18-24 years old.

The one that seemed to be in charge was a large guy at about 6'2 (1.87m) and 300lbs (136kg). He was a bulky light skinned dude with a smooth bald head.

He was dressed in jeans that sagged down a bit despite the presence of a belt and a baggy black shirt.

One of the guys that had stepped out went back in and walked toward the large guy in charge "Coast is clear Mook."

Mook had an annoyed expression on his face as he shoved the man back "Come on cuh I don told you not to use my name. And I told you to keep an eye out not to tell me what it look like dumbass."

The guy ran back out the door. Mook sighed "I swear they be gettin dumber and dumber every year man."

Then he turned to Jason "Listen I ain't here to hurt you aight? But that don't mean that it ain't on the menu. It all depends on how much you willin to work with us got it?"

Jason nodded his head 'Damn it! You're just lucky that I'm a kid right now and you guys got like five dudes on your side.'

Mook smiled "Looks like you know what's good for you. Y'all are coming back here next week to play against Tustin right?"

Jason was surprised by the question 'I think the name of the school we're playing against is Tustin middle school.'

Jason nodded his head "Yeah I think we play them next week." Mook smiled "And your camera guys are gonna be there to record the game right?"

Jason was suprised by the question again 'What the fuck? What do these guys want?' Jason didn't bother asking them as he answered.

"Yeah, if you're talking about the Through the Hoops guys they show up to all my games to record me."

Mook crossed his arms "Listen up. Next week when you play against Tustin you're gonna guard Julius Newman.

You're gonna let him cross you up and brake your ankles. He's gonna score a ton of points and Jefferson is gonna lose in a close game.

When you're little camera guys try and do an interview you're gonna tell them that Julius is a once in a lifetime talent and that he's way better than you'll ever be. Got it?"

Everything clicked in his head after he heard Mook's demands. Jason was fuming on the inside 'They can't beat us on the court so they want to play dirty like this!?

And this Newman kid wants to be a star by the sounds of these guys demands. He's probably a garbage ass player if he needs to do something like this.

Real hoopers do their talking on the court and let their game speak for them. Whatever I'll just agree so that I can get out of here. I don't mind lying to shit heads like these anyways.'

Jason smiled "Sure sure, whatever you want man. I'll let him cross me up and I'll hit the floor and everything."

Mook was surprised "Wow, uh that was a whole lot easier than I imagined it would be. I thought we was gonna have to beat yo face in or somethin."

Jason replied "No that won't be necessary. I like having my face the way it is now. I'll go along with your plan. Can I go now?"

Mook was nodded his head "I guess. We ain't got no mo business with you." Jason was in such a hurry to leave that he didn't even try to wash his hands.

Just as he was about to step out the door he heard a voice "Hey wait! We need to get the pictures to blackmail him to make sure he actually follows the plan!"

Jason didn't know what kind of pictures they wanted to take but he didn't want to stick around and find out.

He sprinted toward the door but was stopped by a hand that had grabbed on to his arm. Jason turned around to see one of the goons smiling.

Jason didn't bother to say anything as he kicked up with everything that he had 'I know it's dirty but I gotta do what I gotta do.'

The goon let go of Jason as he yelled out and reached for his crotch before falling to the ground.

Unfortunately the brief moment that Jason was slowed down by the goon was enough for Mook and his one other goon in the bathroom to catch up to Jason.

Jason tried to run through the door but Mook grabbed him by his arm and lifted him off the ground.

Despite Jason's huge appetite and all the exercising that he had been doing he was still only 115lbs (52kg)

Mook carried Jason by his arm as he walked to the back of the restroom and away from the door. Jason kicked Mook in the face but he just laughed it off.

"You thought you was slick huh? I was born at night but I wasn't born last night son. I ain't stupid enough to just trust you to follow the plan.

And now you done fucked up one of my guys. Ima have to fuck you up even worse now to even things out." He punched Jason in the solar plexus with his free hand as he dangled him in the air.

Jason could feel the air getting hit out of him. There wasn't any pain initially. But after a split second his guts started to feel like they were heating up and he wasn't able to breath.

It took a few seconds before Jason was able to take squeeze a breath in. Mook smiled after seeing Jason's pained expression.

"Now we just gotta beat ya a little bit more and then strip you naked and take some pictures. If you don't want those pics gettin on the internet then you better follow the plan."

Just as Mook was about to put Jason down and start his evil plans the door swung open. Mook turned around "I told you guys to keep an eye-huh?"

At the door wasn't his goons. At the center was a tall dark skinned dude with blonde dreadlocks tied into a short ponytail.

He was about 5'11 (1.8m) and dressed in jeans and a white tank top. His well defined muscles were visible. At his side were two other guys.

Mook had a serious expression on his face "Who the hell are y'all? Where the fuck are my boys?"

The blonde haired guy laughed "If you talkin bout ya dogs that was outside they okay. They was just barkin too much so I had to give um a little discipline na mean?"

Mook put Jason down as he cracked his fists "You lookin to scrap bruh? Cause if you ain't tryin to get yo ass whooped today I recommend gettin the hell out of here."

The blonde guy smiled "Sure thang man we just gotta pick up the little homie and we'll be on our way." He pointed to Jason.

Jason was surprised 'Do I know these guys? None of them look familiar. And who said that I want to go with them? I might just be switching from one kidnapper to the other.'

Mook snarled "He ain't goin nowhere dog. And you testin my last nerve. If you and ya boys don't get to steppin real quick then we gon have a problem."

The blonde guy laughed "Hahaha! I was just about to say the same thang." He quickly pulled out a pistol that was hidden behind him.

He had his gun aimed right at Mook's scared face. The blonde guy laughed "Look at this dude. I can tell by his face that he lackin right now."

He walked up to Mook and placed the barrel of his pistol against his temple "How you gonna run around the wild wild west without yo piece bruh?

If you ain't strapped on the daily then you ain't ready for no warzones. So I suggest that you stop messin with our little homie.

Cause me and my dogs here are some real soldiers, not no plastic G.I. Hoes like you and ya boys. So unless you wanna end up bagged and tagged y'all should get to movin, and I mean now."

Mook hurriedly nodded his head. The blonde guy smiled "Go pick your dogs up and scram. Before I change my mind pussy ass bitch." He pistol whipped Mook.

Mook got hit hard and he even started bleeding on the side of his head. But he didn't even react to it as he just took his goons with him and left.

Jason was speechless as he silently stood in the corner of the restroom 'What the hell just happened?'

After a few minutes the blonde guy didn't even bother to look at Jason as he just tossed a cell phone toward him before leaving with his crew.

Jason caught the phone as his body moved on it's own. After a few moments he finally came to his senses 'Who the hell were those guys? Why did they help me? And what's with the phone?'

Jason couldn't think of anything 'Well no matter what I guess it was a good thing that they helped me.

Shit everything happened so fast that I didn't even get a chance to check my rewards from the quest for winning five games in a row.'

Just as he was about to open up the system Jason got a text. It was from an unkown number. The text said 'You're welcome' with an emoji of a smiley face wearing sunglasses.

A few things clicked in his head 'No way? That guy? How did he even know that I was in trouble?'

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