Reborn to play football
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Reborn to play football


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What is Reborn to play football

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With a regret in life you just live your life to live and not to have fun and to enjoy it. To die with a regret is even worse. So follow our MC how he relives his life and fulfills his dream of becoming a professional footballer for his favorite team to strive for greatness with the help of a system

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Hello the author here.. This is my first novel and I just wrote the prologue. I hope of some feedback because I have never done this before and if wanted I could directly go on with the story. I have something in mind and could write a few chapter but only if the idea and the prologue is good . Please help 😅 I am the author sry I have to rate 5*


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i couldnt read it but i hope its a great novel [img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins]


I still can't say much about cause the chapter is still just 4. I give 3 star for now to give you some motivation,honestly this kind ofvstory was one of the favorite of many readers,but the problem is there's no much story like this,and the chapter and story somehow still in the initial phase that we can't enjoy it yet. Still because not many novel have this kind of story this novel actually have a great amount of potential,i think you can improve the style of conversation like give space for when the conversation take place,instead like : i have never feel this tired before[honey,score goal for me]with that sweet voice i feel determined. Better : i have never feel this tired before [honey,score goal for me] with that sweet voice i feel determined It's feel much better and look neat and easy to read. Your idea is great keep up the good work,do it step by step don't too fast or too slow. If too slow the readers will be boring. If too fast the reader can't immerse themselves to the story. Fighto ou !!


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