6 Introduction

Xuan Juan Yu's heart is beating so fast that he feels like it will explode at any moment. The hands tightly wrapped around his waist is enough to swallow down his sentence, never to say it again.

When Juan Yu felt the softness on his back, his ears turned pink and his eye lashes continuously fluttered, losing focus.

Xiao Hui felt the sweetest in her heart when she hugged him and thought I should do it more often. But she also found a different strangeness in her heart. She knew that she was feeling happy and content hugging her husband but from where this overwhelming feeling is coming? Why does she feel like crying as if she was given a drop of water after walking thousands of miles in the desert.

At the moment, Xiao Hui is feeling lost about her own feelings. She's sure that she wants to repay Juan Yu's love in every possible way. She also doesn't deny the possibility that she might have fell in love with him even before the tragedy happened and just didn't accept it. However, she never felt such strong emotions that she's feeling at the moment.

Xiao Hui threw this strangeness at the back of her mind thinking of it as the side effect of the rebirth. What she wanted to do now was to look at her husband, No...No, ex-husband?, Nopes, would be husband and have a heart to heart talk so that everything can be cleared at the beginning. She doesn't want misunderstandings to be part of their story.

When she lifted her head up from his back and wanted to look at his face, she noticed his pink ear tips and felt really funny and bittersweet in her heart. Her eyes became misty. Suddenly, she took hold of his arm and turned him around to face her. She tiptoed, wrapped her hand around his neck and locked her lips with his.




Juan Yu's mind that was still trying to be sane suddenly blasted. Before he could take in what is happening, the door to the room was pushed open.

As soon as the door opened, a screeching voice came out of the girl that just walked in, hand in hand with a man, "OMOOO, you two love birds just couldn't keep your hands off each other. Its your wedding after all. How could you possibly remember that all the guests are waiting for the bride who tried to run away but unfortunately was caught. Hahaha, Jingge, don't you find this funny?", Lijuan said sarcastically.


Lijuan is Li Xiao Hui's cousin. The patriarch of Li family Li Hui Huang and his wife Bao Zhai has two sons: Li Chen Da and Li Chen Chao. Although Li Chen Da is the eldest son but Li Hui Huang chose his younger son Li Chen Chao to be the next head of the Li Empire.

Li Hui Huang understood it very early that the greedy mind of Chen Da will never be able to handle his Li Empire nor can he make it flourish with the little IQ that he has. This decision of the Li patriarch left Chen Da fuming. From his childhood, he could never surpass his younger brother Chen Chao and now his father didn't even bother to leave him a little dignity.

Chen Da could never swallow down this humiliation. He and his family are always competing with Chen Chao's family wanting to bring them down. Although they succeeded in Xiao Hui's past life but they are still far behind to catch up with Chen Chao's family in this life.

Li Chen Da and his wife Ming Mei has one daughter Lijuan and one son Lijiang. Lijuan is currently a self proclaimed fashion designer but actually she's just a fashion disaster who has a Li Empire behind her. Lijiang, the younger son is notoriously famous for his playboy image and is in the first year of college.

On the other hand, Li Chen Chao and his wife Hua Nuwa has only one daughter Li Xiao Hui. Although she got the smarts and talents from both her parents, she's a simple minded person and was easy to manipulate that basically resulted in a tragic past life.


Li family and Xuan Juan Yu's Xuan family were mere acquaintances till the day Xiao Hui expressed her love for Bo Jing and wanted to marry him at all costs. However, the Li family knows it all too well about the Xuan family.

Although there are rumors amongst the public that the Xuan family is a mysterious family which is around for more than 500 years. But only some limited influential families knows that the Xuan family is the lineage of the great emperors and secret protectors who once ruled and protected the land. They have the history of more than 2000 years and their Xuan family is no less than a war zone.

To actually marry their most pampered daughter to Zhang Bo Jing who's not exactly a Xuan, will clearly make their Li family stand against Xuan Juan Yu. Zhang Bo Jing's mother is Xuan's daughter. Here the main problem is, Bo Jing has deep thoughts and if Xiao Hui marries Bo Jing, it is like sending their daughter to a war zone without a bullet proof jacket and weapons. But, Xiao Hui never realized any of this calculations and considerations of her family.

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However, it was a complete different scenario when Xuan Juan Yu proposed the marriage for Xiao Hui. The Li family agreed to the marriage without a second thought not only because he was the future patriarch of the Xuan family but because he was capable enough to protect their daughter and give her the love and life that she deserves. Although Xuan family is a deep place to send their daughter in, but the sincerity and love that Xuan Juan Yu has shown for Xiao Hui, no one will ever be able to surpass that.

What actually transpired, is a story for another time.

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