5 Him & Her in a moment

"Juan Yu", Xiao Hui whispered.

Xuan Juan Yu was taken aback and his eyes widened as Xiao Hui has never taken his name and that too with so much emotions. He felt his heart blooming like a sunflower that got the rays it has always been waiting for.

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However he soon masked his thoughts with a straight cold face that he's known for, as he remembers her sobbing that he could hear from the outside. He took a deep look at her and realized that no matter what he does, he'll never be enough for her. He can never be the person she adores and loves in her heart. He can never be Zhang Bo Jing. His heart feels suffocated at such a thought.

He wanted to just turn around and leave, but when he saw her state, his heart breaks for her. He stride forward wanting to help her up, but realizes her disgust for him and stopped himself. He stood 2 feet away from her as she always demands and said with his back on her, "Do you want to run away from the wedding so bad that you didn't even care for your life when you jumped out of the balcony?"

'Do you really despise marrying me so much that you would rather die or get injured?'

'Do you really hate me so much that you would run away from me whenever you get a chance?', He didn't have the courage to ask the last two questions or rather have the courage to hear their answers.

When he didn't get any answer, a self deprecating smile came on his face. 'What was he expecting?'

Xiao Hui has never once looked at him for more than a second and she never replied him with more than a 'hmmm'. How could she be willing to get married?

"If you really don't want to get married, I", just as Juan Yu tried to say the most difficult sentence of his life, he felt something warm and soft on his back. His mind went blank, his eyes widened, mouth agape and his back stiffened for a very long time as he realized that Xiao Hui has hugged him from the back.


When Juan Yu just entered, Xiao Hui was taken aback and blurted out his name. She desperately wanted to go and dive right into his arms but her feet felt so weak that she couldn't move an inch and just stay rooted.

She clearly felt the change of emotions in the man standing infront of her. She saw the spark in his eyes when she said his name but it soon dimmed and he went back to his usual detached self. However, what she saw was different from what she felt.

He is clearly standing there in all his grandeur however why do I feel that his emotions are on a roller coaster ride. Why do I feel that he's distressed one second, sad in the next, heartbroken in another, felt suffocated and then even felt angry at himself?

However when she saw him coming towards her, she couldn't move her eyes from him and couldn't think of anything else. He is really well deserved to be called as the Greek God. His ocean blue eyes that has the specks of green is truly one of its kind. When he looks at you so deeply, you feel like being pulled in by an unknown force yet unable to move your eyes. He has the aura that demands attention and respect. The mysterious air around him keeps everyone interested in him and also keep them at a distance. Whenever he looks at her, there's always a sweetness in his demeanor, yet somehow I just loathed this person. 'How could I be so brainwashed by Bo Jing or Was I just plain stupid as the old man said?'

When she saw him stopping 2 feet away from her, she thought he is just as cautious with me as ever. Actually she never said him to keep a distance but Xiao Hui always had a habit of keeping 2 feet distance from him whenever he came in her vicinity. And just after our first interaction he understood it well and maintained that 2 feet distance till we both died.

Looking at his cautiousness just wants me to slap myself twice and see clearly what have I done to this man who is so majestic that even my everything can't match his fingernails. Yet here he was, again, just trying to keep me beside him anyhow.

'He can really mask his emotions well. Why else will I be stupid enough to always overlook his emotions in my past life and take whatever he does as granted. I always thought he's doing everything for me just because he is supposed to do it as my husband. But I never once gave him any credit or did anything that a wife is supposed to do.'

'This kind of man who only knows how to give, never expecting anything in return, really deserves to be pampered and loved all his life.' A sweet smile reflected in Xiao Hui's eyes as she thought of them living together lovingly in the future.

Just at this time, her smile stiffened when she heard him say, "Do you want to run away from the wedding so bad that you didn't even care for your life when you jumped out of the balcony?" There was an unsuppressed anger and obvious care in his voice that he didn't even notice.

Thats when she realized that at this time in her past life, she tried to run away from her own wedding and jumped off the balcony. Although the balcony wasn't high enough but her foot twisted while landing and she knocked her head onto the huge plant pot and lost consciousness.

When I woke up, Juan Yu came to me and I threw a huge tantrum, throwing every single thing in the room on him and told him that she will never love him. Let her marry Bo Jing. At that time, he just stared at me and didn't said a word till Bo Jing came with other family members and denied to have any relationship with me. I still remember how everyone sneered at me and mockingly looked at Juan Yu as I went crazy. I really do not want to ever remember my crazy acts.

"If you really don't want to get married, I". She came back to her sense when she heard him say this and hurriedly got up and hugged him tightly from the back. The 2 feet and a lifetime of distance was covered in a moment, just like that.

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