19 Trivia 起: Just Dance

The six young men and the young lady head to the courtyard where their dance lesson was to be held. The seven hear the sounds of the drums, and the unmistakable sound of the zither. Upon entering the courtyard, the seven see seven other young men dancing to the beat of the drums.

The seven young men are dancing in complete sync, their motions fluid like water. No hair, foot, or arm is out of line. Their steps are in sync, each one stepping at the exact same time as the other. There is only one word to describe their dance. Flawless.

Miyoung's breath is taken away by the beautiful dance, as well as the handsome young men.

[How are they so good? Their motions are flawless, nothing is out of sync. If there was any mistake I wasn't able to see it.]

The music fades, and the young men stop for breath.

Miyoung, Taeyang, Baekho, Suho, and Suwon clap enthusiastically, shouting words of praise to the young men.

The young men wipe their sweat from their foreheads, flashing smiles at the Hwarangs.

"Good job your Highnesses," a stern voice says.

Heads turn to see where the stern voice has come from. The Princes upon seeing the dance instructor, nod in greeting. The Hwarang bow, greeting the dance instructor.

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"I see you've finally showed up for the dance lesson, Hwarangs."

The dance instructor gives the Hwarangs a cold smile which sends shivers down each of their spines.

"Now, let's begin shall we?"


The seven are breathing heavily, sweat rolling down each of their foreheads. They've rehearsed the same dance more than twenty times, but they've yet to dance in sync. The seven can't even dance to the beat, well, except for Baekho. Baekho, seems to be a natural, dancing along with the beat his every action graceful.

Miyoung, winded, bends over clenching her sides.

"Man," Taeyang says, as he gasps for breath. "How can you be so good at this Baekho? Look at us warriors, we're suffering!!"

Baekho chuckles.

"What can I say? When it comes to fighting and other things I'm a bumbling fool, but music is my specialty."

"Lucky duck," Min says. "While you're enjoying yourself, we're dying over here."

The dance instructor claps his hands.


They practice again, and again, and again. By the one hundred millionth practice, the seven men (except for Baekho) are like walking corpses. They can barely lift their limbs, and they've all spiritually left the world. But, Baekho, Baekho, is living the life. He's having a great time dancing, while Miyoung, Miyoung's about to lose it.

Miyoung screams in a fit of rage, and drops to the ground rolling every which way. She screams and screams and screams on end. Literally. She yells then screams, then shrieks.

"WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She shrieks.

"UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screams.

"WHY CAN'T I EVER GET THE DANCE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She yells.

And, around this time, the princes and the other six realized that they should not, under any circumstances mess with Miyoung. Especially after she's lost all her patience.

"What's wrong with Jun?" Taehyung asks as he wipes his sweat.

"I don't know your Highness. . . . ." Taeyang replies. "I don't think he's doing to well."

"I'm pretty sure, even a person like me, who loves to sleep and not pay attention could notice that," the Second Prince says.

"I think, that Jun's lost it," Min concluedes.

The Princes and the rest of the six stare at him.

"What?" He asks uneasily.

"You're really dumb aren't you," the Fourth Prince says.

Min looks at Fourth Prince Namjoon and nods.

"I think I might've hit my head on a rock when I was little, and lost all my smartness."

"Or," the Worldwide Handsome Prince says, "You were never smart to begin with."

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Prince Jungkook jeers. "I'm pretty dumb, but if Jinseok Hyung says you're dumb, then you're actually stupid."

"And," Min says, rubbing the back of his head. "I can't deny that because it's sadly true."

Another scream cuts through the air, and the boys all stick their fingers in their ears.

"And yet," Third Prince Hoseok says,"Another scream from the wonderful Jun."


"Yep," Prince Jimin says, waving his fan. "I'm afraid Jun's at it again."

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