5 Tomorrow


And, Miyoung is knocked down yet again, by that troublesome horse of hers.

Struggling to get up, she presses a hand against her back which still feels pain from that horse's kick.

She glares at the horse.


The horse only snorts, tossing his magnificent head.

Miyoung shakes her head.

[It's like he's trying to tell me that there's nothing I can do to get him back.]

Shrugging, Miyoung hops onto Gosaeng's back. More like, tries to.

She is almost in the saddle when her horse decides to rear back, and drop her onto the ground. Falling onto the ground, yet again, Miyoung almost gives up on this troublesome horse.

Dusting herself off, Miyoung goes to the horse's side and digs through the saddlebag. Bringing out a carrot, she waves it temptingly under Gosaeng's nose.

Gosaeng, clearly hungry, tries to snatch the carrot from Miyoung. But, she doesn't let the horse have the carrot he so greatly wants.

"If you let me onto your back, LIKE YOUR SUPPOSED TO, I'll give you the carrot."

Snorting, Gosaeng bends his head, so that Miyoung can grasp his mane and climb up onto his back.

After on top of the horse, she gives Gosaeng his carrot. The horse enjoys his treat, so much that he's in a rather cheerful mood for the rest of the day.

Having Gosaeng under her control, Miyoung decides to head to the palace to take part in that competition.

[Since I have martial arts and self-defense skills, I think I should be fine. I mean it shouldn't be that hard right?]

But, Miyoung, was clearly not ready for what was in store for her.

After stopping a couple times to ask for directions, she finally arrives at the palace. What surprises Miyoung the most is the long line of young men, waiting to enter the palace.

[Are they all here to participate in the competition?]

Miyoung hops off Gosaeng, and heads to the back of the line. She silently stands, Gosaeng's reins in hand at the very back of the line. While other competitors are conversing cheerfully, Miyoung is deep in thought.

[How am I supposed to beat all of these people in a competition? Am I really strong enough and smart enough to beat some of these people?]

Glancing at some of the other competitors, Miyoung realizes that some of them look like fighters while others look like they are proficient in the arts.

[Isn't this only a competition for becoming the bodyguard of the princes? Why are there some that are carrying instruments and scrolls? Does this competition also require you to be proficient in drawing or some other art related thing? If I have to draw or something like that, I'm screwed. LIKE SCREWED. My drawings consist of, 1. Stick figures, 2. Stick Figures, and 3. Squiggles.]

While Miyoung is still quite deep in thought, a young man beside her taps her shoulder.

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Feeling a light tap on her shoulder, Miyoung turns to find a young man in a green hanbok beside her.

"Are you not from the capital?" The young man asks.

"How'd you know?" Miyoung replies.

"Because you have a horse, and everybody else doesn't. This means that you must've traveled quite far to reach the capital. Tell me, why are you taking part in this competition?"

Miyoung shrugs.

"I'm just looking for a job."

The young man gasps.

"You don't know how high of an honor it is to become one of the Hwarang or a bodyguard of the princes?"

Miyoung shrugs again.

"What's so special about that?"

The young man shakes his head.

"Listen," he says pointing at the palace, " That is where the king and princes live. We commoners, have little chance of ever entering the palace. Entering the palace as one of the Hwarang or a bodyguard is the highest honor a young man in the Kingdom of Silla can receive. Since you're not from here, just stick with me. I'm Kim Sangmin, what's your name?"

Miyoung pauses.

"I'm Jun. Park Jun. I'll be in your care."

Sangmin pats Miyoung on the back.

"My friend don't worry, this *Hyung will teach you all his ways."

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