15 Save Me

Taeyang pales.

"Jun. Jun was hurt."

Everyone pales at Taeyang's words. They all know what an injured soldier means on the battlefield. Fair game. They all scramble on top of their horses, and rush towards the direction where they had left Miyoung.

Their horses leap over the corpses and climb over the hills. As they reach the peak of the last hill, the men stop their horses looking for Miyoung.

"Do you see him?" Min asks anxiously.

"No," Taeyang says, his voice quiet.

"What's his name," the prince in the orange hanbok asks.

"Taehyung Hyung," Seventh Prince Jungkook says, "I think his name is Jun."

"JUUNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Taehyung screams at the top of his lungs.

The only sound that can be heard on the battlefield is the cries of the vultures, and an occasional squeal of a hawk.

Their eyes scan the battlefield below. The only thing that can be seen are corpses of men and horses.

"Wait. . . Is that him?" Baekho says pointing to a body draped over a rock.

"Where is he?" Suwon asks anxiously.

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Baekho points to the body draped over a large boulder in the center of the battlefield.


"Can anyone remember what color hanbok Jun was wearing this morning?" Suho asks.

All members of the six shake their heads.

Jungkook taps the prince with hair the color of honey on the shoulder.

"Namjoon Hyung (4th Prince), do you remember that color hanbok the young man with the arrow in his shoulder was wearing?"

The man with the honey locks nods.

"If I remember correctly, the man was wearing a light turquoise hanbok."

Jungkook turns to the others.

"Can anyone see if that person lying on the boulder is wearing a turquoise hanbok?"

Everyone squints their eyes as they try to spot a light turquoise hanbok.

"The person on the boulder is wearing a light turquoise hanbok," Hyunwook says confidently.

"You're sure," Taeyang says.

Hyunwook nods.

With that, the men hop into their saddles and urge their horses into a gallop. Their horses fly over the ground, their hooves leaving the ground for intervals of time. They field bloodied and littered with corpses fades, as the boulder comes into view. And, try to Hyunwook's words, a man lays on the boulder, his turquoise hanbok stained with blood.

The blood drains from all their faces when they see a pool of blood, and the trickles on blood running down the young man's pale face.

"Is that him?" 6th Prince Jimin asks as he nervously taps his palm with his fan.

"Yes," Taeyang whispers.

Baekho walks over to Jun's side.

"Jun," he says shaking Miyoung's shoulder. "Jun."

Miyoung groans in pain.

Baekho shakes his head.

"Taeyang if we don't get Jun to a doctor soon, he won't make it."

Worldwide Handsome claps his hands.

"Jungkook-ah since your horse is the fastest, rush and get the royal doctor."

First Prince Jinseok looks at his cheerful brother, Hoseok, whose wearing a light lilac hanbok.

"Hoseok-ah, can you take the man's horse to the stable?"

"Yes, Jinseok Hyung. I'll head to the palace right now," Hoseok says, as he grabs GoSaeng's reins.

Seventh Prince Jungkook and Third Prince Hoseok leave together, their horses taking off across the field.

Worldwide Handsome looks to his other brothers. "Taehyung, take the man onto your horse, and follow Jungkook. Hurry, we must get him to the palace as soon as possible."

After Taehyung has left with Miyoung, Jinseok looks to his brother that is wearing a green hanbok.

"Yoongi-ah. Please inform Father of our victory, and inform him that our bodyguards have been chosen."

Yoongi rushes off to inform the King of the great news.

Jinseok then looks to Namjoon, Jimin, and his other brother Hoseok.

"Please go ask mother to arrange a place for Jun to stay. If mother doesn't mind, could you ask her to possibly take care of, Jun?"

The other three nod, hopping onto their horses and without another word to the older brother, rush towards the palace.

Worldwide handsome runs a hand through his hair.

"Let's go men, you deserve a feast! Let me treat you to the finest food the palace has to offer."

At the word food, all six of the other men disappear. And, yes, they literally disappear.

Jinseok looks around, clearly dazed.

[Well, they must like food a lot. . . . Wait. I like food to! What am I standing here for!]

Then the remainder of the men hop onto their horses and race to the palace to eat that food. Because, whoever gets there first gets more food, and each of them know that if they don't get there fast, that food is going to be gone.

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