8 Outro : Crack


The sound of a gong, wakes up all the young men. Groaning, they all get out of their beds, and walk outside of their rooms to see what all the noise is about.

An eunuch stands outside in the middle of the courtyard.


All the young men scramble back into their rooms to get ready. Miyoung and the Young Lord Cho, whose name she learned was Taeyang, run back into their room and hurriedly get ready.

Taeyang who's just finished putting on his last layer of clothing rushes to follow Miyoung as she runs to the courtyard.

Taeyang and Miyoung find that they are the first of their group to arrive

The eunuch is clearly surprised by how little time these two spent on getting ready.

Clearing his throat, the eunuch addresses the two young men.

"Since you've gotten ready before everyone else, and there is still three minutes left, I will inform you of today's task. Today, you will be competing in horse back riding. Since no one else has yet come out of their rooms, I will let you two select a horse of your choice from the stables and get a head start on the task. The stable is to your right after you've left this courtyard."

Taeyang and Miyoung shout a thanks over their shoulder as they rush to the stable. Entering the stable, they both look for a fierce, strong stallion to ride. Hearing a familiar neigh, Miyoung sees Gosaeng at the back of the stable.

"Gosaeng!" Miyoung exclaims.

Climbing over the door keeping Gosaeng from leaving his stable, Miyoung gathers the reins and saddle. She hurriedly puts on Gosaeng's reins and saddle, then grasping onto his mane, hops onto his back. Miyoung pushes the stable door open with her foot, and finds Taeyang just mounting a horse as well.

"Ready?" Miyoung asks.

"As ready as I'll ever be."

"Let's go?"

"Let's go."

The two urge their horses into a gallop, leaving the stable in blur.

The two are riding when they see two eunuchs beside the path. Seeing the eunuchs, Taeyang and Miyoung bring their horses to a halt.

One of the eunuchs speaks after seeing Miyoung and Taeyang. "You must use a bow of your choice, and shoot all the targets along this path."

"Nothing else?" Miyoung asks.

The eunuch shakes his head, "Just shooting the targets along the path."

Taeyang and Miyoung glance at each other a glint of mischief in their eyes.

"Let's go shall we?" Taeyang says as he hands Miyoung a bow and quiver.

"Let's go."

The two urge their horses into a gallop yet again, and rush through the path.


In a matter of seconds, an arrow is strung on the bow then shot. The duo shoots rapidly, not failing to miss a target or a bullseye of each target.


The two hit the last target, their arrows splitting each others.

Miyoung and Taeyang are unstoppable. In a flash, they've completed the task. Their quivers still full of arrows, rest on their sweaty backs.

Taeyang glances at Miyoung, and chuckles.

"You're not bad."

Miyoung laughs.

"You're not bad yourself."

Taeyang holds out his hand.


Miyoung grasps his outstretched hand.


"It's settled then, brothers for life. We'll help each other get through this competition."

Miyoung nods.

"Brothers for life."


"This is interesting isn't it Seventh brother?"

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"Yeah! Look their arrows literally leave their bows in a blink of your eye! I have to admit they are quite good at archery."

"Fifth Brother, Seventh Brother, we've got to come up with a harder task for the next round. A lot of competitors have passed this round."

"Umm. . . Fourth Brother, that's where you're wrong. Look at the third and second path. Not one target has been hit, and they been there forever. It literally took the duo on the first path seconds to finish. Out of all the competitors those two are by far the most impressive. All the other competitors that have passed this round are a lot slower and not as skilled, it's clear that not many have passed this round since there's still a majority of them on the paths shooting targets."

"How about next round we have a task relating to their skills in martial arts?"

"You know that's actually a good idea Sixth Brother."

"It's settled then, next round calls for skills in martial arts."

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