14 Not Today Pt.2


Taeyang and his crew are exhausted. Taeyang's arms grow heavier and heavier with each swing of his sword.

The twins miss multiple enemies unable to dig their spears through the enemy forces.

Those that fought on foot, Baekho, Min, and Hyunwook are slowing down, their feet dragging across the blood soaked ground and their actions sluggish.

One by one the mighty seven fall. First it was Miyoung AKA Jun, the it's Baekho, followed by Min, then the twins, then Hyunwook, and the last the leader of them all, Taeyang.

All of them have fallen onto the ground, which has been soaked with the enemies blood.

"We've put up a good fight brothers," Taeyang croaks.

Taeyang looks up at the sky, his golden eyes no longer showing any sign of hope.

"I hope that I can be reborn in the next life along you, my brothers."

The others nod.

"We'll see each other in the next life."

Each one of them closes their eyes as they wait for the end to come.

But, the silence is cut by the sharp, high whinny of a horse.

"FOR SILLA!!" A voice cries.

The mighty six (seven but Miyoung isn't there), sit up or at least try to when they hear the sound of the battle cry. The six watch as seven men each riding a different colored horse, and each wearing a different colored hanbok rush forward to meet the enemy.

"Who are they?" Taeyang asks.

The others shrug.

"Who knows?" Min says. "All we know is that they're here and that they've come to help us win the fight. Let's go join them."

Taeyang sits up and hobbles over to his horse.

"Let's do this one last time my friends."

The twins hop onto their horses, their spears in hand. Min helps Baekho and Hyunwook up from their sitting position.

Hyunwook flips his daggers in his hands, Baekho spins his double edged spear, and Min, Min brings out the ultimate weapon . . . . . CHOPSTICKS.

Hyunwook looks over at Min, scowling.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"I'm preparing to fight," Min replies cheerfully.

Hyunwook raises his eyebrows.

"With chopsticks?"

"What's the matter with using chopsticks?"

Hyunwook rolls his eyes.

"You think those puny chopsticks of yours will do any damage?"

Min nods.


Putting a hand to his forehead Hyunwook says, "Oh gosh. Someone please help the delusional man. There's no way on Earth that those chopsticks will kill any enemy."

Min shrugs.

"Maybe these chopsticks can actually do something. You never know."

"Whatever! Let's just get ready for battle.

"FOR SILLA!!!!!!!!!" Taeyang roars.

The rest let out a battle cry and charge. They knock down their enemies one by one finishing them brutally.

The six meet up with the other seven men that had joined them in battle.

Taeyang takes a swing with his sword, then brushing back his bluish black hair, looks over at the other seven men and says, "How you doin?"

One of them dressed in a golden hanbok, takes a swing with his sword and sweeps back his dark bronze colored hair.

"I'm doing quite fine for a handsome man, how 'bout yourself?"

"I'm doing alright."

The twins take a stab with their spear and look at the strange men on either side of them.

Suho looks at the one in a green hanbok.

"How you doing over there my friend?"

The man in the green hanbok sighs as he notches another arrow.

TWANG! The arrow flies and lodges itself into an enemy's chest.

The man in the green hanbok yawns, sweeping his chocolate brown hair away from his coffee colored eyes.

"I'm doing quite well, but I could really use a nap right about now."

Suwon chuckles, then glances at the man to his left who's wearing a light lilac hanbok.

"You doing okay?"

"Yep," the man replies cheerfully. "I'm doing quite fine. I'm just doing my war dance don't mind me!"

Suwon watches as the man starts dancing like a crazed man with his sword, but still has a smile on his face???

Beside Min, a man dressed in a pink hanbok, flaps his steel laced fan.

They deflect the enemies blows with a flap of a dab and a stab of a chopstick. And surprisingly, these two actually inflict damage????

Min looks over at the man's fan.

"Nice fan you got there."

"Your chopsticks aren't so bad," the man smiles.

The two continue their chopstick fan dance. A jab of a chopstick, a flap of a fan. And just like that, they take down the approaching enemies one by one.

Fighting beside Baekho, a young man dressed in an orange hanbok wields his *double bladed sword with great skill. The young man is quite strange for he shouts insults at the approaching enemies, and pulls all sort of dirty tricks on them. He pulls their swords out of their hands from behind, trips them with his foot, and flips them onto the ground before stabbing them. You could say that this man was an alien.

On the other side of the battle field near Hyunwook, a young man with honey colored hair, wields a battle axe. He doesn't even have to really try to knock down his enemies. Literally one touch from this young man can send people flying, and break any bones in their body. Basically, he is the God of Destruction. The enemy soldiers wilt and fall at his hands.

A young man riding on a white stallion, flies into the battlefield, his dark chestnut hair bouncing as he rides into the battle. He draws his sword, cutting down enemies with each swing of his arm. He is by far the most skilled amongst the fighters on the field. In a blink of an eye, the enemy he was dealing with is on the ground, blood gushing from their neck. His royal blue hanbok is soon covered in blood, and the coat of his stallion has blood stains all over it's magnificent white coat.

Soon, the field is littered with the corpses of the enemy soldiers.

"We put up a good fight my friends," the one dressed in the golden hanbok says.

Taeyang nods.

"Yes we did. Thank you for coming to assist us. If you don't mind me asking, what is your name?"

The man in the golden hanbok runs a hand through his dark bronze hair, and flashes a smile.

"Well, I'm the most handsome man in the world, also known as Worldwide Handsome. I'm the First Prince Jinseok, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Taeyang and the others hurriedly lower their heads. Taeyang speaks for the six of them.

"Thank you Princes of Silla for coming to assist us! We ask you to forgive our brash actions toward you.

Worldwide Handsome flashes another smile, that would surely make women swoon.

"You're forgiven, please raise your heads. It was a pleasure to fight beside those who would be serving us in the palace.

Taeyang smiles.

"We are ready to serve you, your Majesties. It is an honor to be able to —"

Taeyang is cut off by a sharp whinny.

The thirteen men turn to see GoSaeng charging across the battlefield. The horse leaps over corpses, and comes before the thirteen men. The magnificent stallion rears back on its hind legs, clawing at the air with his sharp hooves.

Taeyang rushes over, grabbing GoSaeng's reins. Yanking on the horse's reins, he tries to bring the horse down, in order to calm it. GoSaeng rears back again, shrieking. The prince in the royal blue hanbok, runs over, grabbing the reins from Taeyang. The prince talks in a gentle tone to the crazed horse. After a couple minutes of coaxing the horse, has calmed down although it's still breathing heavily.

"Jungkook-ah," First Prince Jinseok says, "What's wrong with the horse?"

Jungkook shakes his head.

"There's nothing wrong with it. It just seems a bit spooked."

Min gasps.

"What's wrong Min?" Suho asks.

"Where's the horse's rider?"

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