13 Not Today Pt.1

The seven competitors that have yet to be eliminated, watch as the enemy's forces creep nearer and nearer.

"No one must die! You hear me!" Taeyang says. "Partner up. We must win!"

Taeyang lets out a war cry. "FOR THE PRINCES AND HWARANG!"

"FOR THE PRINCES AND HWARANG," the other six echo.

Taeyang and Miyoung lead the pack, with Min and Baekho (nervous wreck) bringing up the rear.

Miyoung readies her bow, Taeyang draws his sword.

"One, two, three, GO!" Miyoung shouts.

Miyoung releases a rapidly shoots arrows, shooting down any enemy in her way. Taeyang cuts down enemies with his sword, his clothes and blade bloodied.

The twins with their spears knock down any enemy on horseback, and Min, Baekho, and Hyunwook finish all the enemies the twins have knocked off their horses.

The seven are tired, but they keep fighting. Not much of the enemy forces are left, but suddenly, more appear out of nowhere.

"More?" Miyoung says, breathing heavily.

"There's more," Taeyang echoes.

Taeyang faces the other six, "We can do it guys. We must charge one last time. FOR SILLA!!!!!!!!!"

"FOR SILLLLAA!!!!!" They roar.

Miyoung who's out of arrows has resorted to using a whip and dagger. Using the whip she draws the enemy close, then stabs them in the chest. A quick and painful death for the enemy.

Taeyang is still using his blood covered sword, exhaustion present on his face. It seems that the exhaustion and heat has taken its toll, seeing Taeyang's forehead beaded with sweat and the

The twins using more strength the before charge through the enemy forces killing many with their spears, and knocking many of their horses for Min, Hyunwook, and Baekho to finish off.

Arrows whiz past Miyoung, narrowly missing her ears. She dodge most of the arrows, but one arrow manages to successfully lodges itself into her shoulder, causing her to shriek like a banshee.

Taeyang looks over, and pales seeing the arrow sticking out of Miyoung's shoulder.

"JUN!!!!" Taeyang shouts. "WATCH OUT!"

Miyoung turns to see a sword heading for her. Grabbing GoSaeng's reins, she moves her horse, trying to evade the swinging sword. The sword whizzes past her ear, and she knows it's not long before her head gets cut off by the sword. Seeing the enemies horse drawing closer to GoSaeng she does the only thing she can think of.

Taking out her dagger, she stabs the nearby horse in its leg.

The horse whinnies in pain. Rearing back, on its hind legs, it throws off its rider,galloping away from the battle.

[I'm sorry.] Miyoung thinks looking at the horse. [I'm sorry, but I had to.]


"First Brother, they need our help!"

"First Brother look one of our men has been injured. OH NO! First Brother, look! The enemy is chasing after them!"

"Stop calling me First Brother! We'll help them, only if you stop calling me First Brother and address me as Jinseok Hyung. We're very close, but not one of you calls me by my actual name."

"Jinseok Hyung. We must help them. They can't last much longer."

"Then let's go my *dongsaengs."

AT THE BATTLE. . . . .

Miyoung rips the arrow out from her shoulder. She gasps from the pain, and blood gushes from the wound. Tearing off a part of her hanbok, she tightly wraps the cloth around her wound.

"Come on GoSaeng," Miyoung says as she grips the reins. "Let's go back."

But, the horse does not move.

"GoSaeng. GoSaeng. Hya! Hya!"

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But, the troublesome horse still does not move.

"You troublesome horse! Why won't you listen to me! I have to go back and help the others. Move. MOVE YOU DUMB HORSE!!!"

"You shouldn't yell at your horse like that," A voice says.

Miyoung turns to find seven unfamiliar faces.

"Who are you?" She says, pulling out her dagger as her eyes scan the seven unfamiliar faces.

"We're not your enemies," one in a green hanbok says. "We're here to help."

Miyoung's eyes narrow.

"And, why, should I believe you?"

The one that had first spoke, pulls something out from his golden hanbok. It's a tiger figurine.

"The royal seal," Miyoung whispers.

Miyoung then realizes her mistake. She bows her head, hoping to be forgiven.

"Forgive me your majesties. I shouldn't have been so straight forward."

"It's alright," the one in the golden hanbok says. "Many have never seen us princes before, so it's only natural that one would be unable to recognize us."

The one in the golden hanbok turns to the rest of his siblings. "Let's go, dongsaengs."

"Yes Jinseok Hyung," they respond.

Each prince passes by Miyoung one by one to enter the battle. Miyoung tries to get GoSaeng to take her back to battle, but to no avail does the horse move.

"Stay here," A voice says.

Miyoung looks over to find, a handsome face looking back at her. His brown eyes are full of concern.

"You're injured. You can't fight with an injured shoulder. We'll take care of it."

"JUNGKOOK!" One of the princes shouts. "HURRY UP!"

"COMING!!" the Seventh Prince shouts.

Jungkook takes Miyoung's hand, placing something in it.

"Don't worry, we'll come back with your friends safe and sound. If not, you can use that thing I put into your hand to request anything you want from me."

Jungkook spurs his white stallion into a gallop, riding off to meet the nearing twilight.

Miyoung looks down at her hand, finding a bunny carved out of white jade resting on her palm.

[Please come back.]

Miyoung thinks to herself as she grasps the jade bunny.

[Please come back safe..]

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