28 Euphoria

Miyoung sits up in bed, raising her hands over her head in a cat-like stretch. Her eyes remain closed, and she smiles, thinking about the life she and Jungkook will live together.

She takes off the covers, and her feet meet the cold hardwood floor. She walks towards the washroom, the planks creaking with every step she takes. She enters the washroom, and the lights turn on, sensing her movement.

[AH. Why are the lights so bright?]

The lights make Miyoung do a double take, and she gasps when she looks to the ceiling finding LED lights shining downwards onto her.

[Was-Wasn't I in Korea during historical times?]

Miyoung grabs the counter and accidentally knocks off one of the perfume bottles on the counter, the glass shattering into a million pieces on the tile floor. And she has a sudden realization.

[If I'm here. . . that means that Jungkook, and everything that happened was a dream. . . .]

IN THE KITCHEN. . . . . .

Jungkook happily prepares a hearty breakfast for Miyoung. Just when the ramen has been set on the table, he hears a crash coming from the bedroom.


Jungkook runs to the bedroom, busting open the door. He sees the light in the bathroom, on and he rushes to the bathroom.

[Please don't let her be hurt.]

Jungkook sighs in relief when he comes to the bathroom door, and sees Miyoung on the ground, the shards of the perfume bottle only a few inches away. Carefully evading the glass shards, Jungkook makes his way over to Miyoung's side. Once by her side, he gathers her in his arms, and carries her out of the bathroom.

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"I'm here," He whispers into her hair, "I'm here."

Miyoung's body trembles, the sobs shaking her small frame.

Jungkook rubs her back.

"Don't worry, it wasn't a dream. It's all okay."

Miyoung sniffs.

"What do you mean that it wasn't a dream?"

"It wasn't one," Jungkook says lifting her hand. "Look this was the ring I gave you when we were in Silla. After we had gotten married, Death came to me in a dream and said that your greatest wish will be granted. And, that wish was to come back to your time and have all of us here as well, so here we are."

Miyoung brushes away her tears, and hugs Jungkook. After a while, she asks, "Where are my brother-in-laws, and mother and father-in-law?"

Jungkook shrugs, "They're probably at our company,"


"Oh, so you know how we were Princes in the past?"

Miyoung nods.

"So now, we're all CEOs of branch companies of the company that Father started."

"You're just flexing on me aren't you?"

"No, I'm being serious."

Jungkook takes her hand, "Take my hand now."

Miyoung smiles as Jungkook drags her to the balcony off their room.

She gasps as she takes a step onto the balcony, the familiar modern Korean landscape burning itself into her eyes.

"I'm home," she whispers, tears welling up in her eyes. "I'm home."

"And I'm still rich," Jungkook teases.

Miyoung punches him in the gut.

"Shut up!"

Miyoung smiles.

[I'm home.]