7 Danger Pt.2

Those words, create a stiffness in the air. Everyone holds their breath as the young man gets closer to Sangmin's side. The man bends down next to Sangmin.

"There's a dagger buried in his chest, and it looks like there's a piece of paper on the blade. Should I take the dagger out?"

One of the other competitors shakes their head, "Let's wait until someone with higher authority comes over and tells us what to do. We might be suspected if we do something without their permission."

Not much later, the Chief of the Guard arrives outside Miyoung's room.

"What's all the noise about?" The Chief asks grumpily.

The young men all point at Sangmin who's lying on the bed with a dagger in his chest, and the rather distraught Miyoung who's shaking a couple meters away.

The Chief of the Guard's eyes narrow seeing that someone has just died even though the competition has not even started. Pointing at Miyoung, he asks in a threatening tone, "Did you do this?"

Miyoung shakes her head, her voice trembling as she replies, "No, I was washing up, and had just gotten back. I went over to Sangmin to tell him to wash up, but he was dead."

The Chief of the Guard signals to one of the guards, "Check the washroom."

The atmosphere is tense as they wait for the guard to return. The guard returns and informs the Chief his analysis.

"Sir, there are signs of the washroom of it being used. Judging by the wetness of the towel as well as the wick of the candles, it suggests that this young lad was in fact in the washroom not long ago. Even by looking at the young lad you can still see that his hair is wet. I don't think he's the one who has committed the crime Chief."

The Chief nods, "I didn't think that the lad was at fault either."

Turning to the other competitors, the Chief addresses the crowd.

"We must all be cautious as this competition continues. Be on guard at all times, do not under any circumstances go anywhere alone. All of you must stay alive until we have found the culprit. Understood?"

Everyone nods.

The Chief waves his hands, "Now everyone go back to sleep."

The crowd disperses and the Chief of the Guard goes to Miyoung's side. He pats her on the back.

"I'm sorry lad that you had to witness that first hand. I've arranged for you to room with this other young man, gather your things and I'll take you to that room."

Miyoung nods, then quickly gathers her things.

Seeing that Miyoung has gotten her things together, the Chief nods, his raven black hair sweeping across his forehead.

"Let's go."

The Chief takes her to the other side of the courtyard to one of the bigger rooms.

"Here we are."

The Chief knocks on the door.

A moment later, the door opens, revealing a young man in his night garments.

"Sorry to bother you this late Young Lord Cho, but this young lad just lost his roommate, and for the safety of everyone, I'm requiring you all to room with at least one other person. If it doesn't bother you to much, is it okay if this young lad rooms with you?"

Young Lord Cho shakes his head, "I'm happy to share my room with him. Don't worry about it Chief. Now go back and get some rest."

Tipping his hat, the Chief of the Guard returns to his quarters.

The Young Lord gestures for Miyoung to come in. "Come in, come in. You're welcome here."

Closing the door after Miyoung has entered the room, the young lord points to a little mattress in the corner.

"You can use that right there."

"Thank you," Miyoung says as she walks to the corner.

"Uh-huh." The young lord replies. "I'm going to blow out the candles now. Good night."

"Good night," Miyoung echoes.

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