40 Chapter 40: A Living Adonis

"You really buy this blood jade..." Feng Yue could not believe Yu Qi spent so much money on that blood jade.

"Yeah. Because I really like jade. Especially the blood jade." Yu Qi was fond of the blood jade.

Feng Yue shut up herself when she saw the look on Yu Qi's face. Long Hui still followed the two girls. The two girls seemed to forget about his existence. He made some coughs to notice the ladies.

"Brother Hui, I actually forget you are here." Feng Yue said while Yu Qi did not make any sound.

Feng Yue excused herself to buy some refreshment. Yu Qi stayed alone with Long Hui. Actually, she did not want to stay with him but Yu Qi did not want Long Hui thought that she was afraid with him.

"Where did you learn to shot a gun?" Long Hui broke the silence between them.

Yu Qi was surprised when Long Hui decided to ask her about that right now. She could not lie to someone who's in the military. He probably knew that.

"And what have to do with you?" Yu Qi did not want to admit it.

Long Hui narrowed his eyes making his charming face became more and more charming. "It is nothing to do with me but Feng Yue is my beloved cousin. I just don't want her to get hurt."

Yu Qi swallowed her own saliva. 'This man is a living Adonis. Girls will surround him to make their own.' She silently prayed to this man safety.

Long Hui keep felt weird when he talked to Yu Qi. It seemed he felt like talking with a mature woman, not a teenage girl.

"Don't worry, I will not bring any danger to her. I will protect her." Yu Qi made a vow.

Long Hui frowned. That is not what he means. 'Why she thinks like that? She also a girl.'

"Then tell me, where did you learn about shooting?" The same question had been thrown to Yu Qi.

'This man still don't give up. Better give him some convincing answer. Otherwise, he would keep questioning her.

"Actually, it is my first time holding the gun. But I did learn about it. I sneak in the military camp near the mountain where I was living. Well, I can't say anything else if you don't believe me."

Long Hui still did not believe it but he decided to drop the topic since Feng Yue already here.

Feng Yue brought some refreshments and gave some to Yu Qi and Long Hui. "What are you guys talking earlier?"

Long Hui and Yu Qi stared at each other again. Seeing this situation seemed became the rose bubble, Feng Yue smiled foolishly. She ever thought her Brother Hui, who been hated the woman beside his family would be interested with Yu Qi.

"Guys, I still here." Feng Yue gave a reminder.

Both of them startled and broke the contact.

"I just ask about your behavior in your new school, that all." Long Hui gave an answer.

"Hey, I'm well behaved, okay. Humph."

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