31 Chapter 31: Like Watching a Drama

The restaurant continued its business again after that. Yu Qi already felt happy with this achievement. She was smiling when she views the document in her hand. She already predicted that the Wang Family will try to get their hand on her money. She never aspect that Wang Family would accuse her stealing their non-existed money.

"Yu Qi, what was the document that you had gave to them to sign?" asked one of the waitresses there.

"This? Hmmm... Well, let call it, a trap. Like you saw what happen today might happen in the future. So, I'm preparing myself."

That waitress did not understand. Other one asked Yu Qi to give the document to read. Yu Qi gave to them. Who's been reading that document shocked with what they were reading.

"Yu Qi dear, you seriously gave them 10,000?"

"Yes." One simple answer increased the shocked among them. 10,000 was not small money.

"Oh, I understand now why you call it a trap. That family was greedy. You gave them the money today. They might want to ask you for the money again. The document will be useful then." The only waiter worked in this restaurant explained to the other.

"Correct, Brother Lian." Yu Qi continued. "That two idiot did not read it thoroughly. They only saw that 10,000 that they would get. They did not think properly."

"But Yu Qi, how do you know that they will come and extort some money from you and prepare this document? This document was verified by the lawyer and can be used in the court." Brother Lian was a law student due to the short of money, he gave up his dream.

Well... I can predict the future." Yu Qi said it calmly.

Everyone became quiet. Then a burst of laugh heard among them. Yu Qi that they knew was a girl who doesn't speak much. Now she was different. She can even joke around.

"Okay, keep quiet. Today we will receive a transfer student from City B. Please enter." Teacher Guan made the announcement.

A cute girl entered the classroom. An excited voice from the boys heard around the classroom. Yu Qi examined that girl. She really looks very cute.

"Okay, quite everyone. Introduce yourself." Teacher Guan gave some space to that girl.

"Hello. My name is Feng Yue. I came from City B." She gave a simple introduction.

"Okay, Feng Yue. You can sit at an empty seat there. I will begin the lesson now."

After 2 hours lesson, the time break started. Shen Mei and Wang Fu Ya approached the transfer student.

"Hi, Feng Yue. My name is Shen Mei and this is Wang Fu Ya." Shen Mei began th conversation.

"Oh, it's you. Never thought to see you here." Feng Yue said that when looking at Wang Fu Ya.

"Fu Ya, you know her?" Shen Mei asked Wang Fu Ya.

Wang Fu Ya shaked her head. Sh never met with this girl. How can she know her?

"Of course, she doesn't know me. But I know you. After all, yesterday's show was very great. I felt like watching a drama." Feng Yue mocking Wang Fu Ya.

Wang Fu Ya suddenly paled. She knew what was she talking about. Hearing Feng Yue speaking like that, some students began their own discussion. The topic was about yesterday matter. Some of their classmates coincidently at that restaurant. Same as Feng Yue.

Ignoring Wang Fu Ya, Feng Yue went closer to Yu Qi. Yu Qi who been reading a book surprised to see the transfer student approaching her.

"Hi, I'm Feng Yue. Call me Yue. Nice to meet you." Feng Yue smile to Yu Qi.

Sensing the sincerity in that girl smile, she also responded with a smile. "Hi, call me Yu Qi."

"You know what I really like what you did yesterday. Amazing." Feng Yue excitedly talked with her. She was acting like she saw a famous idol.

"You were there?" Yu Qi asked.

"Yes, I'm with the old man that spoke. I'm his granddaughter." Feng Yue explained.

"Oh, that old man?" Yu Qi remembered that old man that helped her yesterday. However, she did not remember this girl. "Sorry, I don't remember you."

"It's okay. If I'm in your situation. I will also not remember that. Because of my focusing will be on the shameless people. Like my grandfather said, I never see someone shameless yet an idiot." She was casting a look to Wang Fu Ya.

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