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After a minute Guy wakes up and looks around to see everyone looking at him with strange looks

Krillin asks with a little bit of worry

"Are.. you ok Guy?

Guy stands up stretches a little bit and clenches his fist a few times

"Hm yeah, I am feeling great. I feel even stronger before I started that tournament"

Like that the whole group talks a little bit until they see Roshi rushing through the crowds calling their names.

"Goku, Krillin Guy you guys did great"

Roshi flashes them a nice smile and a thumbs up. But out of nowhere, Roshi gets punched in the head by Bulma

"YOU OLD MAN where were you? You missed the whole tournament"

Bulma says with some rage

Roshi got out of the confusion from being hit over the head and said

"You wouldn't believe the lines for the bathroom I waited there for most of the tournament but I made it back in time to see all of you fight. But I do have to say... Yamcha"

Roshi puts his hand on Yamcha's shoulder and pats it slowly

"I am very sorry for what happened to you and I hope you can get back to your regular self soon."

Yamcha felt slightly happy that Master Roshi cared about his well being until he heard the other half of what he said.

"Even though I don't see how that is possible you did get knocked out by getting slapped in the face by someone else's..."

Roshi couldn't finish till Bulma hits him again over the head


After Bulma was done yelling she couldn't see Yamcha. She looks around and you can see him in the corner just drawing circles on the ground with his finger grumbling

"Not my fault The dragon had a big tail and was stronger than me."

After that little awkward moment, Roshi asked everyone

"Well to celebrate all of you doing well let's go out to eat my treat"

Goku was the first to answer


Like that they all went to a nearby restaurant and ate. While everyone else was eating Guy and Goku were devouring their food. It got to the point everyone lost track of 40 orders and they are still going. Guy quit after the 50th order and Goku quit after the 55th

"WHEW I'm stuffed"

Goku and Guy said at the same time

Like that everyone left the restaurant although Roshi left without his prize money and then some. While walking back to the hotel they all enjoyed the peaceful night together. Then they got back to the hotel to sleep for the night and to decide what to do tomorrow

*TImeskip to tomorrow*

It was 5 am when Guy woke up but he saw everyone else was sleeping. So he went to the backyard of the hotel and trained a little. Before Guy began his training again he put his weights back on. Like that an hour passed of Guy doing Pushups/ Doing laps while Walking on his hands/ squats and many more. After that, he was a little tired so he took a break and thought about the last fight he had.

'The last fight was a good one. Although when he shocked me with his attack it hurt a lot at first but after a little bit it felt like something was (Unlocked) and I began to absorb that lightning. Over the rest of the fight, I felt like my body became stronger and faster..'

While Guy was in deep thought of the last fight he didn't notice his grandpa walking towards him and seeing Guy's thoughtful look

"Hey Guy what's on your mind"

"Oh Morning grandpa and I'm just thinking about my last fight because something weird happened after I got hit by that lightning attack"

Roshi was a little confused by what he meant but still asked

"What do you mean Guy"

"Well, when I was fighting Jackie Chan at first he had an advantage over me. But after he hit me with that lightning attack. It felt like something in my body got (Unlocked) and over the rest of the fight, I started adapting to that new (feeling). That is when I got stronger and faster until I and him were almost an even match."

'Ah, so that's why Guy got so much stronger and faster during the fight... This lucky kid of mine'

Roshi grins a little before he tells Guy the truth about what happened

"Well Guy you should be happy because the thing you (Unlocked) is actually your body's energy type"

"What do you mean energy type?"

"Well Guy everyone is born with some sort of energy and that energy can take on another form. While some people who are born lucky get born with an energy type. You Guy are extremely lucky because the energy type you unlocked is a rare one even among all the energy types out there"

"So my energy type is lightning?"

"Yes Guy just like me you unlocked lightning as your energy type"

"So wait how can I use my new lightning energy then??"

"Guy it's pretty simple actually. Your energy type is still energy it is something you can control so the only limit is your imagination. Like for me, my only lightning attack is my Lightning Flash Surprise Attack."

"Wait. Lighting Flash Surprise Attack... You and Jackie Chan have the same attack name... Are you 2...Related?"

Like that Roshi fell down dramatically onto his back

"NO Guy I am Jackie Chan that is why I couldn't watch your match with the others because I was in the match!!"

Roshi said slightly annoyed

"Why did you do that?"

"Guy it is very simple I did it to make sure you guys keep motivated to train and get stronger"

"Got it But Grandpa there is something I don't get?"

"What is it, Guy?

"If what you said is true about the energy types. That the only limit is your imagination how come you only have one lightning attack?"

Roshi was stumped for a second

"Oh... that... Well Guy I had a lot of ideas But I couldn't use them because of my age"

"Can you teach me one that might be the best for me then?"

"Hmm sure. But later when we get back to the island I don't wanna possibly destroy this hotel."

'I already wasted enough money feeding my 2 bottomless pits for a student...'

"Ok Grandpa"

Like that Guy and Roshi head back inside. Guy goes take a shower and then heads down for breakfast with everyone. Everyone is enjoying the food but you can see Yamcha wasn't even touching the sausage. all he ate for breakfast was scrambled eggs and toast.

*Hey readers it's your author I just want to spread awareness for Yamcha. For just ten cents a day we can help Yamcha get over his new trauma. Think about it readers for just ten cents a day we can help this poor man... Get over being bicth slapped by a dragon's tail*

After they had there breakfast everyone went on their own way Goku went on his own journey to get stronger while Guy, Krillin, and Yamcha went with Roshi to get stronger. Lastly, Bulma, Puar, and oolong went back to Capsule Corp with Bulma to live there for now

Roshi, Guy, Krillin, and Yamcha get back to the small island. Krillin and Yamcha enjoy the day off before training starts. While Guy and Roshi go to a different uninhabited island to show Guy his new training program for him

"Guy your training will be much more difficult than before. Are you ready"


"Good. Now guy before we begin your energy type training I want to show you a way to let out your energy So just watch me OK"

Roshi takes off his shirt goes into his full-powered mode and says these words


A small ball of energy appears in his hand

"Ha ME"

The energy ball gets bigger and bigger until you hear Roshi shout out


A big whitish-blue energy wave shot out of his hands and went across the ocean until it hits a mountain in the distanced and destroyed it

"Ok Guy you saw me now you try it"

Roshi gives him a thumbs up

"Uh OK.."

Guy gets into the same stance he does but doesn't know what to do after that

"Guy feel the energy in your body and slowly direct it into your palms"

Guy closes his eyes and can feel this energy it's wild and much harder to control compared to chakra. But Guy slowly directs it to his palms as he also says

"Ka... me...:

A tiny ball of energy appears in his hand

"Ha... me..."

The energy ball gets slightly bigger

Roshi sees what he is about to do but shouts out


And like that Guy put every single amount of energy he could control into this attack the slightly small ball instantly grew to a ball almost too big for Guy's hands as he shouts out


A big whitish-yellow energy wave shot out of Guy's palm and Just like Roshi it hit a smaller mountain and destroyed it

"Guy congrats you did it"

Guy falls to one knee out of breath

"Yeah, Guy feel that? That is what happens when you use too much of your energy. Another lesson for you. Well That's all for today lets head back and rest for tomorrows real training OK"

Roshi begins to walk back to the boat until he hears Guy say

"Wait, Grandpa."

Roshi turns around slightly confused and asked

"Yeah Guy?"

"Before we go back can you at least tell me the technique you are gonna teach me for my new energy type?"

"Hmm, sure I guess. Basically Guy you know my full power form right? Basically, It doubles my power. I am going to teach you a move like that but for your energy type. The main concept of it is you gonna surround your body with lightning Ki which will enhance your power, speed, and mostly your reflexes. Although It will be tough for you to do that for now but later when you get strong enough and better control over your energy you can achieve something I couldn't achieve."

Roshi says with pride

"But What are we gonna call this technique?"

"Guy this technique will only be for you. So you can name it"

Roshi says with a gentle smile

"Hmm I got it I will call it...

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