391 Chapter – 386 Meaning of Life

Kuroto was on his way to the Hyuga Clan after leaving Izakaya.

Now that Tsunade has been persuaded, he must complete his part of the bargain. The issue of cash to pay off Tsunade's debts is entirely his responsibility, and Kuroto would not engage the Clan in it, but for the first deal, the Hyuga Patriarch must be persuaded.

Kuroto's belief in his ability to persuade Hyuga Hiashi is based on two factors.

Shisui's Kotoamatsukami is clearly the first. Even if all of his previous efforts to persuade the Patriarch fail, he can always use Kotoamatsukami, which is guaranteed to work.

The second is Konoha's current state, which is complicated by the fact that no clan can oppose the Hokage's order, therefore the clans will have to make the most of it.

Sandaime-sama's defeat has had a significant impact on his political influence, therefore the notion of electing the next Hokage is on everyone's mind. Of all the candidates the village has at the moment, Senju Tsunade is the best fit in terms of status, reputation, fame, and ability.

And if the Hyuga Clan assists Tsunade-sama in a project that will greatly benefit Konoha, and if one of their clan members becomes a disciple of the next Hokage, the Clan's reputation and authority will greatly improve.

As a result, Kuroto believes the Hyuga Patriarch will not refute the subject.

Kuroto's brows pinched and a glimmer of doubt flickered across his face as he approached the Hyuga clan compound and walked in the direction of the Patriarch's residence. This is because he noticed that clan members' gazes were oddly following him.

Clan members were courteous and greeted him one by one with respect and admiration, as is customary. It appeared that they all admired and respected him, and perhaps they did, but upon closer inspection, it was easy to see that there were traces of fear in their eyes as well, and as a result, they were all keeping a safe distance from him.

'I wonder what the reason is...?' - Kuroto pondered. He didn't seem to mind because there were no signs of hatred in their eyes, only worry. Fear fueled by hatred should not be taken lightly, but fear fueled by worry is a different story...

"I believe it's due to Asahi-sama's assassination." - Kuroto muttered towards the end.

Hyuga Asahi's killer was never apprehended.

Kuroto was also considered a suspect because he expressed his displeasure with the Hyuga Clan's rigid stance toward Gentle Fist, as well as a few needless rituals, only a few days before the murder.

Of course, nothing was confirmed, and since Hyuga Hiashi insisted that it couldn't be Hyuga Kuroto, Kuroto was never involved in the situation, but there was still some displeasure.

Kuroto, understandably, is unconcerned about what everyone else thinks, and as a result, he is uninterested in the situation.

Kuroto arrived at the Hyuga Patriarch's residence after a long walk and was immediately met by one of the maidservants, who said, "Kuroto-sama, the Patriarch is waiting for you in his study, please follow me."

Kuroto currently holds a position in the Hyuga Clan that is second only to the Patriarch, Elders, and Hizashi. As a result, the Patriarch was immediately informed of his visit so that neither of them wasted time.

Kuroto politely nodded and trailed behind the maidservant.

Kuroto quickly arrived in the Patriarch's study after following the servant.

"I am happy to see that you returned safely from Amegakure, Kuroto-kun," the Patriarch said, looking at Kuroto up and down to check on his wellbeing, " Please have a seat when you come in."

"Thank you for your concern Hiashi-sama." – Kuroto nodded and sat in front of the Patriarch in the traditional seiza stance.

The maidservant brewed tea for the two and passed the teacups as they sat in silence for a while.

Kuroto was the first to break the silence after the maidservant had excused herself, saying, "Yui told me about Himeji-sama."

"Everything has to end one day or another, the same goes for a human's life, I am only grateful that Himeji-san passed away quietly with a smile, even during the last minutes of her life, she was touching our girls' sleeping head," Hiashi remarked after a brief pause, " If she had a regret, it was that she wouldn't be able to see our daughters grow up, but she had enough faith in them to know that they would both grow up to be powerful Kunoichi the Hyuga Clan could be proud of."

Kuroto nodded, and the room was silent once more as the two people sat quietly.

"It's strange that people can find serenity even when they're dead... It makes me wonder what the point of life is." mumbled Hiashi, then asked Kuroto " What is your opinion of life, Kuroto-kun?"

Kuroto pondered the subject for a moment before responding, "I believe that Life itself has no significance. Each of us has meaning in our lives that we bring into it; the meaning we bring into our lives is derived from our beliefs and ideologies, which are shaped by our experiences and knowledge, and our experience and knowledge are derived from life itself."

"So life is a never-ending loop in your opinion?" - Hiashi inquired after interpreting Kuroto's words.

"Death is only the end of our bodily forms; our souls remain on and may reincarnate... So, sure, I believe in a never-ending cycle of life." - Kuroto agreed with a nod.

"Hahaha... that is a truly unusual notion... I'll think about it while I think about stuff." – Hiashi sama stated with a nod, then added, "I am truly delighted that you have returned safely Kuroto-kun, and I also want to congratulate you on your promotion to Anbu Squad Commander, y our and Yui's elevation to Jonin will be decided by a vote of the Hyuga Clan. You won't be promoted formally while you're in Anbu, but you can be confident that you're already an unofficial Jonin, on the other hand, in a few days, Yui will be promoted to Jonin rank."

Kuroto is important to Hyuga Hiashi since he is one of the pillars who can help the Hyuga Clan in the future. And this concern stems from the fact that the child has done a lot for the clan; even if unwittingly, the Clan has benefited from Hyuga Kuroto's efforts, therefore it is normal for him to be concerned about Kuroto as the Patriarch.

"I am appreciative for the gift," Kuroto said with a bow.

"No need to worry," Hiashi remarked, nodding. "Now that that's out of the way, what brings you here, Kuroto-kun?"

Kuroto nodded and firmly stated what he had previously discussed with Tsunade.

Hiashi remained deafeningly silent after hearing all of the data, particularly Tsunade's plan to make Iryo-nin a requirement for each four-man squad.

"I understand that we cannot oppose Hokage-sama's command, given the gravity of the situation," Hiashi stated after some thought, "but I want to ask you personally, are the leaders of Akatsuki and Amatsukami really as strong as the rumors make them out to be?"

"I'm afraid that no one in Konoha, nor in other villages, is capable of fighting those two right now," Kuroto said solemnly, " Even if all of the villages pooled their resources, they will be up against individuals who are gods in human form.

A blade that can cut through clouds, and another that can create stones large enough to cover the horizon, both powerful enough to render Hachibi, Susanoo, and Jiraiya-sama and his giant Kuchiyose absolutely useless.

When all we can hope for is to find ways to survive, such power cannot be readily rejected, and Tsunade-sama's proposition does just that.

As a result, I believe that using these strategies is in the village's best interests."

Hiashi was deafeningly quiet at the meeting where the details of the raid were disclosed; at first, he couldn't believe such power existed, but after further consideration and listening to the evidence, Hiashi had no choice but to believe.

In such a condition, the Hyuga Clan's future appears gloomy. What good will Gentle Fist do if even Uchiha's Susanoo, known for its ultimate protection and great power, can't do anything? True, the Byakugan can see Chakra Pathway, but what good does that do when you aren't even strong enough to approach the enemy?

"Sigh… I sincerely hope that Hokage-sama can work out an appropriate solution for the village's protection in such a situation." –Hiashi said with a sigh, then nodded to Kuroto, "I will put forward Tsunade-san's suggestion in the next meeting," and added, "Before that, I will have some discussions with Tsunade-san, and decide on a few things to have a better grasp of her proposal." You can rest easy knowing that Hyuga Yui's apprenticeship with Tsunade-san will be completed. I would support her studies under Tsunade-san's supervision because it is advantageous to the Hyuga Clan as well."

"I am grateful Hiashi-sama," Kuroto stated as he bowed before the Patriarch.

"This is the least I can do for the Hyuga Clan's future," Hiashi said, nodding.

Kuroto nodded and went on to explain a few possibilities. Kuroto opted not to get into the Hyuga Clan's traditions and such for the time being. When old fools realize the true face of this Shinobi World, their ideals will crumble. Kuroto doesn't have to spend any of his valuable time with them.



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