388 Chapter – 383 Itachi’s Reason

After reading more information given to him, and knowing the exact details of the mission, Kuroto had a thoughtful expression.

Village of Blood Mist has never been a peaceful place, and with the rising possibilities of a Coup d'état, the village has become much more dangerous. Not to mention, Kirigakure is under Obito's control. Even a little bit of spark might start a full-scale civil war in the village.

Kuroto thought, 'If it's just me alone, it shouldn't be a problem to sneak inside Kirigakure and carry out the mission… but if take Team – Ro with me, then that's another thing… aside from me and Itachi, the chances of other's surviving will be quite difficult. What to do…?'

Kurenai, Hayate, and Yugao are undoubtedly genius shinobi, but there's only so much they can face at this point, not to mention, neither of the three has reached the level of a Jonin yet.

'Considering the possibility of Akatsuki Organization's new hideout being somewhere in Kirigakure, if we were to be exposed, then it would be difficult for me to ensure their safety.

Normally I wouldn't care about them, but this matter is also related to me becoming a Hokage in the future… after all, if I were to become Hokage, I would need more people loyal to me who are not just being controlled by Kotoamatsukami.' – Kuroto thought.

"This is going to be a bit troublesome…" – Kuroto sighed, and after folding back the scroll, he disappeared from his room.

Backyard training forest of Uchiha Clan.

In the forest, two young figures could be seen practicing Shurikenjutsu.

The elder of the two jumped from tree to tree and threw several shurikens in one-after-another.

Whiish… Whiish… Whiish… Whiish… Whiish… Whiish… Whiish… Whiish…

And finally, he did a high-back flip and threw the last shuriken at the moment right before he was about to land on the ground.


The last shuriken collided with the second last which further collided with the third last and started a chain reaction, each of the eight shurikens that were previously through were precisely deflected at certain angles and stuck the shuriken practice board.

Tuk… Tuk… Tuk… Tuk… Tuk… Tuk… Tuk… Tuk…

After he had landed safely, he turned around and looked at the eight shuriken practice board and noticed a shuriken each at the center of each target board.

Clap… Clap… Clap…

The younger of the two who had looked at the entire process and then at the eight targets was extremely excited, his eyes were shining in admiration, after the elder one has landed to the ground, he hurried to the elder one, "Nii-san, I want to learn this too, please teach me!"

The elder one flicked the younger one's forehead, stopping in the middle of his track, then said with a gentle smile, "Sorry Sasuke, this technique can only be used in cooperation with the Sharingan, so after you awake your Sharingan I will teach you."

"Ouch…" – Sasuke held his forehead and said with pursed lips, "You always say this Nii-san, Okaasan said that you were able to use it even without the Sharingan when you were younger… Can't I learn it without the Sharingan?"

"Sorry, Sasuke, but what Okaasan said was another simpler version of this technique, to be able to use this technique you need to have the Sharingan, otherwise carrying out all the calculations and determining the accurate trajectory and throwing power in the fraction of a second is quite the tedious task, and will be too much for the human brain." – Itachi said with a helpless smile.

Sasuke sighed, no matter how much he trains, Sasuke has never been able to match up to his brother.

And there is nothing strange about it, as there are several factors involved here.

Sasuke may have suffered some trauma due to the past two experiences of being exposed to Amatsukami and Akatsuki, but all those times, he was given a psychological treatment to not develop a deeper shadow of those experiences so that his growth and the mental state does not get affected negatively.

But the same is not the case with Itachi.

It can be argued that there was no need to give Sasuke the psychological treatment if Itachi was not given, but the decision to do so was based on the mentality of Sasuke, and the difference in their experience, Sasuke has never been as mature as Itachi, so such a thing was considered to keep his mental health safe.

The second reason is teaching, Itachi is being personally trained by Shisui and Kuroto, moreover, with such in-depth exposure to the secrets of the shinobi world, his vision and understanding have far surpassed anyone, therefore, the increase in his strength is tremendous, especially since his growth spurt has started.

While this is not the case with Sasuke who is heavily sheltered and protected to not get kidnapped by Akatsuki and Amatsukami.

And finally, the matter of age is an obvious one, being the elder one, Itachi is obviously much-much-much stronger compared to Sasuke who is nothing more than a kid at the moment.

Kuroto who was silently watching the scene unfold before him while being hidden muttered with a hint of pity in his tone, "I don't know if having Itachi as an elder brother should be considered a blessing for him or a curse…?"

Very few can hope to shine in the face of Itachi's talent, Sasuke may have the potential to grow into a God-class shinobi because of being Otsutsuki Indra's Reincarnation, but perhaps Itachi also holds the same potential despite not being anyone's reincarnation.

Sighing slightly, Kuroto released a bit of his chakra that was instantly perceived by Itachi, the very next moment, Itachi ruffled Sasuke's, and said, "Sorry Sasuke…"

Sasuke was confused, "Huh…?" – But that was all he could mutter before he lost his consciousness and fell on the ground.

After Sasuke was asleep, Itachi carried him towards a tree, and it was at this moment Kuroto walked out, and said, "I am sorry for interrupting your time with your Otouto."

Itachi shook his head, and said, "it's alright Kuroto-san, we were just about to head home anyway."

Kuroto nodded, and said, "Your original is still in Sunagakure right now, correct?"

Itachi nodded, "Yes, I am a Karasu Kage Bushin (Crow Clone), the original is in Sunagakure as per your instructions, investigate things about Jashin with the help of newly assigned Godaime Kazekage."

Kuroto nodded, "So Pakura was successfully elected as Godaime Kazekage?"

Itachi nodded, "There were a few people who were opposing because there is still a possibility of Yondaime Kazekage being alive, but the next day, information and records about the symbol of Jashin were presented before the members of Suna Elder Council, which resolved the issue of Yondaime Kazekage still being alive.

But there were still a few who were in opposition to her becoming the Godaime Kazekage, but considering that no one else in Suna was strong enough, so things were not that difficult, it took my original only one night to change the opinions of those (there is no use of Kotoamatsukami here, Itachi did it on his own) and the next day, after another meeting of Suna Elder Council was held which lasted for several hours, Pakura of the Scorch was finally elected to be the Godaime Kazekage of Sunagakure."

"Alright, with Pakura as the Kazekage, many of my problems will be resolved." – Kuroto muttered, then questioned, "And what about you joining Anbu?"

Itachi bowed to Kuroto and said, "I am sorry Kuroto-san, I know that you instructed me to not join the Anbu to be able to freely move at any time, but… when I came back from my last mission in the early morning today, I was directly summoned to Hokage-sama's office, Hokage-sama, Otousama, as well as the other three elders were also present in the meeting…

I am not aware of exact particulars, but the Uchiha Clan and Hokage faction have had some negotiation, the exact details of which perhaps only Otousama is aware of within the Uchiha Clan, and me joining the Anbu is one part of these negotiations.

I was in no position to refuse the recruitment for the second time, moreover, this time it was an order from both Hokage-sama and the Patriarch of Uchiha Clan (Fugaku instructed Itachi in the name of Patriarch of the Uchiha Clan) And since I was in presence of them all, I couldn't inform you of this in advance…"

Kuroto sighed, "Sigh, this makes a few things difficult…" – Honestly, Kuroto wasn't much surprised, he had a feeling that something of this sort has happened, otherwise, Itachi wouldn't have joined the Anbu.

Under the pressure of those five, Itachi had to give in, even Kuroto would have been the same if he was in Itachi's shoes.

"Please forgive me." – Itachi again apologized.

Kuroto shook his head, and said, "It does change a few things but you don't have to worry. The good thing is that you have been appointed to my team… So, it's still not that big of a problem."

Itachi nodded gratefully, "Thank you for your understanding Kuroto-san."

Kuroto nodded, and after a bit of thinking, he said, "Since Pakura has become Godaime Kazekage and Suna Shinobi are working in order to find more about Jashin, therefore, you can send a message to your original to come back. The mission that Team-Ro will be going for will need your full strength…"

Itachi nodded then asked, "What is the mission?"

Asked by Itachi, Kuroto looked around his surroundings to make sure that no one was watching them, then said, "Two days from now, Team Ro will be setting out to the Land of Water. The mission Hokage-sama has given to Team-Ro is the assassination of Yondaime Mizukage."

"W… What?! The assassination of Yondaime Mizukage?" – Even Itachi was taken aback, and can't help but think, 'Are these Anbu missions? Starting straight of with the assassination of a Kage of a village?'

Kuroto nodded, and said, "Well it is what it is… Kirigakure is in collusion with Akatsuki, and there are many strange things happening in Kirigakure, so this mission.

I will reveal the particulars of the mission to you tomorrow, together with the other three of the team, and we have only about 2 days until we set out which is obviously not enough for your original to come back… So, make sure to instruct your original to meet up with us along the way…"

Itachi nodded with a serious expression, "Yes, I will do so immediately."

Kuroto nodded, then took out three scrolls and said while handing them to Itachi, "Pass on the black and red scroll to your original, and the green one to Shisui… and make sure to coordinate yourselves accordingly. Also, this red scroll records the development process of a Katon-based Kekkei Genkai that I think you will be able to learn, so try putting your thoughts into it…"

Itachi was surprised, "A Katon-based Kekkei Genkai?"

Kuroto nodded, and said, "It won't go exactly as written in the scroll... and you will have to figure a lot of things out for yourself… but I think you will be able to do all of that if you put your mind into it, but whether you want to learn it or not is totally up to you, you don't necessarily have to learn it if you don't want to, but I would suggest that you do consider it. If you do manage to learn it, then your base strength will increase."

Itachi nodded, "Alright… I will think about it. Thank you again for entrusting me with such a valuable thing."

"No big deal." – Kuroto nodded, then said, "Alright then, I will be going, I have a few other things I must take care of before we set out on the mission, see you tomorrow at the R3 training ground." – after saying so, Kuroto disappeared.

With Kuroto gone, Itachi thoughtfully looked at the place where Kuroto previously stood, 'Even if what he said might have some truth to it… I don't think that's exactly the case here.'



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