5 Chapter 4

It's been 13 years since I have been reborn in the world of twillight as Killua Zoldyck.

It has been really interesting these years. I have learned a lot about my powers and created some electronic abilities that would be useful for me. For example: Electrical Conversion, Electricity Absorption, Electricity Attacks, and more.

I have also earned a lot of money by recreating manga from my original world because it seems like some of it does not exist here. And let me tell you when I released my first manga, which is, by the way [Naruto], it blew up. I literally mean blew up. It became so popular that some fans were threatening me so that I would reveal what I looked like. And yes, they don't know how I look. it is also stupid, threatening me while not knowing how I look.

It's been 5 years since I first released the manga, and I have recreated many more, which got me very popular but of course they didn't know what I looked like because I still refused to show myself to the public and it also earned me a lot of money.

I don't have any friends, only acquaintances because really I find friends really annoying and disturbing and they also make you weak and I don't like that.

Right now, I am in my room packing my things because I am leaving for forks today, and I will arrive tomorrow morning. I already bought an apartment there or was it a house? Well, whatever, it was as long as I won't need to share the same apartment with another person.

"Killua, are you done packing?" asked one of the caretakers.

"Yes, I am Emiko-san." I replied with a smile. And yes, I lived in the orphanage all this time because I didn't want to spend my money even though I had a lot, it was too tiring moving to an apartment here in Japan because I would live in Forks anyway

As I was finished packing my stuff, I said goodbye to all the children in the orphanage and drove to the airport. Well I didn't drive but I just ordered a taxi.

[Time Skip]

Right now, I'm sitting in business class on the airplane, and we've been flying for about 10 hours, so 2 hours more to go before we land.

[Time Skip]

We've finally landed, and I ordered a taxi to drive me to my new apartment, or maybe it was a house, but I didn't really care. I just bought a house that was beautiful and near the forest because I like living in a house covered by the tall trees.

After what felt like an hour, we finally reached the destination. After I paid the taxi driver I started walking towards my new house and let me tell you it was beautiful.

The very modern house is covered by trees, a pool, and a garage where my new car resides.


Once I entered the house, the inside of it looked very beautiful, very modern, and aesthetic.


Once I was done touring the house, I unpacked my luggage in my new room, which is on the second floor.

Once that was done, I went downstairs to sit on the couch and ordered myself some pizza.

And while the pizza was on the way, I checked out my schedule for tomorrow since, why not?

Around the same time, I got into town. At the Cullens' house, everyone is coming back from a hunt. There was Edward, his twin sister Edythe, Emmitt, Rosalie, Jasper, and Alice. Then Alice suddenly stopped and had a vision. She was seeing Edward sit down and talk to a girl with brown hair and smiling. Then, she saw herself hugging a boy with white silver spiky hair and the most beautiful blue eyes that she could keep looking at forever.

Edythe was the first one to notice, and she escaped Jasper's hands, holding her with love.

Edythe: :Alice, are you okay? Did you have a good or bad vision?"

Alice snaped out of it with a big smile on her face. I started to jump with joy.

Alice: "It was a good one! It was about Edward and myself finally finding our long-time mates!!"

Edythe: "I'm so happy for you both! Finally, my brother can stop being all gloomy and emo."

Everyone started to laugh as Edward gave her a glare.

Rosalie: "What did they look like?"

Alice: "Edward mate was a girl who has very pale complexion with long, straight dark brown hair, unique chocolate brown eyes, and very pretty. My mate was a tall and handsome boy with white silver spiky hair and the most breathtaking blue eyes. They look like jewels!"

Jasper: " White hair shouldn't be hard to find since I have never seen anybody with them before."

Emmitt: "Right, will you two meet them soon?"

Alice: "Most likely. I can't wait!" As she giggled.

Edward was quiet the whole time and was only thinking that he would never want to put his mate to become a monster and live like this forever."


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