3 Forks high

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I woke up the next day to Bella shaking me.

"The fuck you want?" I asked still tired.

" Get up we have school today." She said and turned to leave the room.

"What school?" This time I raised my head to look at her.

"I already took care of our enrollment while you were out partying." she said and proceeded to leave the room.

" I would say thanks but it might inflate your big ass head." I replied louder so she could hear me.

" Ha Ha Real funny Theo!" she replied sarcastically.

I got out of bed and started to run to get dibs on the shower. I managed to beat her to it since she tripped on air like the clutz she was when she tried blocking my path.

"Theo no you don't !" she squeaked trying to sound threatening.

" Watch me!" I said and slammed the door to make my point clear.

I showered quickly and started shouting for Bella to bring me some towels and some of my clothes. Since I didn't take any from my room before rushing here.

" That'll teach you, go get them yourself." She said behind the door. Feeling smug about herself.

" Sure." I proceeded to open the door and was met by a shouting red faced Bella. Who tried to cover her eyes and ran away as fast as she could from me.

" What's wrong don't you want to see 'Perfection'." I asked as I took a muscle man pose.

I had no trouble being naked in front of her she is my twin we grew up together and showered together. Till we hit 10 and she stopped. Since she started being aware of guys and girls at that age. Even If she was the reason we started showering together as kids. Due to her faze of blaming herself for the divorce and trying to make amends with me by basically sticking to me all day which included showers.

I honestly just enjoyed toying with her. She always tried to act tough and making her squirm is a big brother's job. Even if I'm older by literally seconds.

" Cover yourself you shameless bastard!" She said while refusing to look up and having her face in her hand.

" Fine, but you're missing out." I made my way quickly out of the corridor leading to my room to dry myself and get changed.

I put on a black T-shirt, with some grey jeans and white socks and put on a Black trench coat. That's something I liked about going to forks, I could wear coats now. I had bought so many that were basically useless in Phoenix climate that it was infuriating. Now I could finally put them to use.

I made my way downstairs and poured myself a bowl of cereal and added the milk to it. I then stationed myself on the old couch and started watching Spongebob. I didn't even notice the time passe till Bella came to me and nudged me to the door.

" Let's go before we're late." She said and started walking to the door, waving her car keys in her hand clearly excited to have a way of transportation.

" Sure." I left my bowl on the kitchen counter and made my way out of the house while putting on my new red Air jordan XX1.

I climbed in the monstrosity that Bella called a car. And Bella turned it on. The sound it made was far from reassuring. Bella just smiled pleased that it worked and started driving to our new school.

" Bella would you calm down." I said in my usual bored tone. It was strange I always go from energetic/playful to bored in a matter of seconds. Guess that's why in both my lives people often called me bipolar.

" I'm not stressed." She said not meeting my eyes and kept focusing on the road.

" Yes you are, you always bite your lower lip when you're stressed." I replied while pointing at her bottom lip.

" Ok, maybe I am a little. But can you blame me I'm going to a new school where I know no one." This time she looked at me and I could see the distress in her eyes.

I smiled at her and pocked her on the forehead Itachi style. I started doing that head poke to her when we were close in our childhood. " You know me don't you?"

She blushed and turned her face away. " Why do you always do that?"

" I know you like it." I said and gave her a small smirk.

" Shut up! I don't." She denied furiously getting more flustered.

The rest of the drive was spent in silence. With Bella relaxing a lot compared to the total mess she was looking like in the morning.

We made it to the parking lot and went to get our schedule. Once we had it we compared classes and we only had 3 classes out of 6 together. Those classes being English, Spanish and Gym. Which means I had Bella in my 1st class, 4th class and 6th class.

As we were looking over the map to try figuring out the way to our first class. We were approached by an asiatique guy that I remembered in the movies as Eric. Some dork who worked at the school journal or something like that.

" Hi, you guys must be Theodore and Isabella Swan? I'm Eric the eyes and ears of this place. Anything you need tour guide, lunch date, shoulder to cry on." He seemed only interested in Bella which pissed me off a little.

Who can be stupid enough to try flirting with a girl in front of her brother.

Bella was about to respond but I quickly intervened. " Hi Eric, I'm Theodore her brother. Anything you need, black eye, broken bone, head concussion." He seemed to get the message and just muttered a short "sorry" and left.

" That was mean of you." Bella chided but looked relieved I got her rid of the boy.

" Yeah, Yeah get moving we got a class to attend." We followed the map directions and easily found the class. We were from Phoenix where schools are huge compared to this one. So it was pretty easy to find.

We signed our attendance paper that we were tasked to give back at the end of the day. And took a seat in the back of the class next to each other. We had English with that Eric guy who stayed as far from us as possible. I could see him taking glances at Bella but the moment he did I would glare at him making him look away as fast as possible.

After the class ended Bella bid me goodbye and we separated for the first time since we came here. I could see she was starting to get nervous again. I just smiled at her and left for my biology class.

My Classes till lunch where as usual boring. Only downside at reincarnation is that I had to go through school twice. Like once wasn't enough torture.

I kept getting approached by Mike and Jessica that tried to befriend me. They of course introduced themselves and kept questioning about my hair colour. At the end of the class. I had the next one with Mike again which made him talk to me more and introducing me to Tyler. I noticed that Edward was in this class too. But he seemed to keep glaring daggers at me. Probably realizing he can't read my thoughts.

The rest of the class was uneventful, with Mike asking me about the difference between Forks and Phoenix. I kept giving him short answers since he was interrupting my nap time. And I just wanted for the conversation to end. But the kid didn't seem to notice and managed to talk enough for both of us. Till I was saved by the bell. And I left in a hurry not wanting to spend a second more in his presence.

As I made it to my 4th class I noticed Bella was sitting next to Jessica. She waved my way and I just smiled at her and sat at the desk behind hers.

" How is your day so far?" I asked.

She turned around to look at me. " Pretty good everyone is so nice." She then tried to introduce me to Jessica who I already met but she cut her off.

" Hi Theo!" She said with her annoying voice.

I just waved at her and crashed my head on the table. To take a nap.

It seems the table are pretty comfortable in Forks since I legit fell asleep. And woke up with the feeling of falling. Which made me hit the table and wake up all startled. All the class looked at me and I just gave them a smile and a little "Sorry." Before resuming my nap.

At the end of class, Bella was dragged to the cafeteria by Jessica who introduced her to her groupe of friend. And just as I tried to slip away. I was waved at by Mike who dragged me to the same table as her.

And like the shameless bastards they were they didn't even try to hide the fact that they were trying to get in my sisters pants by continuously flirting with her. I felt myself getting angrier and angrier, since Bella wasn't used to getting this much attention. So she was uncomfortable with it but couldn't express it. The moment she glanced at me asking silently for help. I stood up walked to her side pried Mike from it and sat next to her. Mike looked at me like I was trying to steal Bella from him.

" Hi everyone, this is Bella MY SISTER." I said and glared the boys way. I didn't mind Bella being in a relationship. It's just I know she's easily gullible. The moment she tells me to back off and let her do what she want. Then I'll let her.

The Cullens decided to make their appearance at the end of my sentence. Bella immediately noticed them. " Who are they?"

Jessica was quick to respond. "The Cullens, their this family of adopted children that moved down here from Alaska. And you know what's crazy is that their like together, together. You see that bronze haired girl over there that's Edythe she's with that big guy next to her Emmet. I'm sure he's on steroids or something. Then there's Alice the small girl with black hair she's with jasper the tall blonde who seems to always be in pain. Then there's Rosalie she's a total bitch doesn't talk to anyone. And finally there's Edward he's totally gorgeous but apparently no one in this school is good enough for him."

The Cullens made their way to a table at the the corner of the cafeteria and all sat down. 'It surprised me that Edythe the fictional twin of Edward was here. So Rosalie didn't end up with Emmet. It was weird usually in fanfics if Edythe was present she would always end up being the mate of the reincarnated person. But it seems it wasn't the case for me. So that could only mean Rosalie was supposed to be mine. I looked at her to study her, and I could easily tell she was by far the most beautiful women I had ever seen. They always portrayed her as this beautiful ice queen. But words can't even describe how hot she looked. Damn if she ends up as my mate all I know is I'm not complaining that's for sure.'

I didn't notice for how long I kept looking at her in fascination till Bella nudged me with her elbow. " Stop staring at her, it's weird." She whispered. But it seemed she wasn't quite enough. Since Rosalie started looking straight at me. I didn't care I just held her gaze. Her scowl deepened but I just smirked at her not breaking eye contact. Till she finally did. I full blown smiled at my little victory.

" Your weird you know that." Bella deadpanned at how childish I could be sometimes.

I sat at the table bored not knowing what to do with myself. Bella was talking with Angela and Jessica. So I got the spontaneous idea to go talk to Rosalie. And knowing how my brain works I wouldn't stop thinking about it. Till I actually did it.

'Maybe she has classes with me, no she's a senior if I remember correctly. *sigh* Guess I have to make an effort.' I stood up and left the table without giving anyone any explanation.

The more I walked in the Cullens direction the quieter the cafeteria got. I could feel their gazes on me and the Cullens who looked at me with inquisitive looks.

I ignored all the looks I was getting and approached Rosalie." Hello, I'm Theodore Swan but everyone calls me Theo." I said and extended a hand in Rosalie way making it clear who I came to talk to. She just glanced at my hand and then back at me without taking it.

I retracted my hand and was a little offended by her completely ignoring me. Was I wrong? Is she not my mate?

" So Rosalie, it's polite to introduce yourself after someone does the same to you. Let's start this over again. My name is Theodore Swan nice to meet you." And I again extended my hand to her. But she still didn't take it and just had a scowl plastered on her face. Then proceeded to turn around and look away from me trying to not meet my gaze.

I looked in the direction of her family with a raised eyebrow. 'What the fuck? Did I do something wrong? Weird, did I think wrong. Why is she single then?'

" Ok, I'm gonna take that as No then. Have a good day." I said with a forced smile and left the cafeteria to try and save myself from the embarrassment. 'Ok, so I was just overthinking things maybe she's not my mate. God I must've looked dumb as hell.'

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