6 Chapter 6

It was a regular Sunday morning, and Aldith is walking downstairs to the living room where everyone is located.

[POV Aldith]

I was walking downstairs to the first floor to hear the news Carlise has for me.

"Hey Smiley, I'm here. What is the news?" Carlise was talking with Esme when he turned around.

Carlise: "Al. Well, you see, I enrolled you into a school. It's called Forks High School. It's the same school everyone goes to."

"Oh... I see. Well, I don't mind." 'I don't mind at all, after all. I really want to see how the story would turn out with me here.'

I then walked through the window because I was getting hungry.

"I'll be going hunting." But before I could jump out, I heard Jasper saying that he would accompany me.

Jasper: "I'll go with you too. I am quite hungry."

We then vanished from our spots, and we were now in the forest.

[POV Cullens]

Once Aldith and Jasper left, Emmett decided to say something in this silent living room.

Emmett: "Jasper is head over heels for her, and Aldith doesn't revise a thing."

Esme: "Oh, Emmett, leave them alone. I'm sure everything would work out." Esme said before resuming her talk with Carlise.

Arthur: "Forget about them! Emmett, let's play video games. I'm sure I can beat your ass!" When he heard what Arthur said, he got tickets mark on one of his temples before saying.

Emmett: "Oh, you think you can beat me with your skills, or are you going to rely on Alice's gift?"

Arthur: "What! How dare you accuse of an innocence, man!"

And they started bickering at each other while running off to prove their skills in a game without cheating while the rest of the family just sigh and continued doing what they were doing.

[POV Aldith]

After we filled our stomach, we started going back home, but not until Jasper took my wrist and spun me around. Now, he was holding me with his right hand on my waist, and his left hand was holding my right hand.

I was flustered for a moment before regaining my composure.

"What's wrong, Jasper?" I asked, tilting my head to the side, not knowing if this cute trick I learned online in my past life will help me.

Jasper: "I'm sorry, Aldith, I can't anymore. I promised myself that I would let your love for me grow, but I can't do it." He then kissed me, removing his left hand from my hand and grabbing the back of my head.

I was shocked, to say the least, but that didn't stop me from bringing my hands around his neck and deepening our kiss.

We stayed like that for a few minutes since we don't need to breathe, but eventually, I was the first one to separate already missing the interaction we made a few seconds ago.

Jasper: "I'm sorry I did that to you, Aldith, but I couldn't control myself. And since you're my mate, your smell made it even more impossible for me."

"I don't blame you, Jasper. I was just surprised that's all. But I won't reject your feelings for me because I feel the same. Though we are too fast with the relationship, I wouldn't mind becoming your girlfriend right now." I said while trying not to look at him out of embarrassment.

He then hugs me and gives me a peck on my lips before taking my hand, interwinding our fingers, and walking back home.


[Time Skip]

It was 7:35 a.m. and I was getting ready for school. I wore a black long sleeve Turley neck with some white jeans and black shoes. Once I was finished dressing, I left the bathroom to get a jacket and my grey back pack before Jasper came behind me and hugged me.

"Oh, jazz, you're here. I thought you'll be downstairs?"

Jasper: "I was waiting for you. Now, let's go their probably waiting for us." I noded before holding our hands and heading downstairs.

"Hey guys, let's go." I said, leaving the house with everyone.

Esme: "Have a nice first day of school." Esme waved at us before closing the door.

I got into Rosalie beautiful red [BMW M3 convertible] with Jasper and Emmet sitting in the back seat while Rosalie and I were in the front. And the rest sat in Edward's [Volvo C30].

Rosalie: "Hey, Aldith."

"Yeah, what is it?"

Rosalie: "Is your hair naturally white?"

"Yeah, it is. When it was 1802, people used to think I was a witch. Some even tried to kill me in secret, and others tried to burn me in daylight." Rosalie looked shocked hearing this, and I could hear Jasper emitting anger.

Rosalie: "When were you born?" She asked me another question, trying to change the topic.

"I was born in 1788."

Emmett: "You're pretty old!" He burst out laughing while Rosalie giggled a little.

"I'm older than you and more mature. so you should respect your elders." I say while turning around and looking at him.

Emmett: "Come on, don't be angry. We're almost at school, so cool down." I turned around, and he chuckled a little before going back to normal.

Rosalie parked her car next to Edward's, and when we got out, I could hear whisper going around something like. "Who is she, and what is she doing with the Cullens?"Is she their relative?"Look at her hair; it's so beautiful. Is she an albino?"

"Whoah guys, I didn't know you were celebrities."

Arthur: "Yeah, and you know it's really hard being so famous in this small school."

Rosalie: "You famous? Please, they don't like you one bit. Their head over heels for my beauty."

Alice: "Come on, guys, don't start fighting in here." I held Jaspers' hand and went to the building where the secretary was supposed to give me my schedule while the rest went to their classrooms.


I was walking down the hallway to my classroom without Jasper since he had already left for his.

My first class was English. I was already standing behind the door before knocking and coming in. I got to the teacher and handed him a slip before he told me to sit at the back. I got a lot of stares because news travel fast in this small school they probably already know me being close to the Cullens and I also got stared because of my hair.

I ignored everyone , sat down, and listened to class. The first classes went by a flash, and now it was lunch.

I entered the cafeteria, and all eyes were on me. I grabbed my lunch, and when I spotted where Jasper and everyone else was sitting, I went over to their table. Everyone was whispering about what my relationship was with them, but I just ignored it and sat down next to Jasper and Rosalie.

Jasper: "So, how's school?"

"Boring. Nothing is interesting, and I already know everything." He chuckled a little bit before putting his arm around my shoulder.

Alice: "Hey, how about we go shopping after school?"

"Alice no." She looked towards me and had a confused expression.

Alice: "Why not?"

"Because we went shopping yesterday."

Rosalie: "I agree with Aldith. Even I have my limits on when to shop." Alice looked down but then regained her happy go lucky personality.

Alice: "Alright then, how about we watch a movie tonight? One we all haven't seen."

"Sure, I don't mind."

Arthur: "I haven't watched a movie in so long."

Emmett: "Let's watch a horror movie." Everyone agreed, and then we resumed to talking about random stuff before the bell rang, and we had to part ways.


[Time Skip]

School finally ended, and I was walking in the hallway to the exit before a random boy stopped me.

Boy: "Exuse me." I looked at the boy before answering.

"Yes? Do you need something?"

Boy: "Actually, I would like to know what your relationship with the Cullens?" Every student stopped what their were doing and were now trying to listen in the conversation.

"I'm the younger sister of Carlise Cullen."

Boy: "Are you blood related?"

"Yes. It's just that I took my mother's name, and he took our fathers name."

Boy: "I see. And are you dating anyone?" This kid is really brave coming up to me and asking all these questions.

"Yeah, I'm dating Jasper Hale." He looked stunned, hearing my answer but regained his senses and thanked me for answering his questions and then left me.

I just ignored everyone while walking to Rosalie car.

Rosalie: "Alright, hop in." We did as we were told, and then we drove off back home.


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