5 Chapter 5

After our little walk in the woods, we returned back to the house, and I wanted to make sure that it was alright to live with them.

[POV Aldith]

I was walking with Jasper back home well rather than walking; we were running through the trees. Once we were back, we went to the living room, and I gathered everyone's attention.

*Clap* *Clap*

Everyone turned towards the source and was now looking at me.

"Ahem. I would like to ask all of you if it's really alright for me to live with you guys? I don't want to be a bother to any of you guys."

Rosalie: "I'm okay with you living with us. I actually like you and your fashion sense." She said with a small smile.

Carlise: "Yeah, Al. I already wrote to you in the letter saying it was alright with you living with us."

Esme: "I am very fond of you, my dear, so I have no trouble with you staying with us."

Emmett: "Wait if Aldith is staying with us where is her room gonna be, and if she's gonna go to school with us, what's gonna be her identity as?"

Arthur: "How about Carlises' little sister by six years? Sin e Carlise is 23 physically, and you are 17. She is moving with us because your parents died and she now moved in with her big brother." Everyone thought of that idea before nodding in agreement.

Alice: "That a great idea, darling. she is also going to be sharing the same room with Jasper." I looked flustered, and Jasper was now Coughing.

Jasper: "Well... I guess since we have no more rooms, we could buy you a couch or a bed, but there's already a double bed in my room.. And maybe a new closet to store your clothes." He suggested while looking away while the rest of the family was looking at excitement in their eyes.

Carlise: "Well, now that's settled, let's go and buy all the necessary stuff!" He announced while clapping his hands.

And so while it was still morning we drove to a home department to buy me a chaise louge and a closet.


We set my stuff in the Jaspers room, and after that, Rosalie, Alice, Esme, and I went shopping for clothes.

We spent so much time in the mall that when we went back home it was ready 12:00 p.m.

[Timr Skip]

After our shopping spree I put all of the clothes inside my new closet and then changed into some comfortable clothes. When I walked out, I saw Jasper laying on his bed and was reading a book. Wearing some grey sweat pants and the same colored shirt.

The room was very beautiful.


He noticed me and freezed for a second before asking me how I felt.

Jasper: "Hey, Aldith. How are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling alright. Thank you for asking." I then went towards my chaise lounge but not before choosing a book and reading it.

While I was reading, I could feel his gaze on me. I was wearing a white chiton, which was the clothing woman wore back in ancient Greek.


While he was looking at my body, I put down the book and looked back at him. He noticed my gaze and then at me in the eyes. When I looked at him, I could feel his love for me in his eyes.

[POV Jasper]

When Aldith came out of the bathroom, she was wearing a chiton, and it looked very beautiful on her body. She then took a book from the bookshelf behind the bed and went to lay down on her couch. Well, it's not really a couch but a chaise louge.

She looked very beautiful. She looked like a Greek goddess laying there in all her beauty. I couldn't help but stare at her. But then she noticed me and was looking at me straight into my eyes, and I could feel her emotions. Calm, wonder, curious, and loving. I knew she was for me, but she didn't. I wanted to hug her and kiss her, but I held back because I didn't want to surprise her. So, the time she stayed with us, I would do my best to make her comfortable and have her love for me to grow.


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