1 Chapter 1


"I see. Then, I would like to be transmitted into the body of a girl at the age of 17 in Twilight in the 19th century in a alley as a vampire." I stated while looking at the supposed God who calls himself [ROB].

So short story. I died but not because of truck-kun but because I hit my head too hard on the wood floor while sleeping on my futon.

I am a regular japanese woman, and even though I love anime and would like to be reborn in some other world like [Naruto] or [Fairy Tail], I decided to choose [Twilight] because why not?

ROB: "Alright, granted, now choose your 3 wishes." He gestured with his hand while drinking tea. I already had the wishes in my mind because when I was alive, I always imagined myself in these situations.

"Do I have any restrictions on the wishes?" I asked, hoping the restrictions aren't too big.

ROB: "Well, not really, but you can't wish being a god or a deity since it would be too powerful for that world." He answered my question with a smile and closed eyes.

"Alright. But one more question. Do I have to wish for appearance or not?"

ROB: "Yes. You have to wish for appearance if you want to change it or if you want to keep your past life appearance.

"Alright then, for my first wish."

1: "I wish to have full control of my mind and body."

2: "I wish to have [Psychokinesis] for my gift."

3: "I wish to have a body with a height of 5,9 with silver colored hair and a slender body."

ROB: "Alright, granted, now be on your merry way." He waved his hand, making me fall unconscious and my body disappearing in golden dust.

[Time Skip]

I wake to a horrible smell, and when I open my eyes, I can see that it's dark outside. Since I am now a vampire, I have enchanced hearing, and all of my other senses are also enhanced. I looked at myself looking to see what I'm wearing, and I'm not surprised when I see that I'm wearing the common 19th-century dress for women.


I then started walking out of the alley, and not before putting on the cape, I found myself wrapped in and putting on the hood.

I walked out of the alley and was amazed at how it looked in the 19th century. Though it looked ugly and dirty, I found it fascinating. I walked through the crowds of people looking at everything, and then I approached a woman and asked what year it was. She looked at me like I was weird at first but then answered.

Woman: "It's the year 1805." She then turned back to what she was doing, ignoring me while I kept walking, thinking what I would be doing until the year 2005. It didn't take me long to figure out what to do. I would travel the world to look at different cultures, places, mountains, and other stuff. I would explore places no man has ever been to. And since I am a vampire, that means I am also stronger than a regular human being. I also have my gift [Psychokinesis] controlling things with my mind. So, while I am going to travel, I am also going to practice fighting hand-to-hand combat and my ability. But first, I would need money. Wherever you are, you always need money no matter what era it is.


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