16 Vow kept and island

That night we got a call from Anna and Pearl they have found Katherine she was just starting to track down werewolf's for her plan to get free of klaus so she hasn't found Tyler's uncle Mason and she hadn't compelled his friend to attack him until Mason killed him and activated his curse so he was still human for now Anna had tricked Katherine into a false sense of security then snapped her neck and dosed her with vervain they will be here with her in a few days that's when we will start our plan to get Kol as a alli from klaus at the same time I was going to use a spell to turn Esters soul into pure energy and absorb it with my siphoning ability because I don't want to deal with her

Over the next few days Elena found out about Isobel and being adopted Alaric died and came back with the Gilbert ring Damon came back to try and cause trouble not that he can cause to much with the wards around town we ignored Elena and Damon but we did talk to Alaric he was shocked when we talked about the supernatural but when we showed him magic he calmed down a little I then told him about the rings side affects he didn't believe me at first but when I went into the theory of the magic on the ring and how humans don't go to the other side and pass on like they are supposed to and to break the natural order like that has consequences and the ring passes the consequences onto its barer he was completely lost of course but he believed us when we spent half an hour talking about the theory of the ring

We decided to improve the ring for him because it would make Matty happy and we liked Alaric and he was dating Jers aunt so we cast spells on the ring to keep his soul from leaving his body because the magic on it let the soul leave the body and brings it back from not this side but not completely moved on basically limbo and that causes the consequences if the soul didn't leave there would be no consequences I also cast a spell to make the ring invisible to everyone but him and us it also can't be removed by any one other than us and him better safe than sorry although I doubt anyone could get past the invisibility spell it also dampened pain we created another for Jenna and teleported it onto her finger if she found out about the supernatural then she could see it until then it was invisible to her

Matts mother came back to town but when we read her mind to see why we found out it was for money she has been talking to Vicky and she had told her about being in rehab for trying to steal Matts money Vicky was getting better slowly but surely when we found that out we dug into her older thoughts to see why she left Vicky and Matt apparently she never loved them in fact she hated them for ruining her life which she actually believed when we found this out I suggested we mess with her mind and make her love Vicky and what to change for her and to be the perfect mother we were hesitant at first but we decided to do it in the end

When Anna and Pearl showed up with a coffin with Katherine in it I ask what they were planning to do they didn't know they wanted to settle and catch up so I cast a powerful spell on them so they can't reveal what I tell them and no one can read it from their minds or force them to reveal it once done I tell them about the island they wanted to go so I teleported them to the reception of the main office of the island leader while I'm away they would have plenty of room to get to know each other again on the island there are millions of supernaturals in the island and since the island isn't big enough to hold that many I put the island in a pocked dimension

If someone leaves the island they are back in this dimension the dimension grows as needed there is housing schools libraries shops everything needed to run the island the schools are fighting crafting technology blacksmithing magic etc each school teaches everything learnt in normal schools school start at 3 years old to 18 then their are collages then you can get an apprenticeship from a master to get mastership in skills this is optional only those who are driven usually get an apprenticeship but they have better jobs get paid more and some other benefits the skill levels are from


Starter 3-4

Beginner 4-5

Intermediate beginner 5-6

High beginner 7-8

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Intermediate 8-9

Intermediate mid 10-11

Complete intermediate 12-13

Advanced low 13-14

Advanced mid 15-16

Advanced 17-18


Senior low 19-20

Senior mid 21-22

Senior 23-24

Then it's mastery their are higher levels but they are rare and expensive or you have to show drive and dedication or be extremely smart the library's have levels so beginner can read the beginner books the levels are



•intermediate beginner

•high beginner


•intermediate mid

•complete intermediate

•advanced low

•advanced mid


•senior low

•senior mid








•lesser god

•mid god

•high god


•mythical god

•great god

•elder god

•ancient god

•primal creator god

You can get to god without becoming a god but after that you have to ascend unless you have a skill like siphon or a body that can grow infinitely or a magical core that can grow infinitely I am at great god and want to get to elder or ancient before ascending the god that sent me here was far beyond any of these levels he was trillions of times stronger than primal creator god level but I don't know the name for that level "yet" on the island there are magic gathering spells runes etc so supernaturals that live their get stronger faster especially witches the water on the island is imbued with magic that strengthens the body so a child that has drank the island's water since birth until 18 years old can lift up to 10 tons can be more if used body strengthening potions pills techniques magic etc if used these can be from 30 to 10000 tons more if I help