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Reborn In The Walking Dead


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Jaden was one of the greatest fighters of his time when he died, but instead of going to the afterlife he was given the choice to be reincarnated in a world of his choice, along with 3 wishes. Follow his journey and see how he will survive in a world where the dead are walking about. This will be my first time writing and I hope you guys can be patient with me. Any ideas and criticism will be noted, don't really care about hate but I don't want idiots ruining the story's rating. Release's will be 2 chapters every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. *Warning* There will be a lot of violence and sex in this fanfiction so viewer discretion is advised. (There will be harem, sorry if you don't like that. The MC will have 3 girls and It will be Maggie, Andrea and Chloe (OC). I choose Maggie as she is a fan favorite, but was hesitant, I noticed everyone always picks her as a love interest. Andrea was just because, why not am I right)


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