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A few years have passed by when the prelude to the First Great Ninja War could be felt. Tensions between the ninja villages reached its peak and it seemed as if war could break out at any moment. Although I was staying in the moon I had my shadow soldiers all over the elemental Nations relaying information to me everyday. Iwa, Kumo. Suna and Kiri are preparing their army. According to the latest update I have got there are about 20,000 shinobi from all the villages combined. Thinking on this matter I decided to travel to Konoha to discuss the current matters with Hashirama.

Calling out Kaguya, I said," I am going to go out for a bit. It will take some time for me to return."

" Very well." Kaguya.

Nodding my head I opened a portal with the destination of Kohona in my mind.


Passing through the portal I appeared on the mountain that became the Hokage rock. Hashirama's face was present on the rock signifying his position as the first hokage of Konoha. walking towards the Hokage tower I let my Observation Haki flow throughout the village. 'Hmm. Hashirama is in his office and Tobirama is with him. Well this makes it easier I guess.'

Arriving near the Hokage Buliding I jumped up to the window of the room of the hokage's office and saw that Hashirama was busy with paperwork while Tobirama was studying some scroll.

" Good day gentlemen." I said out loud. Both of them jumped up from their seat with their wepons drawn. The Hokage's bodyguard ANBU also jumped down and stood in front of the brothers in a protective stance. 

It was Hashirama who recognized me first and said," Oh! Its you Lucifer. I thought it was an ambush. Guys(ANBU) you can go back, he is a friend."

After the ANBU left I used a seal and sealed the room so that our conversation will not leak outside.

Tobirama looked at me and asked," It's surprising to see you after all these years. Is there something that has happened?"

"yes" I said" Right about now the Four gteat Nations are all preparing for war."

Tobirama narrowed his eyes," Are they planning to attack Konoha?"

"yes. They might be forming a coalition to attack konoha and share the loot."

"They will not succeed." Hashirama said in a cold tone.

" I know." i said." Hashirama I have something to discuss with you."

"Of course." He replied.

" I do not want you to participate in this war."

Hashirama was going to object before I interrupted him." Listen to me first. I can feel that your life force is on the decline. The reason that I don't want you to participate is that I had a premonition that you will die in the near future. I want you to hand over the position of Hokage to Tobirama and come with me. I can cure you and train you to surpass your limit. Meanwhile Tobirama will fight this war with the other nations with me helping him. The world will know that Hashirama Senju is dead. Only Tobirama and he alone will know that you are alive and well. "

Tobirama looked surprised and asked" why do you want brother to pretend to be dead?"

"Because that will give the other nations more confidence to attack Konoha and fall into our trap. I will promise you this much. Konoha will win this war. There will be casualty as it is a part of war, but at the end of it Konoha will be more Powerful and stable than ever."

"What if you are wrong?" Hashirama.

"Don't worry. I am not wrong. Your death will be a trigger to war and it will happen as soon as you die. In this instance It would be us who will decide when to fight the war. We will be better prepared and blindsight the opponents. Leave Iwa and Kumo to me. You focus on Kiri and Suna."

"Very well Lucifer. We will go according to your plan. But if something, anything goes wrong, I will intervene myself and not listen to you." Hashirama. 

"Very well. We will announce that Hashirama's death in 15 days. Spend the rest of your time here with your family and loved ones and Tobirama prepare for war."

Saying this I took my leave from the office and returned to the moon.


It has been five days since Hashirama Senju has been declared dead to the world and his funeral was held. The entirety of Konoha was present in the ceremony. His family members were in constant grief. The day was declared a holiday in the village for the upcoming years.

on the other hand, the other Kages were quite happy to hear the news. They were preparing their army and were getting ready to start the war. Little did they know that Konoha was already prepared for the upcoming war. They ninjas stationed in the Iwa and Kumo front were called back and used to Strengthen the Kiri and Suna front. I was getting ready for Iwa and Kumo to start mobilizing their army to start taking action.

When I brought Hashirama to the hideout in the moon he was quiet surprised to see it. Although I had told him about the settlement on the moon it was still quiet a shock. He was again surprised when he met Kaguya during his exploration there. The dude wasted no time and started to fight Kaguya. Kaguya was quiet surprised when she felt a different chakra signature on the moon and when the chakra signature resembled her grandsons. The dumb one to be more precise. Then she became Irritated when the man started attacking her with wood and started spouting nonsense of how she was a demon who has escaped her seal. She lost her cool when the man continued to spouted nonsense and used her sword sheath to bonk the man hard on his head to make him unconscious. Just to make sure that the man won't suddenly wake up she bonked him few more times for precaution.

The situation was brought under control when I explained to both of them about the current situation and explained to them that they were not enemies.

Well anyway that aside I just got a report that the Iwa and Kumo army are going to start their march towards Konoha. Going to where I could sense Kaguya I said," Get ready. The war is about to begin. We will leave in one hour. Meet in in my office there."

Nodding her head she went to her room to prepare herself. I went and Informed Hashirama abut the current situation. He was eager to come with me to help but I refused.

"No need Kaguya and I will handle the situation."


Kaguya was in my office sitting quitely, Hashirama was also present there.

"Kaguya you will confront the Kumo army. they are approximately 6000 in total strength. there will be around 3 S+ ranked fighters. the second raikage , the jinchuriki of the eight tails and the future raikage A. You can kill everyone except A and the jinchuriki. I will provide you the entire shadow legion to support you in this battle."

"I don't need them to destroy this army."

"I know. you are strong and you like to work alone. that is precisely why I want you to command the shadow legion. I want you to understand the role of a commander and grow in this role. This battle will act as an experiment to see if you have the capabilities to be one of y commanders." 

Hashirama nodded his head" yes. although personal strength is important. It is the duty of a commander to know how to command an army and achieve victory. But what is this shadow legion?"

"This" I said as i summoned one of my shadows for him to see. Hasirama's eyes widened when he saw the shadow. 

" Will you not require any of them to fight on your front?" Hashirama enquired.

"No. I have a different plan for that job. Anyway lets depart and stop these armies."

Nooding her head at this Kaguya stood up and moved towards me. I opened a portal and we passed through it. Arriving on a mountainous plane I activated my Byakugan to observe my surroundings." The army is 10 KM from our location travelling towards us. At their current speed it would take them around 10 minutes to reach here." Turning towards an open space I said "Come out."

Around 2000 Shadows came out and kneeled before me" My Leigh. how may we serve you?" The Strongest shadow enquired.

"This woman beside me is Kaguya. She is a close friend and disciple of mine. in ten minutes she will engage in battle with my enemies. I will fight on a different front. Your job is to listen to all her orders and follow them as she says it. If she tells you to die in battle, you will die. Is that understood?"

" Yes MY Lord." turning towards Kaguya I said" well then. I will take my leave. Finish your battle as quickly and efficiently as you can." saying this I opened a gate towards Iwa and went through it.

"Please give us your orders MY LADY!!" The shadows shouted.

" Spread out and hide yourselves. When the enemy comes here I want you to start your assault and take out as many of them as possible. Kill all you can."



Arriving in the Land of Earth I took flight to meet the iwa Shinobi regiment head on. It has been some time since I got to streach a bit. There will be around 7000 shinobis there. The only noticable people in the army would be the second tsuchikage Mu and his successor onoki. There are also some shinobi who is said to be able to use lava release, though I doubt that chance. Flying at nearly supersonic speed it took me few seconds to reach the army. Floating over them I announced, "Hello my friends. May I have your attention?".

My looked up at the sky and was quiet surprised when he saw that there was a man flying over them and he has failed to sense or notice him. Looking at the man he was confused when he did not feel any chakra from the man. He turned towards Onoki and wishpered, " Stay on guard ,I will check this out."

Turning towards me he said," What do you want?".

" I have heard that you are going to march towards konoha and raise it to the ground." I said with a happy voice but after this my voice did a complete 180 and turned menacing," I will only say this once, turn back and remain within your village and you will live. Take one more step towards Konoha and I will wipe you out." By the end I was releasing galleons of Conquerer's Haki on them. Some of the low level shinobi directly fainted and the stronger ones were rooted to the spot. My and Onoki were also struggling but were still conscious. " What will you do ?".

Gaining some of his confidence Mu retorted. "When we went out of our village we were all ready to die. So we will not back down now. The Shinobi of iwa will not submit to the whims of some nobody."

"Very well then. Don't die too quickly for me ,will you." Saying this I opened my Mangekyou Sharingan and activated the Susano. Activating the fourth form the iwa Shinobi stared in horror at the giant monstrosity in front of them. My Susano was a little bigger than the rest. Standing at a height of 350 meters I stared down at the horror stricken iwa Shinobi. Unsheathing my blade it caused a huge airwave which picked many shinobi off their feet. Holding the sword above my head I swung it down will full strength. My and Onoki tried to use their unique particle style to attack the Susano it couldn't cause a lot of damage due to the damaged chakra being restored instantly. Swinging the sword down it caused a huge explosion and the number of shinobi were cut in half. Raising my hands I condensed positive and negative energy in my hand and formed a mini tailed beast bomb in my hands. Shaping my fingers in the form of a gun I placed the bomb on the tips of my figers. Firing at random I was pleased when explosions occured all over the place. Using my observation Haki I observed that only around 250 shinobis left. Dismissing my Susano I dropped to the ground. Inhaling some air I exhaled blue fire balls at the rest of the shinobies alive. Some screamed in pain while others were melted down to the bone before they got the time to shout. Onoki and Mu tried to attack me using particle style. Smirking I simply raised my hand and absorbed the attack using the Preta path. They were do shocked that they almost forgot to attack again. Taking to the air, I extended my hands in both directions and formed a white cube in both of them. Firing the particle style I was able to kill around a hundred soldiers before I stopped the jutsu. The remaining shinobi tried to attack me using earth style. I sored higher into the air and formed two rasengans in my hands. Adding wind chakra to one and fire chakra to the other I swung my hands and threw the orbs of death towards the Shinobi. They tried raising earth walls to block the attack but it was proven useless when the rasengans teared through the walls and exploded killing the rest of the Shinobi.

Turning towards sMu I said in a happy tone," well that was quiet refreshing. Thanks for entertaining me guys."

" Kill me." Mu's eyes were glazed as he stared into my eyes. Narrowing my eyes I looked at Onoki who was on the ground panting. Appearing before him I punched him on his backbone , hard. He flew forwards hit a tree and fainted directly. Looking at My I said," You know you could have saved everyone if you chose to retreat."

Without answering my questions he continued on," Kill me. Please kill me. "

" Very well then. " I took out my sword and slashed it directly towards his neck. Blood splashed everywhere and Mu's head rolled on the ground. Looking at all the dead bodies I decided to put them into use.


Out of the 7000 shinobis who came in the battle force I was able to turn 6000 into my shadow soldiers. The rest could not be converted due to their bodies being melted to nothingness. Mu was also one of my new soldiers. Ordering the shadows to bring all the dead bodies in one place I used a large scale earth jutsu to bury them all. Sending my shadows back in my shadow I waited for Onoki to wake up. Ten minutes passed when Onoki showed the signs of movement and groggly opened his eyes,"Where am I?"

" You are laying on the graves of around 7000 iwa Shinobi who I killed. "

Opening his eyes in an instant he jumped up and created a little distance between him and the man. Looking at the man with two sharingans in his eyes he looked away from the man and formed a full powered particle style jutsu at the man. Surprisingly or miraculously the man did not have time to respond as the beam passed through him and divided him in half. Seeing this scene Onoki was shocked. This man who decimated 7000 of iwas best shinobis and killed his mentor the current tsuchikage was killed by him. He could not believe himself. He went towards the man and saw that the lowest body of the man did not disappear and blood was flowing out of it . Kicking the body and seeing no movement he was happy when he realised that the man was dead. The killer of iwas army was dead. Killed by him. He has avenged his fellow brothers and sisters. He has avenged his mentor. Standing upright he could not see a singledead body of any shinobi. 'He must have buried them all.' Onoki began to limp his way towards iwagakure. The attack on Konoha may have failed but he has managed to neutralize a threat so great that even a whole platoon of iwa shinobi fell victim to his wrath. Returning to iwa he informed the council of the current situation. Although they were sad about so many casualties they did consider the sacrifice of thousands of shinobi to be successful on that man's death. The council decided to vote on the next tsuchikage and he was the one selected. The announcement was made public the next day and the ceremony would be held in five days.

On the day of the ceremony Onoki was standing on the Tsuchikage tower looking down at the people of iwa. He was waiting for an elder to bring him the hat as the sign of his appoinment as the next tsuchikage of the village. Feeling the presence of an person nearby he turned and saw a group of people which included the councillors and elders. One of them came forward to hand him the hat. Holding it he raised his head to thank the elder when he saw him. The butcher of iwa. Standing there in front of him with a smile on his face. He looked around and saw nobody reacting. His eyes widened when he realised it. 'Genjutsu?' He tried to flare his chakra to break the genjutsu. Slowly the world around him cracked, like glass and fell apart. Waking up with a gasp Onoki stared at the man sitting in front of him with a bored expression. Sharingan active in both eyes. Onoki was sweating profusely. His heart did not listen to him and kept beating fast. His hands trembled. If someone asked him what happened, he would have said that he was scared. Scared of this man in front of him. Forget Madara this man is a totally different beast. Madara is strong, no doubt but this man is a monster compared to Madara. "When?" he gathered enough courage to ask.

" At the moment you looked into my eyes."

" Why did you not kill me?".

" Maybe I want you to live. I want you to grow stronger and present a challenge to me. I like fighting strong people. I hope you will bring me some satisfaction". Saying this the man vanished in thin air just like that. From that day onwards Onoki has feared no one more than Lucifer.


I arrived near Kaguya's location and saw that she took was done with her battle. Only the second raikage , the hachibi jinchuriki and A were alive but unconscious. I came forward andsaid," Well done Kaguya. Your performance is worthy of a commander. Shadows bring the bodies of the dead to the open space there." It took a few minutes before all the bodies were arranged . I walked in front of them


6000 new shadows raised from the ground. After towards I have a shadow legion of around 14000 shadows. Well the number will increase with time. Cancelling the summons and sending all of them tk the shadow realm I said," This war is over. Kaguya return to base. I will go to Konoha and inform them of the news ".

"Very well".