8 What She Did to Qiao Hongye Was Nothing

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Jing Yunzhao left the space and put on an anxious expression as she dashed to the washroom again to start knocking on the door vigorously. 

"Come out quickly, Hongye… I can barely hold it in anymore," Jing Yunzhao cried out pitifully. What she said only made Qiao Hongye even more reluctant to come out though. 

"I must have eaten something rotten, Yunzhao. My stomach is not feeling well too, can you go and do it somewhere else?" 

Somewhere else? The Qiao Family was not a wealthy family and there was only one washroom in the whole house. Apart from that, didn't Qiao Hongye know how much laxative she had added into her porridge? With that amount, she would soil her pants before she could even walk far.

"I will wait for a bit longer then," Jing Yunzhao called. Not actually feeling unwell, Jing Yunzhao didn't really care about Qiao Hongye hogging the washroom. In fact, she was certain that Qiao Hongye would not leave the washroom at all after what she said. 

She was right—Qiao Hongye didn't exit the washroom even after Jing Yunzhao went back to her room. 

Jing Yunzhao would knock on the washroom door every ten minutes, making herself sound even more desperate to use the toilet each time. 

Qiao Hongye began to get curious as time passed. Jing Yunzhao shouldn't be able to hold it in after so long, but why did she sound like she was feeling only slightly unwell? 

She was certain that Jing Yunzhao was suffering from an upset stomach though, and she could continue to hold it in since she was so good at it. 

No one in the family knew what was going on between Qiao Hongye and Jing Yunzhao. As the night fell, Qiao Weimin had drunk some beer and wanted to use the washroom. When Qiao Hongye continued to refuse to come out of the washroom, Qiao Weimin began to get impatient. 

"What are you doing in the washroom? Get out of there at once!" Qiao Weimin bellowed. The alcohol smell on Qiao Weimin was strong, and Qiao Hongye could feel his rage even from the other side of the door. 

Qiao Hongye had always portrayed herself as an obedient girl. While she had the guts to mess with Jing Yunzhao secretly once in a while, she would never do anything that would make her look even slightly disobedient. 

So Qiao Hongye rushed out of the washroom as soon as Qiao Weimin yelled at her. 

Qiao Weimin shoved Qiao Hongye out of his way roughly the moment she exited the washroom. Qiao Hongye slammed into the wall and fell down hard onto the floor. 

"What happened, Hongye? Lost your balance?" Jing Yunzhao stood by her bedroom door and asked mockingly. Contrary to the way she had begged Qiao Hongye to come out of the washroom just now, Jing Yunzhao looked calm now. It was as if she was not bothered by the spiked porridge at all. 

"Why are you alright?" Surprised, Qiao Hongye asked curiously. 

"My stomach was rumbling just now but I feel alright now. What about you? Is there any special reason you spent so long in the washroom?" Jing Yunzhao sneered coldly. 

Qiao Hongye's face twisted in anger. She stumbled while getting up and ran back to her room. Before she could reach her room, her wobbly legs that had fallen asleep after sitting on the toilet for hours gave out again. 

Wicked delight flashed in Jing Yunzhao's eyes as she looked at Qiao Hongye who was all flustered. What she did to Qiao Hongye was nothing compared to what Qiao Hongye had done to her, and she would not let Qiao Hongye get away with it. 

It was a normal night otherwise. 

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Besides Ye Qin who was moaning in pain and Qiao Weimin who was sound asleep and snoring, Qiao Hongye was surprisingly quiet. 

Jing Yunzhao knew that Ye Qin's condition was beyond her ability to cure and thus did not bother trying. Instead, she stayed in the space within the jade bottle for the night and the following day to digest what she had absorbed from the jade slips earlier. 

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