12 Verifying the Prescription

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"I am doing it for Mother, Father. You can show my prescription to a qualified doctor if you don't believe me, and decide if you want to use it after listening to what the doctor says," urged Jing Yunzhao. 

Ye Qin found Jing Yunzhao and adopted her when she was a baby, and Jing Yunzhao was only trying to save Ye Qin to return the favor. Her debt would be paid if she could save Ye Qin's life, and she would not have to hesitate to do things if Ye Qin continued to treat her like she used to. 

But Qiao Weimin turned his nose up at Jing Yunzhao's prescription. He was certain that Jing Yunzhao's prescription was an unreliable one. In fact, he would not be bothered even if the prescription really could save Ye Qin's life. 

Ye Qin had already been ill for some time and it had cost them more than twenty thousand just to treat her. Who was going to pay for the medical bills if Ye Qin continued to live and needed treatment? 

He married Ye Qin only so she could carry on the family line and take care of the household chores. He hadn't expected a chronic invalid who only dragged him down. 

"That's enough! Stop talking nonsense and get out now!" Qiao Weimin didn't care that Ms. Kim was still around and started shouting at Jing Yunzhao. 

A ward was a place that should be quiet, so when Qiao Weimin shouted, everyone around couldn't help but stare.

Knowing that there was no point in remaining there, Jing Yunzhao took a deep breath and left the ward. 

"You are so young, Jing Yunzhao, what kind of prescription did you manage to get? Were you lying just now?" Ms. Kim asked doubtfully. 

"Why don't we look for a doctor together? I am sure the doctor can tell if I was lying about my prescription," said Jing Yunzhao and started to drag Ms. Kim towards the traditional Chinese medicine department in the hospital before she could protest. 

Knowing that Ye Qin's attending doctor was a western doctor and might not acknowledge her prescription, Jing Yunzhao chose to show her prescription to the most experienced Chinese medicine practitioner in the hospital. 

He was a well-known Chinese medicine practitioner in his sixties or seventies, and Jing Yunzhao had seen him once when she followed Ye Qin to the hospital for treatment.

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Ye Qin was desperate when she first found out about her illness and had seen this Chinese physician that time. He gave Ye Qin a few prescriptions, and advised her that her illness required treatment and a long period of recuperation to recover, and that she shouldn't expect a full recovery in the near future. Afraid of dying young, Ye Qin lost faith in traditional Chinese medicine after a few days and started seeing western doctors thereafter. 

Ye Qin had returned to the traditional Chinese medicine department after finding out that the western doctors were unable to cure her entirely, but it was already too late and the Chinese physician was unable to help although willing. 

"You looked familiar, little girl," the Chinese physician said thoughtfully as he looked at Jing Yunzhao. 

"My name is Jing Yunzhao, Physician Gan, daughter of Ye Qin. She was one of your patients," Jing Yunzhao explained while taking out a piece of paper from her pocket, "my mother's condition is critical now and I found this prescription. I was wondering if you could have a look at it and tell us if it could be helpful." 

Physician Gan looked at Jing Yunzhao curiously. There had always been strange things happening in the hospital every year, but this year was really extraordinary. 

There were many people who came to him to seek treatment, but Jing Yunzhao was the first who came to him to show him a prescription. 

Physician Gan thought about the little girl before him. She was the girl who took care of her mother when she was admitted to the hospital, and her filiality left a deep impression on the doctors in the hospital. 

Physician Gan reached out and took the prescription with his wrinkled hands, carefully unfolding the piece of paper. 

"Where did you get this, little girl?" Physician Gan asked, his expression turning serious as he read the prescription. 

"My master taught me this before he left to travel the world. With all I know, I can only ease my mother's condition instead of curing it though," Jing Yunzhao made up a story and explained nervously. 

This was the first time that she applied what she learned from her ancestor in real life, and she was curious to find out if she did it right. 

"But I can cure her now! I can assure you that she will get better if she takes the medicine according to this prescription for seven days in a row, and take my medicine after that," said Physician Gan, eyes lighting up in excitement. 

How stupid was he to not think of this prescription earlier! 

Ms. Kim who had been standing aside and listening to the two of them was completely stunned at the outcome. 

"Come, let's go see your mother," said Physician Gan. 

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