4 Ungrateful Girl

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Qiao Weimin was now in his early forties. He had been a handsome man since he was young, and insisted on dressing up even at this age. He would wear perfume and do his hair regardless of where he was or where he was going. 

Though the face was supposed to be the index of the heart but being a perverted man, Qiao Weimin actually looked rather creepy. His face without facial hair at this age made him look like a eunuch. 

"I was just being nice and asking why she hadn't eaten the porridge in her room, Father, and she got all worked up," Qiao Hongye whined, happily adding insult to injury.

After all, her parents had told her the truth about Jing Yunzhao. She would have let it go if Jing Yunzhao was really her sister, but she was just an abandoned child her mother had brought home. 

Mother also told her that she had only brought Jing Yunzhao home so that she could ward off evil for her. Shouldn't Jing Yunzhao be more humble if that was the case? Why does she have to be such a one-upper? 

The teachers at school always went on about how smart the daughters of the Qiao Family were, especially Jing Yunzhao. It killed her every time she heard it, and she wished that she could tell everyone that Jing Yunzhao was really just a lowly orphan.

But she knew that saying that would only make everyone feel more compassionate towards Jing Yunzhao, and they would start thinking that Jing Yunzhao was so strong and ambitious. She was not stupid to let Jing Yunzhao steal the limelight like that. 

"Eat the porridge, Jing Yunzhao. I did not provide you with so many things for you to be choosy and bully your sister, you ungrateful girl," Qiao Weimin hissed, and a strange feeling flashed through him as he spoke.

It took a lot of effort to raise a child. He had brought Jing Yunzhao up since she was small and ugly, and never did he expect her to grow up into such a beautiful young lady. 

Jing Yunzhao was slightly taller than Qiao Hongye. Although way skinnier than Qiao Hongye, Jing Yunzhao had filled out well during puberty and now had an attractive hourglass figure. Her fair complexion was especially beautiful against her long, glossy black hair, making her look more elegant and graceful than Qiao Hongye. 

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It was a pity that Jing Yunzhao had to go through what she suffered in her previous life, especially during high school. During high school in her previous life, Qiao Hongye was so jealous about her being popular amongst the boys that she spread malicious rumors about her. Under Qiao Hongye's influence, everyone quickly came to believe that Jing Yunzhao was a promiscuous girl. 

When Ye Qin passed away, Jing Yunzhao started working after school to bring in income for the family. Constantly busy and exhausted, her skin slowly became dull. Even then, Qiao Hongye did not let Jing Yunzhao go, and chopped off Jing Yunzhao's beautiful long hair. 

Qiao Hongye did not leave Jing Yunzhao alone even after she had been wrongfully imprisoned. She managed to contact some inmates and convinced them to shave all Jing Yunzhao's hair off as soon as it grew. 

"Be fair! Not even an animal should be treated like this, so why would you treat me this way?" Jing Yunzhao asked coldly, suppressed her rage. 

A loud crack rent the air as Qiao Weimin slapped Jing Yunzhao. Jing Yunzhao's cheek immediately turned red.

The Jing Yunzhao in her previous life would have cried in a situation like this, but not the Jing Yunzhao in this life.

"Eat it! I will beat you up if you don't," said Qiao Weimin hatefully. 

Jing Yunzhao knew that since Qiao Weimin and Ye Qin were her legitimate guardians, it would be almost impossible for her to leave their care and be on her own when she was only fifteen. Furthermore, this was only her first day in this life. It would be unwise to be reckless and go off on her own now when she was not ready and did not have any savings at all. 

She would be on her own eventually, but she would do it the right way. 

The Qiao Family had made her infamous in her previous life, and she vowed to seek retribution against every single one of them in this life. As for this slap… She would remember it well. 

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