17 The Herb Market

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Jing Yunzhao packed her things as other stall owners shot her jealous looks. Being a child still, she knew she could only use this method of earning once in a while in case anyone became suspicious.

Then again, there were guides to martial arts in the jade slips that her ancestor left for her and she had been practising in her secret space. While she could feel her skills in martial arts improving, she knew that what she had learned so far wasn't enough to adequately protect herself. 

"Was it you who was selling apples, little girl?" Jing Yunzhao heard the voice of an old man and stopped walking. 

She turned around and saw Physician Gan, the traditional Chinese medicine practitioner from the hospital. Unlike his serious manner in the hospital, the old man looked relaxed now as he strolled over casually in his Tang suit. 

"What brings you here, Physician Gan?" Jing Yunzhao nodded politely and asked. 

"My daughter brought some fruits back just now and they were quickly distributed amongst my neighbours. I, unfortunately, didn't manage to get any," Physician Gan laughed and said good-naturedly, "my daughter had some errands to run so I thought I could come and check the fruits out for myself. She said the stall owner was a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl, but who would have thought that it would be you." 

Physician Gan was even more curious when he found out that Jing Yunzhao was the stall owner. He was certain that this little girl was barely sixteen, but why did she have to sell fruits to make money? 

Physician Gan pondered the truth sadly. The girl's father was a greedy man who could only think about getting a refund for the imported medicines when his wife was so ill and bedridden. He even chose to give up the chance that might get his wife cured! 

How did a father like that get such a thoughtful and intelligent girl? 

"I'm sorry but the apples are all sold out. Why don't I bring some for you tomorrow afternoon? I haven't thanked you for what happened in the hospital," said Jing Yunzhao who respected Physician Gan. 

"Never mind that, it was nothing. In fact, I should be the one thanking you. I can't just take your prescription for free, come with me to the bank so I can pay you for it," said Physician Gan. 

Prescriptions were considered precious to Chinese medical practitioners as they believed a good one could bring them both wealth and reputation. 

Although not all medical practitioners were in it for the money, it was a fact that they all cared about their reputation. Also, medical practitioners never knew if they would ever come across a patient with the same illness so Physician Gan could still use Jing Yunzhao's prescription, which would be a big loss for Jing Yunzhao.

Jing Yunzhao had been reading about the basics of being a medical practitioner which included the ethics of a medical practitioner, and her ancestor had also reminded her in the Naling Jade about the importance of prescriptions. Because of that, she understood perfectly why Physician Gan insisted on paying her. 

Physician Gan was an ethical medical practitioner. He might get upset if she refused to take the money, and Jing Yunzhao does not want that. 

Then again, she was the one who had asked Physician Gan to look at her prescription. In that case, it might be inappropriate if she took the money. 

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"Never mind the money, Physician Gan, though I do have something that you can help me with," Jing Yunzhao said after thinking for a while. 

"What is it?" asked Physician Gan curiously. 

"I am looking for herb seeds. I don't really have much experience or money, and I might get cheated considering my age. Can you take me to the herb market if possible? You must know the way as a Chinese medical practitioner," Jing Yunzhao explained. 

Gan Songbo became even more curious at her words. 

The little girl had mentioned that she had a master in the hospital a week ago. They were all trying to help the patient back then so he didn't get to ask much about it. She did look like a beginner since she was asking him for help, but he couldn't help but wonder which famous doctor the girl's master was… 

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