16 The First Pot of Gold

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Qiao Hongye didn't realize that Qiao Weimin had ulterior motives; she was just happy that Jing Yunzhao was finally leaving school and she wouldn't have competition for first place. 

She even followed Qiao Weimin's instructions and made breakfast obediently but having never needed to cook, Qiao Hongye was bad at it and got scolded by Qiao Weimin. 

Meanwhile, Jing Yunzhao who had left home early had already arrived in town. After paying for her transport, all she had left was around ten bucks. The amount the scholarship awarded her was limited, and the Qiao Family had never provided for her. She had to cover her own living expenses by giving tuition to primary and secondary school students, but even that could barely support her.

But she had discovered a new way to make some money. 

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The fruits they had at home were forgotten and had rotted while they were busy during the funeral. Jing Yunzhao secretly took some seeds from the apples and oranges and tried to sow them in the space within the jade bottle. To her delight, they had grown well. 

The water that flowed out of the dragon head in the space could boost growth when used precisely. 

For common fruits like oranges, the ratio of normal water to magic water from the dragon head was 500:1. While exceeding the ratio would not harm the tree, it would cause the fruits to grow so big they could cause repercussions in the real world.

Jing Yunzhao used to think that the water from the dragon head was just water from the well but realized it wasn't when she tried it on her crops. 

The water in the well was just ordinary water that was safe for drinking, and it saved Jing Yunzhao the trouble of bringing water in from the real world. 

Jing Yunzhao found a quiet place after arriving in town and took out her basket that was filled with apples from the secret space. The basket was weaved with the branches of the apple tree that had been watered with water from the dragon head, so it was sturdy enough to sustain the weight of the apples. 

Jing Yunzhao carried the heavy basket that weighed around a hundred pounds on her back. The place that she was headed to was not far away and she soon unloaded her goods and set up a stall. 

Knowing that oranges had a low selling price and she needed money quickly, Jing Yunzhao left the oranges in her secret space. The apples she was selling were red and round, and she was confident that they would sell out since they looked better than the ones in the supermarket. 

The first customer approached in less than ten minutes. 

"How much are these apples?" The lady touched the apples delightfully and asked. The apples smelled sweet and fresh, unlike the ones from other sellers that were full of pesticides and colourings. 

Jing Yunzhao was the one in charge of grocery shopping for the Qiao Family so she knew how much common grocery items were. 

"Six bucks for a pound, auntie," said Jing Yunzhao politely, a smile on her face. 

Although the price was not cheap, the quality of the apples was a lot better than the ones from other sellers. 

The lady was curious about the young stall owner at first, but she liked Jing Yunzhao's polite demeanour and put more than ten apples into a bag without hesitation. 

The apples Jing Yunzhao was selling were slightly bigger than the usual ones. Despite the limited supply, Jing Yunzhao had earned thirty bucks in the blink of an eye, and customers continued to buy from her after the first customer's purchase. 

Jing Yunzhao had sold all the apples in a few hours. Feeling the seven hundred in her pocket, Jing Yunzhao couldn't help but feel excited. 

She spent her whole previous life living for others. She had taken a few jobs but never had any money for herself. 

This life of hers would be different. 

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