3 Something Was Wrong With Yunzhao

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Jing Yunzhao wouldn't have survived if it weren't for what the fortune teller had said. Then again, Jing Yunzhao would rather die out on the streets than live with the Qiao Family and be humiliated, then sent to the prison to be tortured to death. 

"Hongye is your younger sister, Yunzhao. What kind of older sister would imply something like this about their younger sister? You are good at studying only because you took after me. Do you think you would get first place in school if Hongye wasn't kind enough to be lenient to you?" Ye Qin said everything in one breath, then started to cough so vigorously that her face turned red.

Ye Qin understood her condition and had accepted her fate, but she couldn't bear to leave her two children behind. She even doubted the fortune teller's prediction about Jing Yunzhao since her life had turned out like this. 

"You are right, Mother, I must have taken after you. Hongye must have taken after Father since we don't look at each other at all," said Jing Yunzhao deliberately.

Ye Qin stared at Jing Yunzhao, speechless. She could feel that something was wrong with Yunzhao today; she was unusually harsh and irritable. 

"Alright, alright. When did you become so outspoken? Look at how soft-spoken and understanding Hongye is and be more like her. How else are you going to find someone who would want to marry you?" Ye Qin said angrily, beginning to feel even sicker. 

Ye Qin had fallen sick out of the blue. She rarely fell ill, but one day she had been admitted to the hospital where they had found a malignant tumor in her liver. 

She underwent treatment for a while but not only did it fail, Ye Qin became weak and lost all her hair as a result of it.

The Qiao Family was just an ordinary family. They weren't wealthy to begin with, and Ye Qin's illness had used up a big portion of their savings. When the doctor hinted to the family to prepare for her funeral, Ye Qin knew that her time had come and insisted on going home so she wouldn't die at a sad and lonely place like the hospital. 

When Ye Qin started to get well at home, she became even more reluctant to return to the hospital. 

Not wanting to argue with Ye Qin, Jing Yunzhao went to the kitchen to look for food. 

Yes, she owed the Qiao Family her life; but she also took care of all the household chores and gave them every single cent that she had earned. She very much considered the debt paid off when her previous life ended so miserably. 

Also, she had been an outstanding student since young, and had been receiving scholarships from winning all sorts of competitions since primary school. She hadn't spent even a single cent of the Qiao Family's money once she was old enough to earn, but even so she had to behave a certain way at home. How was that fair? 

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As for the sweet porridge in her room? Thanks, but no thanks. 

She had eaten that sweet porridge in her previous life and ended up with vomiting and diarrhea for a week. 

She used to think that it was her duty to do everything for this family and that she was blessed to be a part of it, but she didn't think so anymore. 

There wasn't much food in the kitchen but Jing Yunzhao was not picky. She had a simple meal and planned her future.

"Isn't there porridge in your room, Yunzhao? Why did you look for food in the kitchen?" Qiao Hongye asked unhappily when she noticed Jing Yunzhao looking for food in the kitchen. 

"I didn't dare eat the cold porridge, what if I get an upset stomach from it? We have a test on Monday too. I don't think I'll eat unsafe food like this from now on," said Jing Yunzhao cryptically. 

"Are you saying that cold porridge can give you an upset stomach? I think you are just being squeamish, Yunzhao," said Qiao Hongye, panicking at Jing Yunzhao's words. 

"Seems like you have a strong stomach and are not squeamish at all, Hongye. Why don't you eat the cold porridge then?" Jing Yunzhao sneered. 

"Jing Yunzhao! Why would you make Hongye eat porridge that might be spoiled? What are you up to?" Qiao Weimin roared from behind Jing Yunzhao as soon as she finished speaking. 

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