1 Reborn To Ten Years Ago

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Jing Yunzhao frowned as sunlight shone through the window onto her face. She slowly opened her eyes and got up from her bed, feeling her head throb painfully. She froze when she felt hair brushing her ears and neck. 

Was this another joke? 

Didn't Qiao Hongye cut all her hair off? Why did she still have long hair? 

Jing Yunzhao turned her head when she smelled something sweet and was shocked to see a bowl of sweet porridge on the table. 

This was where she used to stay! 

It was a rather clean bedroom. On the table was her favorite glazed vase with a few lucky bamboo stalks in it, and on top of her bed was a blue gauze canopy. None of the things in this room were valuable, but they were all she had during the happiest time of her life. 

Jing Yunzhao began to panic. She grabbed a mirror with shaking hands and saw a face that was both familiar and strange. 

It was how she looked many years ago. 

Could it be that… she had been reborn?! 

Jing Yunzhao clenched her fists as she considered it. Her skin, the calendar in the room, and basically everything else was telling her that she was right—she had gone back in time to ten years ago when she was fifteen years old. 

Jing Yunzhao clenched her fists even tighter. Her previous life was an unforgettable nightmare to her, and her heart pounded just thinking about it. 

She sat on her bed for a while before she got up and went out of her room. The first thing she saw was a few familiar faces. Jing Yunzhao looked at the faces of her enemies and began to feel her blood boiling and her teeth clenching. 

There were four people sitting in the hall—two adults and two children. Her mother Ye Qin, her stepfather Qiao Weimin, and her younger brother and sister who were twins—Qian Hongye and Qiao Zizhou. 

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She had believed that Ye Qin was her biological mother for almost her whole previous life, and learned about the truth about her being adopted only very much later. Her surname was from a word engraved on a piece of jade that had been found with her. Ye Qin had been fairly nice to her, but that was as long as there wasn't any conflict between her and her twin siblings. 

As for her stepfather Qiao Weimin… Jing Yunzhao was filled with disgust and hatred as she thought about him. 

It was around this time in her previous life when Ye Qin had succumbed to her illness, and Jing Yunzhao had become even more unpopular in the family. Overly horny without his wife around, Qiao Weimin became more daring and started to get handsy with Jing Yunzhao. Jing Yunzhao was too young and timid when it happened and all she dared to do was hide and keep quiet about it, hoping that she could leave the house once she furthered her studies in a university. 

Never had she expected that the vile man had never planned to send her to a university. As her guardian, he forced her to quit school and stay at home instead to serve him and his two children. 

Jing Yunzhao lived in fear under the same roof as Qiao Weimin for five years and did not let him succeed even once. Qiao Hongye found out what Qiao Weimin was up to but started to spread scandalous rumors about her seducing her own stepfather. It damaged her reputation badly, and she always had to face derogatory comments from the people around her as a result.

She reunited with her high school friend by chance when she was twenty, and the young chap started to court her so enthusiastically that the whole town soon knew about it. 

Knowing the situation with her family, she never did plan to accept him as her boyfriend, but the Qiao Family was still unhappy about it. 

Out of rage, Qiao Weimin got impatient and decided to make Jing Yunzhao give in by force. Jing Yunzhao tried to resist and accidentally killed him in the process. While Jing Yunzhao had done it by accident out of defense, Qiao Hongye and Qiao Zizhou claimed otherwise and their testimony got her thrown behind bars. 

As for her high school mate who had been courting her at the time, he showed up after she was imprisoned only to tell her that never had been infatuated with her, and that he had only courted her to provoke Qiao Hongye—the one and only girl he truly loved. 

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