18 Purchasing Herb Seeds

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No matter who it was, he must be someone with superb medical skills to have written a prescription like the one he saw the other day. Like master, like apprentice. Although the little girl was still a beginner, he knew that she must have an affinity for medicine. 

Curious about the little girl, Gan Songbo agreed to Jing Yunzhao's request without hesitation. 

Though the herb market in Huaningxian was considered small, it had a wide range of herb seeds and herb seedlings. It took them a half an hour drive before they finally arrived at the herb market. It was located in a rather remote area, and they were greeted by the scent of fresh herbs as soon as they got down from the car. 

The herb market was located under a bridge, facing a long river. Besides herbs, there were also various types of flowers and birds sold there.

Physician Gan certainly knew his way around the market. He took Jing Yunzhao to their destination through the path with the most beautiful view, but did not stop anywhere until they arrived at their destination. 

"This shop has been selling herbs for generations. They sell their own herbal decoctions too, but business has been bad recently so they only make them if someone orders it specifically. They also sell flowers and all sorts of plants… The shop might look messy but I guarantee that they have things that other shops don't," Gan Songbo smiled and said. 

Jing Yunzhao looked around the shop. Although it looked like an old shop compared to the other shops in the market, all the items in the table outside the shop were neatly arranged. More importantly, the shop owner seemed to have a good understanding of the properties of each herb and had arranged those that could interact with each other on separate tables. It became clear that the shop owner cared more about medicinal properties than neatness judging by the way he arranged his herbs.

And with that realization, Jing Yunzhao was certain that Physician Gan had brought her to a proper herb shop. 

"What are you looking for this time, Uncle Gan?" The shop owner came forward to greet Physician Gan and asked smilingly. 

Jing Yunzhao's eyes widened. She had expected the owner to be an old man judging by the way he arranged his herbs, but the owner was a young man who seemed to be around thirty. 

"I brought a young friend here this time. She is the one buying today," Gan Songbo explained. 

The shop owner's eyes lit up and he looked at Jing Yunzhao curiously. 

He saw a girl who had skin as white as snow. Her long black hair was tied up high in a ponytail, revealing her smooth forehead that gave off the impression of someone who was clean and energetic. She was tall, pretty, and elegant despite being a bit underweight.

"I need some common herb seeds like cnidium monnieri, sophora roots, rhubarb, arisaema pulvis and siler root. My master likes planting his own herbs but I don't really need a lot of them, so can I pick them myself?" Jing Yunzhao asked calmly. 

She had no choice but to hide the fact that she was the one planting them. After all, the house that the Qiao Family was staying in did not come with empty land for gardening. 

Qiao Weimin had invested in a factory when he was young. He was a partner in the business and though he wasn't handsomely paid, he managed to be idle almost all of the time and still get a decent sum of money each year. 

Being on her own now, it was always better to have a mysterious master that diverted the attention away from her. She hadn't forgotten what her ancestor warned her about keeping her magical space a secret so it didn't become a fatal disaster. 

The shop owner was from the Lu Family. He quickly welcomed Jing Yunzhao into the shop when he heard what she said. 

In the shop were rows and rows of sacks of different seeds. Each sack had a label on the front specifying the name of the herb seeds. 

Being springtime, most of the herbs were in their sowing season and Jing Yunzhao got to stock up on seeds without worrying about shortages. 

The way Jing Yunzhao picked her seeds made her seem like someone who was obsessed with medical skills, and it made Physician Gan grow even fonder of her. 

It was just too bad that Jing Yunzhao already had a master, Physician Gan thought to himself in jealousy. 

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