Jing Yunzhao quickly nodded but before she could leave the office, Ms. Kim's phone started to ring. 

Ms. Kim answered the call and her face fell when she heard what the person on the other end of the line said. 

"Forget about the test, Jing Yunzhao. Take your sister and go to the hospital now, your mother's condition is critical," said Ms. Kim quietly after ending the call. 

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Not expecting Ye Qin's condition to worsen so quickly, Jing Yunzhao stood there stunned. 

The Jing Yunzhao in her previous life did not get to come to school on this day, so the school had only informed Qiao Hongye about Ye Qin's condition. On this day in Jing Yunzhao's previous life, she had come down with a fever and was so sick that she had to stay at home. Jing Yunzhao was not so sure about what happened exactly during this period in her previous life, and had expected Ye Qin to pass away only tomorrow. It seemed like Ye Qin did not pass away immediately after she was sent to the hospital. 

Jing Yunzhao had mixed feelings whenever she thought about Ye Qin. 

While Ye Qin might have adopted her for ulterior motives, it was undeniable that she had raised Jing Yunzhao for years. Besides, Jing Yunzhao had been under the impression that Ye Qin was her real mother throughout her previous life, and she had been fond of Ye Qin for that reason.

In the whole Qiao Family, Ye Qin was the only one she blamed but did not hate. 

Jing Yunzhao did not wait any longer and went straight to Qiao Hongye's classroom. 

Looking at Qiao Hongye, it reminded Jing Yunzhao of her previous life when Qiao Hongye was so excited to take the test thinking that she would definitely get first place since Jing Yunzhao couldn't take it. However, fate had decided that she would not sit for the test as well, and she had sulked about it for quite some time. 

The hospital Ye Qin was admitted to was not far from the school. By the time Jing Yunzhao and Qiao Hongye arrived at Ye Qin's ward, Ye Qin looked so weak it was as if she would go anytime soon. 

Qiao Weimin who was standing aside solemnly glanced speculatively at Jing Yunzhao when she showed up in the hospital. 

"Your mother might not make it this time, Hongye…" said Qiao Weimin softly. 

Jing Yunzhao nearly scoffed. Ye Qin had been ill for some time. Because of her condition, not only had her treatment used up a lot of money, she had also troubled almost everyone in the family. For those reasons, Jing Yunzhao was certain that the Qiao Family would not grieve at Ye Qin's passing. In fact, she suspected they would be relieved. 

"I know a prescription that might ease mother's condition, Father," said Jing Yunzhao after much hesitation. 

When Jing Yunzhao was in the space within the jade bottle, she had spent a lot of time and effort looking for a prescription in the first Naling Jade that would cure her mother entirely but to no avail. From the information in the first Naling Jade, Jing Yunzhao only managed to find the causes of illness and the most that she could do was to ease her mother's suffering so that she could live longer. 

While easing her mother's condition was not curing her per se, Jing Yunzhao was confident that with her fast progress, she would find a cure for Ye Qin soon. 

After all, her ancestor did not only learn medicine from a foreign land, but also had practiced medicine for three hundred years. Jing Yunzhao could tell from the information in the Naling Jade that her ancestor was way more capable than any other medical practitioner. 

"You? What do you know? Stop messing with this family!" Qiao Weimin snarled, raising his hand to slap Jing Yunzhao again. 

"Stop it!" A familiar voice cried out from the doorway of the ward. It was Ms. Kim, who hurried over and pulled Jing Yunzhao behind her protectively. 

"You are a father, Mr. Qiao. How can you hit your child for no reason?" Ms. Kim demanded. She had been worried about Jing Yunzhao and followed her to the ward only to see that Qiao Weimin was indeed as violent as she thought. 

While what Jing Yunzhao suggested might not be completely workable, she was only trying to find a way to get her mother cured. Why would anyone hit a child who was just trying to help her mother? 

"She is a girl who talks nonsense, Ms. Kim. She won't learn her lesson without a beating," Qiao Weimin sneered. Not wanting to make a scene, he had lowered his hand as soon as Ms. Kim came over. 

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